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Work Is Progressing

I did it! I got help!

I can’t share how but it wasn’t illegal or immoral! The reason I can’t say is because I have had over $10,000 views on this blog and if certain people find this and even suspect who or how I got help, it will cause Major unwanted drama. Needless to say, yesterday was lots of tears and stress..But:…

Plus, I also discovered a certain someone cannot be trusted.. which is really sad.

I made a payment for the cats and Lyn (my original Handyman) came over with a Helper and started today! Hopefully, everything will be completed in a few and I can move in.

Suzy hid under Cin’s couch last night and refuses to come out, which is annoying. She knows how. She is just stubborn but it annoys me because I don’t know if she ate anything at all, today. Just praying she comes out tonight and gets back on the bed with me again.

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Bible App & Good News

I don’t believe in Fortune Telling (Well, I do, but, not in a positive way) but, I do believe in Gods’ Word.

This morning, my Bible App said ‘You will get good news this week.” and so far, it’s on point.

My Bruno dog has been adopted! He has been with a foster family for a week and they have signed to adopt him! I am so happy! He deserves to be loved and spoiled.

Also,..and this is silly… While going through paperwork, I found a. Refund Check from an old insurance company for $1.04. Yeah..Not much, but I still put it in the bank. After all, it’s $1.04 more than I had before!

Today is only Monday and I hope/pray the Good News keeps coming.. especially with the Background Check.