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Migraines, Politics & Free Speech

As a Migraine sufferer, I trigger easily. So, I should know better then to look deeply into political news.

I am a Conservative and I am a Trump supporter. I watched a video showing or claiming to show proof that our election was rigged and hacked into by other countries.

* Now, this is Not going to become a Debate nor will I accept demeaning comments or name calling for my beliefs. This is my blog and my beliefs.

That being said, a lot of people debunk this video because of the person who created it. However, he interviewed people in positions of authority who had good points.

Here’s the thing: whether the video in question is right or wrong, why is it getting taken down from most every site it is aired on? Twitter, Facebook, etc.. If this video does not have factual evidence, as stated, why not let people watch it? I do believe the government has something to hide. I am going to remain firm in my faith and pray for our future.

That being said; I am also being careful. I love having a blog here and don’t want to lose it. This is why I am providing No specific information regarding what I am talking about. If you Follow politics, you’ll know.

Be Blessed, Stay Informed and Be Careful

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Lost A Blog Followed

I usually take Sunday off from blogging but guess what happened?

As the title states, I had to stop Following a blog site.  Why?  Because I support President Trump! 

Apparently, the blog author and her Followers do not and you aren’t allowed to have a different political stance.  She outright told me if I was a “Trumpet” to “Go Away”!  This type of thing is why people cannot live harmoniously! 

It’s a flipping blog!  People come from all life paths to read it.  If you can’t even comment to strangers, how do they think we are all going to live peacefully in person? 

She got pissed after I informed her that technically and legally Biden is not our President until the 20th.  He is President-Elect.

  I still hold onto hope that anything can happen in the meantime…probably won’t..but, it can.

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I Want To Vent, And Yet..

So, the Election is over.  Or is it?  Per the Electoral College, it is.  Yet, votes are still being counted…and recounted.  So, was this like 4 years ago where one candidate got the Popular Vote and the other got the Electoral Vote?  The Electoral College is useless now.  Maybe it made sense when it was first introduced but it needs to go away.  How are we supposed to believe every vote matters when a winner is called and the counting hasn’t stopped yet.  How can the Electoral College cast their votes if their entire district is not accounted for?  And more importantly; why did this Election hit me so hard?  I feel depressed now; as if I want to cry.

  If we get through the next 4 years, I hope President Trump runs again.  Yes, he might have a big mouth and say a few things he shouldn’t.  But, in my opinion, the man is tough and gets the job done. 

*This was my opinion and I refuse to argue, here.  You have a right to your opinion if polite and tactful.  However, this will not turn into a political argument.

  I will add one final thing, though.  Although, I may not like it.  You will not hear me use the term “Not My President” after Mr. Biden takes office.  I don’t have to agree but I have to accept.  That’s the American way.

In other news, rain is finally on the way…I hope. It was windy and cloudy today and they say we should get rain by tomorrow night. We need it.

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No Politics

I don’t want to talk about the Election except to say I don’t believe it’s over nor will be completely decided for a while.

I had something good happen today and finally received my portion of some Unclaimed Funds my mother had in some accounts. Let me go back:

A friend informed me a few years ago that there were Unclaimed Funds in my mother’s name (who is deceased) on a government website. I tracked it to some old Life Insurance Policies and forwarded the info to my brother who had Financial Power-of-Attorney. I let it go however kept checking with my brother who my sisters and I believe never followed up. My sister discovered the money still Unclaimed. After getting the paperwork from the State Controller and keeping it in my drawer for like ever, I finally got all the information and mailed the packet off last February. I am thankful that the Controller cut us separate checks and did not send me the entire lump sum to divvy out. Anyway, it isn’t much but it’s enough to stop stressing about my prescription refills so I can take them correctly, again.

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Celebrities In Politics

I don’t usually write about Politics and this isn’t for or against a specific party so am not going there, but I want your opinion on this:

The show ‘Happy Days’ is having a reunion to support Biden\Harris.  Scott Baio who portrayed Chachi is not attending because he is a Republican and because he believes the show reunion should have nothing to do with politics. 

Do you agree with Scott?  I Do!

    I grew up on Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, etc..  I would love to watch the reunion, but I do not feel it right to be required to give to a political campaign in order to watch it. 

I also wonder, does who a celebrity votes for have that much influence on people?  Example; Say you idolize Ron Howard…You’ve watched all his shows and movies, heck you even dress like him..But, you support President Trump.  Then, you discover Ron Howard supports Biden…Do you change your voting beliefs?  Do his views have that much of an affect?  This is why you need to be an adult in order to vote. So, we vote our own conscience and beliefs.

I pity our future generations if we are that easily swayed by celebrities.


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Voting Time

When I became of age to vote, there were only two parties. My mom was Republican and dad was Democrat (or vice-versa). I was afraid to choose because I didn’t want one of my parents upset with me; nor, did I really know the difference.

I remember one way I would vote if I didn’t know the candidate was to look at the position they are running for and go by their career…Example; Running for Treasurer..a Math Teacher or a Graphic Artist. I would choose the Math Teacher. As time went on, I would research every Candidate I voted for (still do) and wound up changing Parties in the process.

One thing I don’t get though, is why there are categories with just one Candidate. I mean, they are obviously going to win, so why even vote? Just slide them in and call it a day.

Also, be sure to read any state changes they want to make. They are trying to change our Constitution here in Nevada on a few things. One, being absolving Marriage as being only between a man and a woman. That’s an important topic (No, I am Not going into my views on the subject) and shouldn’t be hidden at the back of the ballot.

Anyway, please vote responsibly. Heck, Just Please Vote! We all know this is a very, important election!

I also believe ‘No Vote, No Bitch! If your Candidate doesn’t win or State Law doesn’t pass and you never even supported them or it; I don’t want to hear it.