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Saturday Sharing

Good Morning Class,

Today is a bit different as, I thought we should share where we were or how we heard about the events of 9/11; this being the 20th Anniversary! Most of the bloggers I follow are doing blogs about it, but if you aren’t or just still want to Share, Please do so in the comments.

2001, and I had just gotten married to Idiot in May. I was a Switchboard Operator for the corporate office of Bally Total Fitness in California.

September 11th, I worked from 6 til 3. I hadn’t been at work long and was walking through the showroom when one of the televisions on the bicycle screen showed the first plane hit the Twin Towers. I remember a bunch of us watching in horror as the 2nd plane hit! I called my mom and woke her up, telling her to turn on her television set. Then, I called Idiot. Yes, I think I called my mother, first. Idiot worked for the Naval Base, as a civilian, and the news was saying they weren’t sure if the terrorists would go after the bases. Idiot told me the base was put on strict lockdown and it was a bitch getting on, even as an employee.

Every year, I watch the videos of the events with the people calling from the planes to the survivors stories. I continue to pray for the families of all affected.

That event led to my fear of staying in tall buildings for very long. An apartment penthouse has no appeal to me.

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Crazy Christmas Gifts

I may or may not have mentioned that Christmas is my favorite Holiday! So, today I want to share some funny gifts I have received.

Usually, I am the Giver of the unusual. I like to think outside the box of things people won’t buy for themselves.

My Nephew and I used to see who could give the weirdest present. He won at one point by gifting me a stuffed, Giant Microbe Salmonella. I still have it, as it has become Taras’ favorite play toy. Then, one of my Best Friends gave me a blank piece of paper for my Birthday telling me I could do a lot with it.

Do you give or receive funny or crazy gifts? I would love to read your stories. Holidays are approaching and we need to keep our sense of humor, as well as share our crazy experiences and ideas.