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Saturday Sharing

This is the part of my Blog where I share things I have learned or relearned during the week and everyone participates by sharing what they learned, in the comments.

This week, I’ve learned that I can accomplish things I never thought I could before. I’ve also learned to continue focusing on Prayer and I will be blessed.

My original Handyman (Lyn) checked out my place today and is going to start working on Monday. He thinks it won’t take to long. My problem now is finances. I am considering a Loan but don’t know where to go. Dollar Loan Center and most others like it are way to high on Interest. Any suggestions?

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Yesterday& Looking Forward

Yesterday was one of my harder days.  I am not going to say I was overreacting despite the fact Sis 2 said “It’s just a car and not your health.”  She was My car and the only car I had.  I remember how proud I was when I got her and tried my damndest to hold on.  Anyway, she’s gone to Carvana to be a “Blessing” to someone else.

I still want to cry, a bit. I don’t really feel strong yet, but, I am working on it. After all, it’s done and the decision can’t be changed.

Time to focus on moving forward and life getting better. 

Some people don’t understand, but, some of us weren’t raised on busses or public transportation.  I think I have been on a bus maybe twice in my life and it’s a bit scary to me.

I pray this is the financial decision I needed to get me on track. I also pray God gives me peace in moving forward.

Thanks for reading and understanding. It really means a lot.

*Reminder- If you are a business I am not interested in, don’t have a normal type profile picture, or someone along those lines I have not communicated with before; I Will Delete Your Following! Again and Again until you stay away.

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Decisions Made & Gods Timing

I talked to Carvana today who 3- wayed my finance company and will be picking up the car on Sunday. Despite the fact, it is the best decision; I have to admit the tears started and it will be hard to watch them drive her away.

This decision made me think a lot about where I am in life and how I got here. I have been lost and making a lot of bad decisions since my Divorce. Then, I was happy during my 2nd marriage, but his drug habit took precedence. I could go back over. and over on “If I hadnt..If I had never…If I had only..” ..which I thought about, this morning…but that helps nothing. The past is over and I need to keep moving forward.

The car is material. I still have my cats, food, health, and a roof over my head. This is a step in the right direction. I will get over this hurdle and things will get better.

This experience is also very humbling in that I didn’t want to date someone without a car. Now, look where I am?

But dating is the last thing on my mind. God’s got this and everything works in his time.

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Mental Tiredness & Sacrifice

Mental stress and tiredness can wipe you out, physically. I watched J’s car get driven away and the movers load her stuff and take that away, too. I snuck a Goodbye card in her purse. I will miss her. She accepted me into her family, immediately and she has come through in time of need. She is at C’s tonight and her plane takes off tomorrow at ten.

I have also filled out the form for Carvana and my finance company is faxing them the Payoff Balance. This should take place, soon. Sometimes in life, you need to Sacrifice to get a head. J. had to Sacrifice her beautiful cats because her son-in-law is allergic.

I have no other option of getting a head. I can get another cheap car in the future, but this will help me save for a down payment to move away from here. It will be difficult for a bit, but I believe it will be a blessing in the long run. Although, it will be definitely sad to see my Blessing Beetle go.

In other news, Zorro will be meeting with an interested family soon. They don’t think he will be around much more then another year due to his medical issues.

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Quiet Payday

When your on Disability and get paid only once a month, the day it hits your bank means a lot. Since the rent was covered with the last Stimulus; it was nice to pay off almost all debts and get down to just the car payment. I say “almost” because I forgot a small bill.

I am stocked on food and I took out some money for the laundromat and to wash my car, so I am pretty well set, this month. Plus, I was even able to get a set of Vegetable Shaped Catnip toys. The cats favorite toy looks like Kale and reads ‘Kale Yeah’. They fight over it; the set has Carrot, Corn, Zucchini and name a few. I am going to throw away a few of their old toys, once the new set arrives.

I still hope and pray we get another Stimulus Check so I can actually pay a head on the car and maybe put something away in Savings. I would also like to get some Migraine Patches to try, but have to wait on that.

This month has been the worst for Migraines and I don’t know why. Maybe stress over Jeans animals? I know they are not my responsibility, but my heart breaks that she gave them away and even more for that dog, as I really doubt they will adopt him out.

Prayers Please that I can give that situation to God.

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Money Makes A Difference

A couple hundred extra really makes a Big Difference. My car payment is caught up again, and I even had enough to do some shopping, get gas, order Gluten-Ease and put enough away for Port-Of-Subs when the Gluten-Ease arrives! I try to have Port-Of-Subs at least once a month, if possible. I wish I could get a part-time job for a few extra a month but I might have to wait til after Covid.

Anyway, today was lots of errands and my Zoom call with people with different metabolic diseases. There were only like 8 of us so it wasn’t to bad this time.

Yesterday, I watched a movie called ‘The San Andreas Fault’ about a major earthquake, then I read today that Nevada had a quake so I returned the movie quickly back to my neighbor. I don’t want to be jinxed or something to cause major earthquakes. Lol.

Also, while driving down a 3 lane road today, I hear honking and see some idiot driving toward us..the wrong way. I was in the 3rd lane and he was in the first, but still. I could only pray that he didn’t cause an accident. In this instance, the street does branch weirdly and I could see how that could happen, but still..; I remember years ago I accidentally turned to get on the freeway and wound up going the wrong way. Believe me, that was one of the scariest experiences of my life and another reason I don’t drive at night or on freeways. It was night and there were no real dividers between the on and offramps.

My Aunt died, yesterday. She was in her 90’s. A wonderful woman and the only Aunt I ever knew.

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Items Discarded?

So I was going through paperwork the other day and thinking about someone I Follow who tries to get rid of 27 items per day, I believe; and I am thinking I am not going to count every piece of paperwork! But, it was probably at least that!

I signed up for a survey site which pays, supposedly but it took half hour to make a quarter. The cashout is at $30.00 so you do the math.

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My Options

Thinking of life and my future.

The only way I will get back into a nice place will be to save money and/or to pay off my car; and the only way to do that will be to sell my trailer and move somewhere cheaper. Will that mean smaller? Possibly. Do I want that? NO, Could I live that way for a while? Yes.

Hud is mainly dealing with people affected by COVID now, which isn’t me. If I could find a legitimate job from home (Listeners-On-Call never really got off the ground), I would do it..but those are hard to find. My neighbor had a Yard Sale and made over $600 due to all her stuff. But, that is going to be a band-aid for her for a while too. And, that wouldn’t help me, as, I have nothing to sell.

The 2nd Stimulus will help tremendously, but, only to catch up.

If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. Remember, I have 4 cats that are my family.