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No Return

So Annoyed.

So, I go to Best Buy ( I know someone who calls it Worst Buy) to return/exchange the DVD Set (refer to yesterday’s Post, please) to discover they won’t take it back because I took the plastic off the case. Well, let’s see, they double wrapped it, so I could not read the back until I got the movie out, then discovered it was the wrong movie!

Needless to say, I gave the movie/show series to Cin, and will order what I really want when I get paid!

This sucks, though…and to make it worse, after talking to the Customer Service Guy and the Manager, I was near tears when leaving and they said, “Have A Nice Day!”.

Seriously? Someone should punch them in their faces for that!

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Almost Clear

I have been totally making progress at unpacking boxes. Only 5-6 more to go! I have also been repacking a few to put back in Storage. But, I am going to get a smaller storage unit now, and save some money. I am seriously Not planning on living here, forever and don’t want to have to start from scratch when I move again.

Looking forward to getting paid on Wednesday, as, I have a lot of things to get done including paying the Rent for January and February. I am super thankful to have a caring and lenient Manager, here.

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better and got a lot organized, today. Also, went out with Cin for a bit since I need to eat a bit better and to have a little bit of fun after being sick for a week.

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Cloudy, Cold & Book Review

It was Cloudy and Cold today, so I didn’t bother getting dressed. I only opened my door when my new Wall Calendar was delivered. I prefer to choose my own, so I am glad nobody gave me one… unless they did and it’s part of what I haven’t picked up yet.

I emptied a box and moved some stuff around to make room for my Microwave/Convection Oven which might be coming tomorrow. That’s one box I don’t want to leave outside. In a few weeks, I will need to get my Handyman to come install it.

I finally talked to Tra yesterday. I have only talked to her once since I moved because I lost her phone number. Apparently, she got really depressed and sick this year at Christmas. If I lived closer, I would have checked on her. I am glad we are back in communication, anyway.

I did finish a book today titled ‘The Dolphin Song’. It was okay. Definitely a Young Adult/Teenage Book. It taught a little bit about Dolphins, but read a bit slow and the ending was rushed. I think maybe if you read the whole series, it would make more sense.

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Luck Or Blessing

Sometimes I believe Luck can be a Blessing, but a Blessing is not always Luck.

Here’s how my day went:

While emptying the trash, I accidentally threw out my bag for the Homeless. I couldn’t get it because the Trashman had just left and I wasn’t going to climb in the dumpster. Just hoping that can of Cookies will survive and someone will find it who really needs it.

Cin and I went gambling since we had decided not to go on New Years Eve (that decision may be reversed, though) and I won over $100. We all know gambling is Luck but, the extra money can be a Blessing.

Then, I went to Port-Of-Subs after doing some minor grocery shopping. I had to go before the month is out because I knew I had a $5.00 credit for my Birthday. I was starving having not eaten since Breakfast so I got a Large which came out to $10.00. (Yes, one sandwich gives me two meals.). Imagine my surprise when I was informed I actually had a $10.00 credit on my account, so the sandwich was free! A Blessing!

On the way back to the car, I found a dime in the street. Luck. Hey, every bit, helps.

Came home and developed a killer Migraine so took my Imatrex and went down for a bit. The days ending might not be Luck or a Blessing, although I suppose it’s a Blessing to be able to feel pain and to have meds to help manage it. I accepted that ending after the good day, I had.

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Info Reg Cin & Doctors

Someone asked, so I think I might have forgotten to update:

Cin’s surgery went well. She was home the next day. She gets pain in her left arm so can mainly use her right, but, the Pacemaker seems to be working well.

As for me, I have a new Primary! I can’t get in to see him until March but I have 5 refills on my headache meds ( plus, I ordered some CBD Gummies) so I should be okay until then.

I am also getting a form in the mail to fill out as a Grievance. I feel for a Doctor to do what she did was seriously Unprofessional and she has probably done it to other patients, so it needs to be reported!

Lastly, I signed up for the Mail Order Pharmacy which might even lower the cost of my prescriptions!

So, all is good, there!

Then, I went to Cin’s to help her with her phone and watch Sister Wives.

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Quiet Migraine Day

Woke up this morning to the dumb heater alarm going off, again. Apparently, the WD 40 my Handyman (well, his Assistant) used didn’t last with the rain we’ve had; so, it’s back to my portable heater and cold nights.

Took my last Imatrex this morning then slept for 4 hours. That type of sleep messes me up though because it’s constant weird dreaming so I stayed in pj’s the rest of the day.

I texted my doctor since I don’t know why she isn’t refilling my prescription. I will need to find some new doctors closer to here so I can use medical pickup since I don’t have a car.

Cin’s surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Prayers for her, please.

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Birthdays & Normal Days

I guess when you get older, Birthdays don’t mean much to others, which is a bit sad.

I talked to Cin twice today and even suggested taking Uber or Lyft to meet her and her children at the hotel. She is going to be having surgery on Friday and is staying in the hotel with them until then. Not only did she Never wish me a Happy Birthday but was to busy to call back never mind getting together.

I did hear from my Bible Study girls and one of them even gave me $10.00.

I also heard from my Bro and Sis #1. Sis #2 and I are not speaking so I guess that includes Birthday texts. Plus, FS and one other friend.

Tomorrow I am going to Brunch with FS. It’s weird though, because usually when someone takes you out for your Birthday, they ask where you want to go NOT assume you want a Sub Sandwich just because it’s your favorite place, but whatever. I am still grateful for the meal.

Thursday, H from Bible Study is going to take me on some errands and Friday Lin (my Handyman) is coming over to install a bench which should help with storage.

Today was quiet. I took a nice shower and washed my hair in the bathroom by the office, fed Cin’s cats (which I will be doing for a few days), organized my closet a bit and emptied a box.

Also, ordered a Space Heater (since my wall one isn’t working) and some Leggings.

I am 57 today and as one friend pointed out, Birthdays are for celebrating the time we’ve lived so far, not the time we are going to.

No wonder I feel old.

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Missing My Girls

We stopped at Animal Inns today to make a payment and drop off some food for the girls. I wish I could have seen them but then it would just depress us all when I left. Hopefully, in another week, we will be restarting. The staff is so nice. They said they will miss them, after they leave.

We didn’t get much of the house done because the Handyman didn’t show up after saying he would. Cin and I are at a stopping point pretty much of what we can do. He said he will be over tomorrow at 9, but that was after like 2 hours of no communication.

Before you say to just let him go, tell me where to find someone who will help us without changing an arm and a leg.

I am grateful to have found Animal Inns to take care of my cats. I highly recommend them!

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Things I Miss & Tonight

It’s been really nice, so far. C. ( from Church) picked me up and I waited in the Warm-Up Room while she had her Flute Rehearsal… They are having a show on Saturday. while there, I also talked to TXFriend for an hour on the phone. we don’t talk much since I moved to Cin’s. Anyway, C. and I came to her place where I got to meet her four cats and have dinner. Unfortunately, the rice dish didn’t work. I seriously gagged on a piece of Pineapple! Bit she did serve Soup and Crackers which were delicious! After watching some television, I got to take a bath in her amazingly, deep, soaking tub! A few more shows and I was in bed finishing my book before sleep.

I really miss having a Bathtub, and a normal sized, soft bed.

Anyway, it’s 10:30 now and I am planning to sleep in the bed described above, so… Good Night

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Midnight Wednesday & Possibilities

I believe this is technically my Tuesday Post since I was exhausted last night. I couldn’t keep my eyes open after 8.

I talked to the Manager, yesterday (let’s call her Mgr… Yeah, I know. My creativity is over the top!) and she told me TWO rentals are coming up, soon. So, I will get a choice! She also reminded me that they are small and old… BUT….I DON’T CARE! It would be affordable and I can get my babies out of the Pet Hotel and have them with me.

Small, is here!

Plus, it would be My Own!

Remember I told you about being scratched by Miss Kitty? My Suzy spent almost two days under Cin’s bed after that until I got her out. Now, she is back with me.

We believe she does eat and go potty, at night, but even she is tired of feeling unwelcome. Not saying we are Unwelcome. But, the crazy rules and ways Cin lives, is getting old.

I will probably do another Post later today, as it is Tara’s Birthday. I might just share a bit about how I came to be blessed with her. She is 10 Years Old, today!

Grateful? I am so grateful for the future possiblity! I have been praying, trusting, and believing. I am so grateful God does what he promises and listens to our prayers! He knows my future and I continue with continued prayers and belief in him while waiting for it to come true!

Keep praying this happens really soon, please!