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Luck Or Blessing

Sometimes I believe Luck can be a Blessing, but a Blessing is not always Luck.

Here’s how my day went:

While emptying the trash, I accidentally threw out my bag for the Homeless. I couldn’t get it because the Trashman had just left and I wasn’t going to climb in the dumpster. Just hoping that can of Cookies will survive and someone will find it who really needs it.

Cin and I went gambling since we had decided not to go on New Years Eve (that decision may be reversed, though) and I won over $100. We all know gambling is Luck but, the extra money can be a Blessing.

Then, I went to Port-Of-Subs after doing some minor grocery shopping. I had to go before the month is out because I knew I had a $5.00 credit for my Birthday. I was starving having not eaten since Breakfast so I got a Large which came out to $10.00. (Yes, one sandwich gives me two meals.). Imagine my surprise when I was informed I actually had a $10.00 credit on my account, so the sandwich was free! A Blessing!

On the way back to the car, I found a dime in the street. Luck. Hey, every bit, helps.

Came home and developed a killer Migraine so took my Imatrex and went down for a bit. The days ending might not be Luck or a Blessing, although I suppose it’s a Blessing to be able to feel pain and to have meds to help manage it. I accepted that ending after the good day, I had.

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Donate & Buy

Today is Friday and Cin and I went on a few errands. The PO Box, then the Goodwill.

We went to The Goodwill to drop off a bag and came back with more. Hey, they sell cheap books, what can I say? Plus I got the entire DVD Series (well, the first 7) of SAW which was awesome, and Cin got Yarn since she does Crochet, plus, Hangers, she needed. I love walking through The Goodwill as they put new inventory, out. It’s a never-ending process of revolving items. Although, the one we went to, today (on Nellis) was really empty. That’s the one I have donated most of my stuff, to.

Then, we stopped at the 99 Cents Store really quickly so I could grab some Christmas Wrap and Scotch Tape. Cin can’t hang on to stuff long enough to wrap it. Lol.

Lastly, came home and ordered Pizza.

Called and checked on Tara and Monkey today.

I am grateful they are adjusting. Although, I still miss them terribly and look forward to getting them back.

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Halloween Not Doings

I love the Decorating and Dressing Up with Costume Contests for Halloween! Things that are Not happening, this year. My decorations are in storage with no where to decorate and while I did bring one costume, Tra does not want to do anything and Cin does not want to go out at night. I might just dress up for the heck of it, but Cin doesn’t think we get many, if any, Trick-Or-Treaters here.

It’s been two days (today makes three) of peace between the cats.

Miss Kitty and Baby

Suzy has found a spot under the sofa and doesn’t want to come out, though.

Cin went out for a while today, which is great because I need the privacy!

I watched Halloween II which was totally stupid, and then tried a Virtual Halloween Ride on YouTube which was also stupid. Virtual is the only way I can do Haunted things without having a Heart Attack!

Speaking of Stupid. (I was), I will soon share about the book I am reading. I am going to finish it,soon then maybe re-donate it back where I got it.

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween, if you celebrate!

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Quiet Paper Work Day

It was quiet so I spent time sorting paperwork.

That is, until I got frustrated and said Screw It! Packing the rest in a box and vowing to get a Shredder in the future.

Speaking of boxes, I think mine are multiplying by themselves.

I counted 52, but I am sure I missed a few, and I still have the kitchen and clothes to pack! My Goodwill bag is also filling up, which is a plus, but, damn..where does all this stuff come from? I am thinking if I can put some smaller boxes in some bigger ones, it will at least bring the total down.

The one thing I will miss when I move is seeing The Stratosphere out my kitchen window at night, so, I took some pictures.


It’s the red light above one of the houses. One of the neighbors have lights up which the flash bounced off, on the far left.

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Back To Myself

I would say Back To Normal but who wants to be Normal? And, what is Normal anyway? Normal for one guy featured on ‘My Strange Addiction’ is wearing Casts even though he hasn’t broken any bones. He likes the feeling of the Cast, and loves the attention he gets.

Anyway, picked up Monkeys meds today for her appointment, found a cheaper place to Board the cats (decided to take Tara to Cin’s with me), went to the Post Office and mailed a few packages plus picked up mail and bought stamps, went gambling a bit, Albertsons and Port-Of-Subs. Plus, did a Goodwill drop-off. (Cat Bridge, Printer, Sandwich Maker, Muffin Pan and Magazine).

They lock up the Permanent Markers at Albertsons and you have to ask for assistance, which is silly. To make it worse, the employee has to take the Marker to the Cashier. You can’t carry it with you! What are they afraid of; people changing the prices in the store? It’s like a $3.00 item,not a Diamond Ring or anything that can cause harm…. except outside where people can use it for graffiti. But, it’s not like they ask what you are using it for. They will still sell it to you.

Found a possible place.. actually no, I am not going there. It isn’t possible as, I haven’t heard from my mortgage girl. Looking at rental options before actually scheduling Boarding, and getting some quotes for Movers.

Oh Yes, I also wrapped a Christmas Gift, as I wrap as soon as I buy and receive. It makes things a lot easier, that way.

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GoodWill And Good Will

No, I don’t know anyone named Will (or William) so I don’t know if he’s good. Actually, I had a boss named William who went by Bill and he was one of the best bosses I ever had, but he is deceased now.. Anyway:…

I went to the Goodwill today and donated the bags from J’s sale as well as, one of my own. Then, I bought some books. It’s much better and cheaper to buy books from The Dollar Tree or 99 Cents Store. $1.99 for a paper back is a bit ridiculous.

Then, I visited J. and dropped off an empty box, as well as, looked up the number for The Humane Society aka Animal Shelter so she can surrender her dog. I think they do have some older dogs with medical issues waiting for adoption, but, most were found as strays so..realistically, I don’t hold much hope. It’s a sad situation. Here’s the dog:


So, I guess to summarize today, I went to the Goodwill, and then did Good Will.

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Searching Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be spent searching for my Driver’s License. I seriously don’t know where it is and am going crazy…which isn’t helping. So, my plan tomorrow is to go a bit more methodical as well as, pray it shows up.

I am Not watching the Innaugeration tomorrow and really don’t care to discuss it, so forgive me in advance, if I choose to ignore those posts. I will seriously be happy if the topic of politics goes away.

My Migraine Patches arrived, today and I seriously hope they work like the reviews read. The company is VICI and they are made in the USA, Fountain Valley, CA, to be exact. They are called Mi-Grain, I believe, but they make other formulas for nerves, stress, sleep, PMS… They are all natural and I will definitely update you on if they work.

Lastly, we finished putting everything away from the Moving Sale. It’s a shame stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are not doing pick-ups due to Covid. So much good stuff is going to be picked up by dumpster. I filled two bags to donate, since I have at least one of my own to go, also.

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Creatively Homeless

Before I get into todays topic, I want to remind you that if your blog is a business or you don’t have a profile picture, I will delete you as a Follower.

The homeless population here in Vegas is pretty large. While, I won’t say it’s getting worse, they are in our faces more due to the police force breaking up their camps….which should not be allowed during Covid, but I digress..

While leaving the grocery store the other day, I had to laugh at a few of the signs. One said, “I hope you have a Happy New Year. Please help me to have one too.” But the 2nd one really caught my attention

” You don’t have to be a Baller to donate a dollar!”

I may start making my food bags to hand out my car windows again, as I saw someone else do.

God Bless You All.

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Out With Old, In With New

I read and Follow a lot of cleaning and organizing, as well as Hoarding type blogs, to keep me on track and motivated.

The Holidays are the best times to do your major cleanouts because you have no idea what you will receive. You may think you will receive nothing, but isn’t Christmas about surprises? You never know just who might be thinking of you and get you something to show it. Plus, this is also the time a lot of organizations are asking for lightly used toys, clothing and household goods.

It’s the time for Good will and Good cheer.