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Hating Waiting

There are some things you don’t mind waiting for:

A Storm

An Earthquake

Getting Sick

Work Meetings

A Test At School

Then there are things you wish would hurry up:

Santa Clause To Arrive.

Your Relatives Or Friends To Visit ( if you really like them).

A Trip To Get Started.

Or, in my case:

A Prescription To Be Authorized and News Of A Friend Who Is Having Or Had Surgery.

I don’t know why my doctor is flaking on my prescription. I can’t see a Neurologist until I get it filled because I want a new Primary. Not because of this situation, but because I am a lot further away from her office and I don’t have a car. If I get someone closer, I can use the medical transportation on my plan. My doctor has really become witchy lately though, and I just don’t get it.

As far as the second issue, Cin is in surgery. for a Pacemaker. It was scheduled for 3:00 and it’s 6:00 now. Hopefully, she is almost or completely finished and waking up. I am concerned because she has some major issues with her Weight, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart… Plus, I don’t think she is a Christian. We have talked about it and she leans more Atheist or Agnostic. Being a Christian, this concerns me.

I would like to say that all will be well since she is a fighter, but, that has nothing to do with anything. There is no real fight, if it’s your time.

In my heart and gut, I really think all will be well, but in the back of my mind.. for how long? Cin is not good at following doctors directions especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

I will probably do a quick update when I hear something.

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Family Distrust And…

It’s sad when you can’t trust family, but, here is the latest:

FS (Foster Sis) is one of the only people I talk to in my family. She keeps in touch with Sis 2, I believe..The Handyman I use is also her sisters ex-husband…Did I lose you yet?… Anyway, FS called this morning to ask me the name of the trailer park that Cin lives in because a friend of a friend needs to find one to live. I have Not talked about moving,to FS in a long time and hardly mention Cins’ living in a trailer park, however I did text my Handyman not long ago asking him how much he would charge to help me move. I seriously think FS is fishing for info to tell me Sis, which she is Not getting.

The Buyers Finally resubmitted the Application today. I want to remain optimistic but with my Bitch Manager, I don’t know.

My pillow should arrive tonight but I can’t hold my breath for that either. With my luck, there will be another delay.

Such is life.