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Weird Ending

2020 left awfully quietly.

  Had a Zoom call with my BFF and her family in VA 3 hours before the New Year hit here.  Then, as I was watching a live feed of Freemont Street, the feed paused at exactly midnight so the viewers didn’t get to see what happened. There were no fireworks but they were setting off a type of rocket to do an implosion of sorts.  Talked to a friend on the phone then fell asleep while watching Happy New Year, Charlie Brown.  May have to watch the ending again.

Prior to that, my friend Kace came to visit and my Siamese cat, Monkey, did not like her!  That is the cat I need to stay attuned to, but, it was weird because I know Kace has been over here, before.

No Resolutions this year because I don’t do that. Maybe some personal goals, though.

Wishing you all the best in the coming year a head. Wait, it’s already here.

Venus, …Puma, Tara, Monkey and Susy.

*No, Venus isn’t my real name. But, that’s how I define myself on this blog.

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Online Party Recap, Etc..

Someone mentioned being curious about an Online Party, so let me tell you about the Halloween Party I was part of:

We had Jeopardy where you saw the questions and yelled out rhe answers, then we had Bingo. Everyone was emailed a Bingo Card in advance and it was obviously on the Honor System. We all checked the boxes and yelled out Bingo, if we got one. Dancing was silly and they used up to much time on it. They showed a music video like Ghostbusters and kept jumping to different people, as they watched. Most were sitting and dancing in their seats. I guess they also had karaoke but I didn’t stay for that. They said it was going to be Group Karaoke which basically means a singalong. Oh, and there was a Costume Contest where each person shared their costume via video. Winners received a Fire Tablet.

We had about 11 Trick-Or-Treaters this year which surprisingly was more then last year; but, that was mainly because of two families with children that moved in. I did my usual and dressed up and passed out candy but not scary and not for very long. It’s better to sit outside though so Susy doesn’t try to run out every time I open the door.

I would ask if you are ready for Thanksgiving but I think that will be a quiet holiday this year. With COVID19 going up, I am not comfortable going anywhere and I am thankful every day anyway.

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Phone Non-Carrier , Etc..

As soon as I get paid again, I am going back to MetroPCS. Yes, I have saved money but not aggravation. Mint Mobile was not Unlimited. They have since started a $30. Unlimited Plan, however:… HelloMobile which is run on Sprint and what I am using now is Unlimited, but it sucks. The way it works is the people on the main network..Sprint, for example, get priority. So if you have Sprint and I have Hello and we are both watching YouTube or playing games at 2 p.m., you will be fine and my speed will slow down or I will have no access to the internet. I Need My Internet, so this is just not worth the hassle.

This sinus thing is still kicking my butt and there is so much I want/need to do. Please pray it goes away soon.

Also, just FYI, if you don’t have a picture next to your Username, I will delete you from Following me. I haven’t decided if I want Email Followers either. But, I am being picky, this time.