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Hot Topic Burns

A while back, I did a post titled ‘Credit Or Not’. This is sort of a continuation.

I went back and forth with Hot Topic and their Credit Card Customer Service Department only to be told the Hard Pull was a “System Error” on their part. However, in order to get this off my report, I had to write them a letter for them to get hold of Experian. It was their fault! I shouldn’t have to do anything! But, I did that and also said if it was not a “System Error” and they are doing Hard Pulls on purchases verses new customers or late payments, they have lost a customer. What really pisses me off is it takes 30 days per Experian for a dispute to be resolved!

In good news, I received my GlutenEase today which I have been out of for a long time, so Cin is coming to get me so I can get my monthly sandwich from Port-Of-Subs. My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

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Out In The Rain

Got out today, despite the rain.  And it rained pretty good, at times. 

C. took me to pick up my glasses and the reading aspect is amazing!  The distance, I am still getting used to.

Then we went to Port-Of-Subs where I picked up food before coming home and starting on my 100 piece puzzle.

It’s the top one of the two calicoes.  The bottom one is 250 pieces.  I think I will do okay with this as, I’ve already got the frame and a few of the middle pieces together and I believe doing puzzles keeps your mind sharp with problem solving or logic.  Gotta double check on that. 

Not to concerned with the cats knocking the puzzle over while in progress because I have it hidden so well, I’ll bet you can’t even see it.

I’ll give you a hint: It’s not in the puzzle box. Can you guess?

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My Day So Far

My GlutenEase arrived so I Finally went to Port-Of-Subs…. I seriously get withdrawal’s if I don’t go once a month. Lol. … Unfortunately, I went to the one on Charleston. The employees there are rude and stupid. First, they’re like, “We can’t hear you with your mask on. ” Then, after I take it off, they’re all, “You have to have your mask on. ” Then, after I specifically order Mayonnaise on both sides of bread, the dumb girl squirts Mustard on the one side. I go, “Wait, I said Mayo.” so then she puts Mayo on top of the Mustard and asks “What toppings do you want?” I could have had her get me fresh bread but it wasn’t worth the argument. At least she filled it up pretty good. I much prefer the Desert Inn location where the people are nicer and pay attention.

Then, I walked to a neighbors Yard Sale and bought this cute, scarf for a dollar.

The guy tried to tell me I am supposed to wear it in my hair. Nope…it’s my accessory now to wear as a scarf, belt, whatever..