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To Tired To Sleep

Okay, So yesterday didn’t get better; it got worse.

Started a Migraine around 4 so took my Imatrex and laid down, but, then was up every hour or so with stomach issues….. I seriously think it’s from going back to taking my medications the way I am supposed to. My body is readjusting…. Anyway, I think the last I looked at the clock was 2:30 and got up around 6….You do the math…. Finally took something that settled my stomach but can’t seem to go back to sleep. Not for lack of want.

Truthfully, I am exhausted. I may try drinking some wine to see if that will help me take an actual nap.

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Items Discarded?

So I was going through paperwork the other day and thinking about someone I Follow who tries to get rid of 27 items per day, I believe; and I am thinking I am not going to count every piece of paperwork! But, it was probably at least that!

I signed up for a survey site which pays, supposedly but it took half hour to make a quarter. The cashout is at $30.00 so you do the math.