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Doing Nothing or Nothing Doing

I was going to say I didn’t do anything today but that’s not true. I ate, I wrote, I read, I brought the trash cans in, I took care of myself and my cats. I didn’t go to the mailbox to get my puzzles which arrived since I didn’t want to walk in the cold and wet weather…Yes, we got some rain. I also did some thinking:

I believe it’s impossible to do Nothing. It doesn’t matter if you are meditating, dreaming, sleeping or staring into space. Your mind and muscles still have to be working during those actions. Unless you are brain dead and paralyzed, we have to be doing Something! It might not be anything important to the life of yourself, household, world or even those around you..

.But, Just think? The next time someone asks what you are doing and you say “Nothing”, you are actually lying.

*Reminder- If you are a business I have no interest in,
privately selling something or do not have a semi-normal profile photo; I Will Block You From Following Me. until you get the hint.

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Do Nothing Days

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have done nothing?

I mean, in truth, that’s not really possible but I haven’t done much that’s substantial.

Yesterday, I cancelled HelloMobile from my phone. But today I don’t think I accomplished much Important. I did write a letter to my PenPal..but haven’t mailed it yet. I also read a book, talked to a friend on the phone, did some praying, ate my meals, answered questions on Reddit and took a few online IQ Tests which never gave me my score….Do you know of any good online sites that will?

.After writing and reading what I did do, I guess I’ve accomplished something considering it was a Migraine morning.