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This And That

I was going to title this Bad Start but no use dwelling on it.  3 days of Migraines is enough, though, so I pray that’s done for a bit.  I tried Hemp Oil but believe it made them worse.  I found some patches that might help, I may purchase soon. 

Speaking of purchasing, J. is putting her house up for sale and I am buying her cat tree for $50.  It’s beautiful and C. said she and J. paid almost $200.   It’s not really my color but it’s sturdy and the one I have now is falling apart.  Plus, the cats will love the soft carpeting.  

My heart still goes out to Princess who is still waiting to be adopted. They call her Princie Tazzy which is ridiculous..If you know anyone looking for a cat in the Las Vegas area, please pass the word. She is a good girl. Just a bit shy. She is a grey tabby, about 2.5 years old. FUPI (Forclosed Upon Pets) is the organization that took her.

While at the store the other day, a guy approached and started talking to me.  He is starting an Escort Service at $100. an hour and says he will do anything that isn’t illegal.  I took the card and threw it away after sharing it with friends.  All I could say to him was “Good Luck” and “I really don’t go anywhere to need an Escort.”  Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful job during a Pandemic?…Seriously.

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Governor Rules

New COVID19 rules starting tomorrow per our Governor here in Nevada.

Masks to be worn at all times around others…not sure how that affects eating.. even in the house when visiting. Now people are worried neighbors are going to report on each other! Like what? Are we gonna get arrested? Seriously, the jails would get full and I doubt all the cells are kept empty 6 feet apart. Lol. It’s starting to feel like the Gestapo during the Holocaust….Anyway, restaurants, casinos and churches are cutting down to 25% capacity and private gatherings are being limited to 10 people. It’s better to just stay home as much as possible..easier too.

In other news, Just had to re-sign up for Secret Santa on Reddit. A bit annoying but super thankful I checked. There are almost 57,000 people signed up so far and I seriously don’t want to miss this! Don’t forget, you have until the 7th to sign up, if interested. The minimum is $20. to brighten the year of a stranger and someone will probably brighten your year, too.

I have already written a page of my book. I write as creativity strikes so I see this being a long project.

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No Christmas Stress

I know, I know…It isn’t even Thanksgiving and here I am going on and on about Christmas. I can’t help it. It really is my favorite time of the year!

Presents or cards have been mailed except to my BFF’s family, as I wait for my next paycheck….Okay, Disability Check if you really want to get technical. Everything else is wrapped for local friends. I can think of one more person to get for, but that will have to wait, also. I don’t start decorating until after Thanksgiving….See, I really do keep the Holidays separate; but now I don’t have to stress.

Do you stress over Holidays or do you get things done early? Has Christmas become an obligation? Please don’t let it get to that. If you’re a Christian, please remember the true meaning of Christmas as the birth of Christ, and if you’re not, think of it as a time to be extra friendly and nice to others.

While Christmas is more about time then gifts, it’s hard to spend time with others while being quarantined. Maybe a Zoom call or a phone call or even a note just to keep in touch.

Not sure how to end this early Christmas themed post. So:

Merry Early Christmas, My Friends.

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Creative Cooking

So, I have been doing a lot more cooking lately although I don’t necessarily follow recipes exactly.  But, I made some really good Potato Pancakes or Latke’s.  I have tried making them before but they wouldn’t stick.  Who knew you are supposed to use flour?  Unfortunately, I am out of my GlutenEase so I have to eat all Gluten-Free for a while.  Luckily, I am keeping gluten-free flour in stock. I also made some really good Cinnamon Rolls from scratch but the glaze didn’t really work out.

I hope whenever I get my car paid off and/or move figured out…the final one, at least as a single person…I find a place with a decent sized kitchen. I am really enjoying experimenting; even if it is only for myself.

For you cooks or even just experimenters, what have you cooked from scratch lately and did it turn out? Plus, do you find yourself cooking more since the pandemic started or ordering food to be delivered?