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On Countdown

8 more days until I go back to a real, unlimited phone plan. I will have a lot of reading and commenting to catch up on. This plan lets me write but I can read hardly anything with images, at present. Believe me, I learned my lesson.

Sometimes, Cheaper isn’t the savings you think it will be. I guess I could make the comparison of name brand food products. Have you ever tried generic Mayonaise? It’s disgusting! I don’t care if I am saving $2.00 for the jar, if I can’t down it, I am not wasting the money.

These cheap phone plans are horrible. From the first the case of Mint…my data completely stopped for like 3 hours, and with HelloMobile, I think I got maybe a week and a half, if that. Sure, they can still advertise Unlimited, but it’s so spotty that 99% of the time, it’s useless.