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A-Z Challenge-N = The North Pole

We’ve all heard that Santa lives at The North Pole, but, does he?

The North Pole is the northernmost part of the earth lying diametrically opposite The South Pole. There is no land, there. It’s all ice floating at the top of the Arctic Ocean. Animals live there, though; including Polar Bears, Seal, Walrus, Arctic Fox and Reindeer!

The closest City to The North Pole is Logyearbyn/Svalbard, Norway which is halfway between Norway and The North Pole. It is an ancient, mining city and the administrative capital of the archipelago and it’s dedicated to research, education and tourism. It has 2,000 inhabitants with 50 nationalities. There are two main streets, hotels, sports stores and a supermarket. There are also 3,000 Polar Bear so there is high risk for attack. This area is one of the most protected territories in the world, and almost everybody owns a snowmobile.

There is another North Pole, city in Alaska. This one has Christmas year round. Christmas decorations, a store called Santa’s House, streets with names of Kris Kringle Drive and Mistletoe Lane. Nearby is the Chen Lake Recreation Area with beaches, nature trails and picnic areas.

So, I’m thinking, Santa may actually live at The North Pole or at least somewhere near it, but, not the actual one, we know.

Although, I’ll bet that’s where the reindeer stay during the off season; especially Rudolph, as The North Pole experiences total darkness from October to March.

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Use Your Imagination

I think a key requirement of believing in the non-biblical aspects of Christmas such as Elves, Talking Snowmen and even Santa Clause is having a good Imagination.

Who was it that ruined or tried to ruin your belief in Santa Clause by telling you he isn’t real?…. Before you go blaming me, I am confirming or denying nothing! I refuse to ruin anyone’s beliefs…. Truthfully, I don’t remember when or how I was told or gained knowledge. I know at some point Santa’s presents stopped coming. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t real.

Maybe he focuses more on the younger set because they hang onto their Imaginations a little bit longer.

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Movie Review, Etc..

One reason, I skip posting on Sundays is to get more to post about..not that, that really works but….

Yesterday, I watched the movie ‘Hacked’. It is an Indian or Hindi movie in English. The reviews don’t match the movie, at all. Basically, a high tech company receives a new computer system and as two of the being the manager…test it out, the building is broken into. The people who broke in; want access to the new system, and all hell breaks lose. The system has the capability to hack into every system in the city and it also creates a seal of the rooms where it is located, closing the employees and bad people, together. The movie does show bad and good working together, but a lot of it made no sense. Especially, the ending. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are extremely bored and out of things to watch; but I can’t speak to badly since I got it at a Dollar Store.

Hadn’t had a Migraine for four days until last night and today. Maybe, the VICI Patches are actually helping the frequency? Knock on wood.

*Reminder- If you are a business I have no interest in, someone privately selling something or do not have a semi-normal profile photo; I Will Block You From Following Me. until you get the hint.

It’s to bad WordPress doesn’t have a way to do that once, so they just stay blocked. And it’s also to bad I have to keep posting these reminders.

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Old Rhymes

Let’s talk about some of the terrible nursery rhymes most of us learned as children that nobody would teach children today. By the way, I use the term, “children” as “Kids” are baby goats and they don’t care.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

When Jack fell, Jill should have walked or called for help.  Who found them, and did Jack wind up with brain damage?

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her.
He put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well

So many questions?  Why couldn’t he keep her?  Why not get a Divorce?  Keeping her in a pumpkin shell is keeping her hostage.  I don’t care if she was kept well


Rock a by baby on the treetop
When the wind blows the cradle will drop.
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all.

Well, isn’t this a soothing little ditty to sing your child to sleep.  A cradle is up in a tree.  Don’t ask why.  A wind blows and makes the cradle drop then the bough breaks and the cradle and the baby falls down. 

The baby might break it’s crown but nobody will come tumbling after, and hopefully the baby’s mother doesn’t get held hostage in a pumpkin shell for putting the baby in the tree, in the first place.

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Gloomy Most Of Day & Humor

Las Vegas is starting to feel colder temps and we had some rain and wind, last night. My day started off sinusy and..since I wasn’t planning on going out, I pretty much stayed in my pajamas again.

We finished our study of the book ; ‘Boundaries’ which I got to lead. In truth, Boundaries are never quite finished once you learn them. Anyway, our next book will be back to the Bible. We will be studying the book of ‘Daniel’ and I will lead that study, order to give Lar a break.

I am considering volunteering for a Hot Line position for church or for a crisis. I love talking to people, but, I have discovered it’s easier for strangers to call me. To bad I can’t find a paying, work from home job like that

A question for you Humor bloggers out there: Does your Humor come naturally when writing your posts, or is it forced? I have tried writing, humorously; but a lot of times it comes off as sarcasm, puns, and wondering if I try to hard.

Tomorrow is my day of rest from Blogging, so I wish you all a good one!


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I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! It seems to have snuck up super fast. And while, I should do the Obligatory end of year post covering things that I accomplished or didn’t and changes that took place or didn’t and resolutions that I am making, I’m not…I Don’t Want To.

Within the last year, nothing really changed…except my mindset. No trips to share, no people to have met or hung out with…the positives were getting reconnected with my sister and getting closer to God and stronger in my faith. No point in rehashing the past and as for the future? I hate to talk about politics but I think we are in for a rough ride. and I also think Mitch McConnell should be kicked out of office…but, that’s just my opinion. Not going further with it….

I have a Zoom meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I think they did decide to have fireworks downtown which I can watch from my window if I really care to.

I wish you all a safe New Year’s Eve, however you celebrate!

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Governor Rules

New COVID19 rules starting tomorrow per our Governor here in Nevada.

Masks to be worn at all times around others…not sure how that affects eating.. even in the house when visiting. Now people are worried neighbors are going to report on each other! Like what? Are we gonna get arrested? Seriously, the jails would get full and I doubt all the cells are kept empty 6 feet apart. Lol. It’s starting to feel like the Gestapo during the Holocaust….Anyway, restaurants, casinos and churches are cutting down to 25% capacity and private gatherings are being limited to 10 people. It’s better to just stay home as much as possible..easier too.

In other news, Just had to re-sign up for Secret Santa on Reddit. A bit annoying but super thankful I checked. There are almost 57,000 people signed up so far and I seriously don’t want to miss this! Don’t forget, you have until the 7th to sign up, if interested. The minimum is $20. to brighten the year of a stranger and someone will probably brighten your year, too.

I have already written a page of my book. I write as creativity strikes so I see this being a long project.

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Health and Busyness

So much for a daily blog, right?  Yeah, I suck.  I know. 

I am not going to make excuses, but, I will update you.  

Been helping with my neighbors Yard Sale.  She made $600. bucks last weekend and she is having it again tomorrow and Saturday.  Also, been helping with our Bible Study via Zoom.  We are studying a book titled ‘Boundaries’ which is right on point, but, there are a lot of Bible verses to look up; which I am trying to do.

Now, we are at today.  Now, I am not one to get paranoid but I do have to remember reality.  Today I felt like I had a UTI.  Burning, couldn’t go hardly at all, etc..  So, I drank Cranberry Juice and tried some Vinegar Water.  I used to drink Vinegar Water for other reasons with no problem.  But, I had to jump up from my movie to suddenly vomit….Sorry, if that’s TMI.  After which, I have had water and Pedialite.  I don’t really hurt, but I am a bit tired and dizzy.    I am not panicking and will see how I feel, tomorrow.  I hate to go to the hospital…I still owe them $100 dollars….But, I did have a Kidney Transplant almost 14 years ago…I just pray this isn’t signs of Rejection.

Most transplants don’t last forever although I did read about a woman whose transplant has lasted over 80 years!

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Shot Reaction

Do you get the Flu Shot regularly? Have you had a bad reaction from it?

Due to my weak, immune system, I am required to get one every year so I got mine, today.

A while back…like 10÷ years ago, I got the shot at work and within a few hours, I was a mess….sweating, freezing, achey, nauseated…Needless to saw, I went home and was sick for at least a day. The effects got easier over time. Mainly just achey and tired. Anyway, so I had the Flu Shot about 4 hours ago and I am getting sweaty and achey. Plus, my poor arm muscle! I can barely lift my arm!

Last year, a few friends almost got into an argument on Facebook when my one friend went on and on about the Flu Shot NOT giving you the Flu. But, we all react differently and the strain is different every year. Truthfully, I don’t think it gives you the actual Flu, but I do believe it can mimic some of the symptoms.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding this matter.