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No Return

So Annoyed.

So, I go to Best Buy ( I know someone who calls it Worst Buy) to return/exchange the DVD Set (refer to yesterday’s Post, please) to discover they won’t take it back because I took the plastic off the case. Well, let’s see, they double wrapped it, so I could not read the back until I got the movie out, then discovered it was the wrong movie!

Needless to say, I gave the movie/show series to Cin, and will order what I really want when I get paid!

This sucks, though…and to make it worse, after talking to the Customer Service Guy and the Manager, I was near tears when leaving and they said, “Have A Nice Day!”.

Seriously? Someone should punch them in their faces for that!

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Still Sick But Thankful

Took my Home COVID Test and it’s Negative. If I still feel like this tomorrow night, I will take the 2nd one. It’s probably the Flu.

All, I know is, I am tired of this. Tried to sleep and sweat on and off almost all day, Had a Double Migraine, and the Nausea was ridiculous. Just finished a mug of Soup, though and sucking on a Candy Cane now.

I remember when you were sick and you would see the doctor; if he couldn’t actually diagnose you, he would say it was a Virus..

In my case, it doesn’t help that with my Metabolic Disorder and weakened Immune System, when I do get sick, it lasts longer than most.

I was thinking though, and I am thankful to be able to feel pain, and to be normal enough to handle it. A lot of the children born with my Metabolic Disorder are unable to take care of themselves due to extreme physical and mental issues. I have surprised all the doctors for being as old as I am having been born with it,yet, being so close to Normal. The Disease I have is hereditary yet can skip generations.

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Late Christmas, Sickness and Bloganuary

Ame dropped off my gifts that went to my old house and I am grateful. She even included something from herself and her husband. But, two came without tags I know who sent the Book but not who sent the Oven Mitts so I have no idea who to thank! I Hate That!

I want to say I am feeling better but I am not sure. I have been going through sweats and headaches as well as, diarrhea today. Plus, my muscles ache. Hopefully, I will feel better, tomorrow.

While I am not officially participating in Bloganuary, I am answering a few of the questions if I find them interesting. And today’s was Who Is Your Role Model? or Who Influences You?- To be honest, my answer would be Jesus Christ! He was and is Perfect! I wish I could be as Loving, and Non-Judgemental as him. And Forgiving!

I watched a show about a survivor of the Guyana Tragedy in the 70’s who lost her Mother and Brother thanks to Jim Jones. She was happy and said her life changed when she became a Christian and forgave Jim Jones for all the murders. I was thinking, “Yeah, that’s easy to do when he is dead. It’s a lot harder than forgive those who have hurt us that are still alive”!

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How Not To Help

Yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. But, I have decided to focus on Christmas Present tomorrow since it actually Christmas Day then and forget Christmas Future. How the heck do I know what the future will bring?

I read two articles today that contradicted each other. These were news articles, by the way.

The first said the Homeless Shelters are turning people away because they are to crowded, despite the cold weather.

The 2nd said we should stop passing out bags to the Homeless with food or whatever because it deters them from going to the Shelters for help.

Okay, here’s the thing:. Most Homeless Shelters aren’t that close to each other. Plus, you just admitted you are turning people away. Most people who are begging either cannot or don’t want to walk to far away from their home base.

If I want to give a Care Package out my car (Okay, a friend’s car) window to someone in need, I will! I have given Blankets, Hats, Socks and Scarves in the past which is the same thing the Shelters give, if the people can get there.

To ask for monetary donations puts these specific groups in charge of the Homeless Situation, and if you ask me, they obviously aren’t doing that good a job, anyway!

Tonight is Christmas Eve here in the states and the child in me is coming out as it does every year and I am tracking Santa Clause on the NORAD Tracker App.

While, I am an Adult, I still like to use my imagination and listen for Reindeer Hooves and Sleigh Bells as I drift off to sleep.

I wish you all a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas Eve, however you celebrate!

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Prescription Filled

Finally! After two weeks, my doctor filled my Imatrex for my Migraines. I had to call the number on the insurance card and have them connect me to the doctor, in order to get action taken.

On Monday or Tuesday, I will be calling to switch doctors. I don’t know when or why she turned into such a Bitch! I need a closer one, anyway.

Fighting a stress headache, tonight due to that nonsense.

I usually love Christmas, but it just doesn’t feel the same, this year. I think others feel the same way. Maybe, it’s the world we live in now.

How does it feel to you?

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Hating Waiting

There are some things you don’t mind waiting for:

A Storm

An Earthquake

Getting Sick

Work Meetings

A Test At School

Then there are things you wish would hurry up:

Santa Clause To Arrive.

Your Relatives Or Friends To Visit ( if you really like them).

A Trip To Get Started.

Or, in my case:

A Prescription To Be Authorized and News Of A Friend Who Is Having Or Had Surgery.

I don’t know why my doctor is flaking on my prescription. I can’t see a Neurologist until I get it filled because I want a new Primary. Not because of this situation, but because I am a lot further away from her office and I don’t have a car. If I get someone closer, I can use the medical transportation on my plan. My doctor has really become witchy lately though, and I just don’t get it.

As far as the second issue, Cin is in surgery. for a Pacemaker. It was scheduled for 3:00 and it’s 6:00 now. Hopefully, she is almost or completely finished and waking up. I am concerned because she has some major issues with her Weight, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart… Plus, I don’t think she is a Christian. We have talked about it and she leans more Atheist or Agnostic. Being a Christian, this concerns me.

I would like to say that all will be well since she is a fighter, but, that has nothing to do with anything. There is no real fight, if it’s your time.

In my heart and gut, I really think all will be well, but in the back of my mind.. for how long? Cin is not good at following doctors directions especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

I will probably do a quick update when I hear something.

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Before Thanksgiving

It’s Official! I did the walk-through and my trailer will be delivered on Friday!

I have been sort of numb since yesterday. I’m still praying I did the right thing. I believe I did. If you think about it, it is what I was originally considering. I can save some money and maybe even get a car before I try again. You never know, the Market can turn around, but right now, everything was out of my reach.. until this. God answers prayers in mysterious ways.

I am totally looking forward to getting my girls and my privacy back. And, I am looking forward to sleeping on my own mattress, again. Most of you have probably shared a place with others before, so you know how difficult it is. Plus, where else can I live with Space Rent less than $400 and no pet deposit?

I am considering getting a Shed in order to get all my stuff out of storage soon, too. And maybe another Catio. But it’s getting cooler, and the cats don’t like it outside when it’s cold.

The picture and description at the top is the one I purchased. I will take and share some pictures of the inside, once I get it set up. I will tell you, it has a full bath with closet and a Loft type bed.

Per the title, I will probably have my babies back and be in my Thanksgiving!

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Oh Yeah, Life Goes On

“Long after the thrill of livin is gone”. But, it’s not the thrill of Livin that’s gone; it’s the thrill of living here. Not that I was thrilled about it in the first place.

Miss Kitty attacked me the other night. She may have been going after Suzy but I had just fallen asleep and she scratched my inner thigh causing blood to go everywhere.

She also chased Suzy clear into the other end of the sofa and I had to open it for her to get out. Since then, Suzy has been under Cin’s bed and doesn’t want to come out.

I am tired of sleeping on this table bed and am not happy with some of the rigid rules Cin has.

I am seriously considering an apartment even if it does have a 12 month Lease, if nothing opens here, soon.

Had a Migraine this morning. But got through the weekend without one. I would say “Oh well, it’s only the first of the week” but it’s also a Monday. Of course, I am sure the Time Change messed me up, too. I hate it and wish we all had the same time.

Sorry this Post was whiny. Actually, No, I am not. I guess I can be Sorry, I didn’t warn you, though.

I am grateful, I was/am able to afford Storage and to put my other two Fur-Children in a Pet Hotel.

I hold on to my belief that something will open up, soon.

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Fur-Children Don’t Understand

I wish I could explain to my Fur-Children what’s going on! Tara was mad at me last night for taking Suzy away.

I can’t say I blame her. She and Suzy play constantly.

Suzy is also having a time, adjusting. Cin’s cat greeted her with hisses and growls and I guess they did that all night. Suzy is so confused, she even hisses and yells at the outside cats, as well as her own reflection! She doesn’t know these two cats we put her with and it’s going to take time.

In possible good news, Cin’s Manager is dropping hints of something opening in her park in the near future. It will be small, but my babies could come back with me and we would have our own place until a Condo or Townhouse becomes available. I will keep you updated. I don’t want to mention it again, without facts, and jinx it.

I have started to analyze my feelings about this move and I would so love to be able to tell my sister and brother I did it and am in my own Condo or Townhouse. I know my family sees me as the Black Sheep and Family Fuck-Up. They still see me as a child who makes bad decisions. I am doing this move for me and to prove that they are wrong! I would love for them to be proud of me! I said Sister.. Singular..only because I don’t talk to one, but I am sure she will hear the news from the other.

I sincerely pray that God will make this dream come true!

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Good Is Coming

I know feelings fluctuate, but, I woke up believing this is going to be my week…housewise. I just have a feeling, it really might go through, this time. Please don’t comment, as, I don’t want to jinx it. You know I will keep you updated.

My new mattress arrived over the weekend and it is amazing! I got a Memory Foam during the Labor Day Sale at Mattress Firm. Now, I am just hoping my Memory Foam pillow arrives soon from Fingerhut. It’s soft on one side and firm on the other. With my Migraines, I am really hoping this helps.

I know I got a mattress from the neighbor in approximately January when she moved, but that one was used and one side literally slid like I was going to fall off the bed, so I totally needed this one! And a good mattress is a definite investment.