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True Podcaster

If you are a True Crime Fan, like me, I want to introduce you to Emma Kenny and her Podcast on YouTube every Sunday. She covers horrendous crimes in a way that you can understand and even adds a tiny bit of entertainment value with some of her comments.

For the last few days, I have been following the case and trial of Joel Michael Guy Jr. after being introduced to it by Emma. Joel Michael Guy (JMG) killed his parents when they finally decided to stop supporting him so they could retire. He was in his late 30’s. JMG killed them by stabbing..over 40 times to his father and over 30 to his mother. He then dismembered their bodies and left the parts in chemicals for fast decomposition as well as leaving his mother’s head in a pot on the stove.

Without getting into much more, JMG was smart yet also extremely stupid. I feel his stupidity is what led him to be caught.

If you are into True Crime, I highly recommend you checking out this Podcaster and story.

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I’m Here

I refuse to say I’m back, but, I had to start over. I believe in Free Speech and having personal opinions about my life.

Let me go back a bit:

I am a 55 year old woman raising 4 beautiful cats. I consider myself Single verses Divorced as my Ex has remarried.

I have been blogging for years and all was well until family discovered it and played spying games. You see, I used my blog as a Diary For Strangers and said some things that were hurtful in the wrong hands. Anyway, I now have a brand new blog with a brand new gmail address. I am not planning on using this to slam anyone, but I believe in sharing my honest feelings about my life without fear of repercussions.

In a nutshell, I love the color Purple, Cats, Writing, Reading and Blogging especially.

So, this is my new blog far away from anyone I really know.