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A-Z Challenge-R = Regift

Growing up, my mother..and maybe yours too…had a Gift Shelf or closet where she kept miscellaneous gifts she had bought, won or received that were useless to her.  She is the one who taught me how to Regift. 

A Regift is basically taking a gift someone gave you that you can’t use and gifting it to another person.

There are a few things to be aware of when doing this. You need to be careful not to offend the original gifter, as well as, don’t get caught and put yourself in a bad position.

Here’s what I do:

Say I receive a vase from K. It’s totally not me since I am not into flowers. So, I put it aside with a label ‘From K’. Christmas comes around and I think Hey, Jen likes flowers. She might like this vase. But, I need to consider; Does Jen know K? Do they both attend my church? Is there a chance their paths will cross? If the answers are No, I can give Jen the vase. Otherwise, I need to get her something else.

I also keep this information in a paper file. Also, be sure to check all wrapping for tags. Be sure the original gifters name is nowhere to be found.

Now, I have a friend who does not know how to Regift. She will give me a gift and after I open it and exclaim over it, thank her,etc..she’ll say “So and so gave it to me and I figured you would like it.”. Don’t Do That! There is no reason to reveal the information. That’s tacky. If I asked where you got it, it’s better to say, “I don’t remember.”.

As a last bit of advice, if the rules are to hard or time-consuming; Don’t Regift. I am sure a local thrift store would be thankful for your donation.

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A-Z Challenge-O = Obligation

Today’s post is about one of the negative aspects or views of Christmas.

A lot of people look at Christmas time as an Obligation. I have to get together with family, put up the tree, cook Christmas dinner, buy presents for those people I don’t talk to all year, etc.. But, Christmas should not be seen as such.

In the Bible, it says, “God loves a cheerful giver.” and I believe Christmas should be celebrated, cheerfully. If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t do it!

You should not feel Obligated to share the Holiday with those you don’t want to, and definitely don’t spend money on those you don’t care about. If someone gives you a gift, accept it, graciously, and move on.

Christmas isn’t about putting up the tree or decorating the house; unless that’s something you enjoy. Remember, the real meaning of Christmas and don’t let all the other stuff become an Obligation.

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A-Z Challenge!

Yay! It’s April and time for the A-Z Challenge! This year I am going to write about my favorite Holiday which is Christmas! So, let’s start with:

A – Angels

Since Christmas to Christians is the birth of Christ, we believe in and a lot of people collect Angels. We believe an Angel appeared to Mary telling her not to fear when she was with child and also to Joseph telling him to take Mary as his wife. There are many different types of Angels and you can find most all types of items related to them especially around Christmas time.

My friend K, used to collect Angels but has moved a lot and does not have them anymore. I, on the other hand, am not really into them but I did receive an Angel shaped candle at Christmas, which I took the wick out of.

Many Christmas songs are also about Angels; such as ‘Angels We Have Heard On High’ and’The First Noel’.

Tomorrow is B and this should be fun! If I run out of letters, I may sneak some surprises in, so Stay Tuned!

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I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! It seems to have snuck up super fast. And while, I should do the Obligatory end of year post covering things that I accomplished or didn’t and changes that took place or didn’t and resolutions that I am making, I’m not…I Don’t Want To.

Within the last year, nothing really changed…except my mindset. No trips to share, no people to have met or hung out with…the positives were getting reconnected with my sister and getting closer to God and stronger in my faith. No point in rehashing the past and as for the future? I hate to talk about politics but I think we are in for a rough ride. and I also think Mitch McConnell should be kicked out of office…but, that’s just my opinion. Not going further with it….

I have a Zoom meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I think they did decide to have fireworks downtown which I can watch from my window if I really care to.

I wish you all a safe New Year’s Eve, however you celebrate!

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Voting Time

When I became of age to vote, there were only two parties. My mom was Republican and dad was Democrat (or vice-versa). I was afraid to choose because I didn’t want one of my parents upset with me; nor, did I really know the difference.

I remember one way I would vote if I didn’t know the candidate was to look at the position they are running for and go by their career…Example; Running for Treasurer..a Math Teacher or a Graphic Artist. I would choose the Math Teacher. As time went on, I would research every Candidate I voted for (still do) and wound up changing Parties in the process.

One thing I don’t get though, is why there are categories with just one Candidate. I mean, they are obviously going to win, so why even vote? Just slide them in and call it a day.

Also, be sure to read any state changes they want to make. They are trying to change our Constitution here in Nevada on a few things. One, being absolving Marriage as being only between a man and a woman. That’s an important topic (No, I am Not going into my views on the subject) and shouldn’t be hidden at the back of the ballot.

Anyway, please vote responsibly. Heck, Just Please Vote! We all know this is a very, important election!

I also believe ‘No Vote, No Bitch! If your Candidate doesn’t win or State Law doesn’t pass and you never even supported them or it; I don’t want to hear it.