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Cloudy, Cold & Book Review

It was Cloudy and Cold today, so I didn’t bother getting dressed. I only opened my door when my new Wall Calendar was delivered. I prefer to choose my own, so I am glad nobody gave me one… unless they did and it’s part of what I haven’t picked up yet.

I emptied a box and moved some stuff around to make room for my Microwave/Convection Oven which might be coming tomorrow. That’s one box I don’t want to leave outside. In a few weeks, I will need to get my Handyman to come install it.

I finally talked to Tra yesterday. I have only talked to her once since I moved because I lost her phone number. Apparently, she got really depressed and sick this year at Christmas. If I lived closer, I would have checked on her. I am glad we are back in communication, anyway.

I did finish a book today titled ‘The Dolphin Song’. It was okay. Definitely a Young Adult/Teenage Book. It taught a little bit about Dolphins, but read a bit slow and the ending was rushed. I think maybe if you read the whole series, it would make more sense.

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Info Reg Cin & Doctors

Someone asked, so I think I might have forgotten to update:

Cin’s surgery went well. She was home the next day. She gets pain in her left arm so can mainly use her right, but, the Pacemaker seems to be working well.

As for me, I have a new Primary! I can’t get in to see him until March but I have 5 refills on my headache meds ( plus, I ordered some CBD Gummies) so I should be okay until then.

I am also getting a form in the mail to fill out as a Grievance. I feel for a Doctor to do what she did was seriously Unprofessional and she has probably done it to other patients, so it needs to be reported!

Lastly, I signed up for the Mail Order Pharmacy which might even lower the cost of my prescriptions!

So, all is good, there!

Then, I went to Cin’s to help her with her phone and watch Sister Wives.

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Prescription Delivery & Tonight

Smiths will deliver your Prescriptions for a $5.00 fee but you have to call each time and it might only be during COVID-19. For someone without transportation, this could be a problem. I am going to call my insurance soon to see what they suggest.

Went to Cin’s tonight for Lasagna and to say Goodbye to her daughter and family. The girls finally opened up to me. FYI- I had my own Lasagna (Vegetarian) while they had theirs. The bread was terrible, though. It was Texas Toast but nothing like I have had before. It was really grainy.

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Things That Didn’t Happen

My BFF and family spent like 18 hours at the Airport because they were late for the flight but she said it was the airlines fault due to check-in.

Cin’s surgery didn’t happen and might be postponed because either she didn’t understand or the doctor did not give her proper instructions on when to stop taking her medications before hand.

And my Handyman did not come today and is coming on Monday instead because his partner was sick.

On the flip side, I Did get to meet Cin’s family, finally who is in town. They took us to dinner at Denny’s.

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I’m Here

In my new place, that is. I won’t show you the boxes outside I need to go through but the inside is at least functional.

My muscles ache and I have blisters on my feet so I am planning to play some games and go to bed. Tomorrow I will start putting things away before and after we pick up Monkey and Tara.

As you can tell, there is still a lot more to paint, but I have lots of time.

I am extremely grateful to Cin for letting Suzy and I stay, but really glad it’s over.

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Situation Moral

Prayers continuing please as this should be over in a few more days.

The Handyman finished most of what he is doing and will come back in a few weeks for the rest of it. We are going to paint one wall, tomorrow. I can do the rest after my family gets settled. I am hoping to get everything.. well not everything..out of storage and moved into the house on Friday and to pick up the cats on Saturday. Just praying I have access to the remaining funds in time.

This morning was bad. Suzy spent a day and a night under the sofa and I finally got her out. Then, she immediately pee’d on the bed. I got dressed and ready to do the laundry when Cin had a yelling fit about cleaning the house and wanting me to clean under the bed/table and needing help, etc.. I am not saying I was an Angel in all this, but I did talk to her later and said I would really appreciate if she would just talk civil and not yell at me, but she goes, “Oh, you think that was yelling? You haven’t heard me yell.”

Later, when we went to my place to prepare the wall for paint, I asked Cin to do the top and I would do the bottom, she immediately started doing things her way. That’s when I decided I just want to finish most of it on my own time, after I get moved in.

I don’t want to speak up and get snapped at especially when we can’t leave yet.

I think the moral from this situation is:. Live with a friend Only as last resort no matter how close you are.

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Weekend Working, Etc

We have done a lot of work on my RV and I found a Handyman who is willing to help. But, he is actually going to give us guidance and maybe do the floor. Cin and I are doing most of it.

Table Set – Gone, Couch – Gone, Crappy Headboard, A Few Valances and Wall Mirror – Gone, Carpet Downstairs From Bedroom – Gone, Some Wallpaper Stripped, and Wall Cabinet Doors – Gone

In other news, I hope I am not like Cin when I am 63. Little things become Big issues ( like the possible Social Security Check Date Change) and her patience runs thin really easily.

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Things I Miss & Tonight

It’s been really nice, so far. C. ( from Church) picked me up and I waited in the Warm-Up Room while she had her Flute Rehearsal… They are having a show on Saturday. while there, I also talked to TXFriend for an hour on the phone. we don’t talk much since I moved to Cin’s. Anyway, C. and I came to her place where I got to meet her four cats and have dinner. Unfortunately, the rice dish didn’t work. I seriously gagged on a piece of Pineapple! Bit she did serve Soup and Crackers which were delicious! After watching some television, I got to take a bath in her amazingly, deep, soaking tub! A few more shows and I was in bed finishing my book before sleep.

I really miss having a Bathtub, and a normal sized, soft bed.

Anyway, it’s 10:30 now and I am planning to sleep in the bed described above, so… Good Night

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A Small Annoyance

I got a bit annoyed this morning when Cin announced that she is having a Date come over tomorrow night. He doesn’t arrive until around 11:30 when he gets off work which means I would have to stay up and dressed a lot later then I am used to. She assured me she told him I was here and we could just watch movies. Truthfully, I feel this was disrespectful. This place is a small trailer and my bed is the kitchen table. There is hardly room for two people to walk around, let alone three, plus, she didn’t ask me how I felt about it. Needless to say, I reached out to some friends and am going to stay with C. from my Bible Study, tomorrow night. She is a Flutist and is going to take me to her Rehearsal, first. I may wait in the car and phone some friends… since I don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, while here. She also has a Bathtub and I Miss my baths! I believe the excitement … or Roommate experience is really wearing off for both Cin and myself.

Suzy freaked out tonight which she has never done before! I went to kiss her and she flipped and scratched me on the face. I think she was focusing on one of Cin’s cats and didn’t see me coming close, or maybe I accidentally laid on her somewhere. Anyway, it was probably my fault and I only got a few, minor, scratches. I really don’t think she realized she had gotten me, and she did put her paw on me to touch me, afterwards.

Checked on Monkey and Tara, today. They are both doing well and Tara was playing with the clip on her cage (Pardon me, “Cottage” ) bar. I told them that it is her Birthday and to please remind her that I love and miss her. (Yes, I know it’s a Cat. Shut-Up!)

I know this Post was supposed to be about Tara, but, I have lots of time for that. I had to share my reaction to Cin’s Date announcement. Truthfully, if I were Cin, I would meet him at a hotel or something if someone was staying with me. Or, at least talk to the friend or whoever is staying, first, to see how they felt about it.

I am grateful for my Bible Study Group who are willing to help each other in times of need. I don’t even care if I get the couch.

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Getting Saved, Etc..

My friend over at PurpleSlobInRecovery has been sharing a lot about her Christian Walk, and has requested I share my Testimony.

I was raised as a Catholic and was Baptized as a baby, but, that is not the same as a accepting Christ as my personal Savior! I have always loved to read and my mother kept giving me books. The books were about children in my age group…I was 13 at the time… and I soon discovered they all had the same ending. “Then, I discovered Christ as my Savior, blah.. blah.. blah.” It got to where I would read the last page first, due to the predictability. So, one day, I threw the book across the room and said, “Okay, God, Change Me!”. Mind you, I was 13! The fireworks or lightening I expected didn’t happen, so I was like “Okay, Whatever”. But, the next morning, it was like my world changed! I was seeing clearer and even smelling the flowers! More aware and grateful for the things God put around me.

PurpleSlob is adding something she is grateful for, in her daily Posts until Thanksgiving, so I have decided to try to do the same. I will try to add one thing at the end.

In other news- I was really sick last night and this morning, but am doing better. I hate being sick at other people’s places, but technically, I don’t have my own place, so…

In Good News- Cin saw a bunch of furniture by the Dumpster, so we are really hoping/praying the neighbors are moving soon so I can get my own place. Even small, it can’t be much smaller than the space I have here, plus, I can get my babies, back.

*While I know I complain a bit, I am grateful to Cindy for taking me in. I am sure it was hard to open her house to another person and their cat. That is a sign of a true friend, and I am thankful that God put her in my life.