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UnHealth & Sad Stuff

Been having some health issues and a bit concerned. Possible kidney infection due to weird symptoms so went for labs Friday morning. It’s been almost 14 years since my Transplant and I am praying it is a minor infection, if that, verses rejection. Infection can be treated with medication modification while rejection could mean dialysis and another transplant. Prayers Please.

Then after labs, I visited J. while the cats were picked up from the rescue organization. So sad. Princess was terrified and didn’t want to get in the carrier. We chased her for like an hour to grab her. Then I found out the last time J picked her up was to spank her so she probably thought she was in trouble.

The girl that picked them up was really rude, too. But in good news, both cats are now at Petsmart waiting to be adopted and being listed as bonded so they go together.

This is Tazzy.

What’s stupid though is the organization is calling Tazzy..Alexey and Princess..Tazzy. I sent them an anonymous email asking them to please change Princesses name as she has to be confused enough. She doesn’t need more stress by being called the name of her brother.

The organization itself is pretty good, though…as, I think that’s the same organization we adopted Puma from. It’s called Foreclosed Upon Pets.

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Fishing For Info

Yesterday I talked to FS. She was fishing to see if I am still blogging. I mentioned “I don’t have the blog anymore”. meaning my old one and she goes, “So, you don’t blog at all?” I just repeated myself and changed the subject. It’s none of her business.

Only two people know I have this, but, don’t have access.

My last blog caused an extreme rift between my sister and I because she decided to spy. I refuse to let that happen again. I don’t know if it’s because I am the youngest but it’s like my family doesn’t want me to have my own thoughts and opinions. It’s stupid that I have to hide things for my own privacy. But, it’s my life

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Money Makes A Difference

A couple hundred extra really makes a Big Difference. My car payment is caught up again, and I even had enough to do some shopping, get gas, order Gluten-Ease and put enough away for Port-Of-Subs when the Gluten-Ease arrives! I try to have Port-Of-Subs at least once a month, if possible. I wish I could get a part-time job for a few extra a month but I might have to wait til after Covid.

Anyway, today was lots of errands and my Zoom call with people with different metabolic diseases. There were only like 8 of us so it wasn’t to bad this time.

Yesterday, I watched a movie called ‘The San Andreas Fault’ about a major earthquake, then I read today that Nevada had a quake so I returned the movie quickly back to my neighbor. I don’t want to be jinxed or something to cause major earthquakes. Lol.

Also, while driving down a 3 lane road today, I hear honking and see some idiot driving toward us..the wrong way. I was in the 3rd lane and he was in the first, but still. I could only pray that he didn’t cause an accident. In this instance, the street does branch weirdly and I could see how that could happen, but still..; I remember years ago I accidentally turned to get on the freeway and wound up going the wrong way. Believe me, that was one of the scariest experiences of my life and another reason I don’t drive at night or on freeways. It was night and there were no real dividers between the on and offramps.

My Aunt died, yesterday. She was in her 90’s. A wonderful woman and the only Aunt I ever knew.