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Saturday Sharing

Welcome Class,

Let me share with you what I have Learned/Re-Learned this week.

Please participate with your own Knowledge or Re-Knowlege? In the comments.

The DMV is by appointment only for most things. You have to put what service you want, where, and then find an appointment. After 3 different tries, I finally have an appointment scheduled for the 26th.

Don’t trust your Medical Insurance Group. It’s been discovered that they won’t send a Grievance Form for my old Primary Care and I need to write an actual letter… after telling me, one was being mailed. So, I have been waiting for nothing but will definitely be writing, soon.

Also, am still only taking one Anti-Rejection Med, as my doctor stopped refilling it and I don’t see my new doctor until the 2nd.

I am Learning to be proud of my accomplishments while alone. I only have one more box to go through outside. Am still organizing inside but have to stop a bit until my Handyman comes back. But, I am getting proud of my little place and am really happy that my family is back together. While I may not plan to live here in this trailer, forever…I will make it mine for the meantime.

I have also been Re-Learning that ‘Gifting’ is my Love Language. I love giving gifts to people! It felt so good to give a friend a Christmas Gift who had received nothing from anyone! Or, to give a Homeless Person some food or a Blanket, knowing it will help them out.

Do you have a Love Language? If so, what is it?

I hope to read about what you all have Learned and Re-Learned in the comments.

Have a Wonderful Week.

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Sharing Saturday

Hello Class,

For those who are new. This is the part of my Blog where I share what I have learned or relearned this week and you all can participate in the comments. You can share about Anything. I don’t grade harshly but I do encourage participation.

That being said:

You definitely need to stay on top of your own medical issues. You cannot depend on doctors or staff to give you needed information. I need to find a way to get to the doctor on Monday to pick up my Jury Summons Dismissal Notice and fax it to the court. Then, I will need to call on Tuesday and explain the situation. Nobody told me I had to pick it up from the doctor after dropping it off..not even a reminder call and it has been there since the first. The doctors office does not fax, call or mail things for patients.

It’s good to be grateful for little things in life like flushing toilets, actual toilet paper, privacy, having your little family together (me and cats), being able to afford a portable Heater (my other one doesn’t work) and having a roof over my head.

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Saturday Share & Hair

We may not have class next week due to Moving Day so I hope you have all learned something to share this week. Anything at all!

Russia borders China and Europe.

If you want to color different parts of your hair different colors, you should probably do so on different days.

I see an end to my belongings being packed. Just a few clothes left, pretty much.

I spoke to the girl at Animal Inns. Tara is going to be 10 on the tenth and I will miss her Birthday. The girl told me they will give her extra attention and even sing to her! She put it on the calendar!

Here are the pictures! It actually turned out nice but, not exactly the way I’d hoped. Does it ever? It’s hard to do your hair by yourself.