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Healthy Or Sick

Today was bad. I had a Sinus Headache from Hell and slept most of the day. Ordered some Zyrtec online which should be delivered any time now. I sure hope so. I Need to get to the store, tomorrow!

I used to get Sinus Infections all the time, but, it’s rare I get them, now. Actually, it’s pretty rare I get sick much at all now… except Migraines, which isn’t really considered sick… since I don’t experience a lot of stress, anymore. Learning about and applying Boundaries has been amazing for me!

I am considering trying Botox or something again for my Migraines. I think I only tried that once or twice and that was a long time ago, yet, it’s almost a lost cause as, I feel as if I have tried almost everything and there is no cure. I would think since the stress is better; the frequency would be too, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I get about 14 per month. A really good month is single digits!

We got more rain today with thunder, which was nice. Still probably not enough to help our drought, but it was pleasant to watch come down.

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Sick Day

I used to get Sinus Infections every few months. I really don’t think I have had one since before March, this year. So, in that way, I guess Coronavirus and things being closed, is a blessing for me.

Plus, I have been trying to eat right and exercise more, but, today is a bad one. Coughing, Sneezing, Headaches, Ears Ringing, etc… Gonna be a Text Only Day for me.

When you are living on Disability and you don’t work, the term, “Sick Day ” doesn’t really apply. We focus more on Good or Healthy Days. In my case, it’s a day usually without a headache or/and especially Migraine.