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Late Christmas, Sickness and Bloganuary

Ame dropped off my gifts that went to my old house and I am grateful. She even included something from herself and her husband. But, two came without tags I know who sent the Book but not who sent the Oven Mitts so I have no idea who to thank! I Hate That!

I want to say I am feeling better but I am not sure. I have been going through sweats and headaches as well as, diarrhea today. Plus, my muscles ache. Hopefully, I will feel better, tomorrow.

While I am not officially participating in Bloganuary, I am answering a few of the questions if I find them interesting. And today’s was Who Is Your Role Model? or Who Influences You?- To be honest, my answer would be Jesus Christ! He was and is Perfect! I wish I could be as Loving, and Non-Judgemental as him. And Forgiving!

I watched a show about a survivor of the Guyana Tragedy in the 70’s who lost her Mother and Brother thanks to Jim Jones. She was happy and said her life changed when she became a Christian and forgave Jim Jones for all the murders. I was thinking, “Yeah, that’s easy to do when he is dead. It’s a lot harder than forgive those who have hurt us that are still alive”!

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Christmas Present

Merry Christmas, All!

Last year with COVID, people stayed in but they really decked out their houses and yards. This year, I’ve noticed, less people are decorating. What with higher costs on housing gas plus less job stability, I think more basics are being focused on. I’ve even noticed that, in a lot of the gifts being given and received. There are more food and household gifts being given verses stuffed animals and things of that nature.

This morning was spent sharing a video chat with my (BFF’s) family in Virginia. This is my yearly tradition. I love watching them open their gifts on video; especially seeing the reactions of what I gave them. Plus, now my BFF doesn’t have to list everything she received in her next letter to me. My BFF’S family is closer then my natural family. I consider them my family and wish I lived closer, but the weather would kill me.

I ordered myself a Convection/Microwave Oven and a Wall Calendar. Most of my gifts being received are arriving late due to my address having been mixed up with the move. But, I am not a child so that’s okay. (I am a Child At Heart.). It just sort of makes the Holiday last longer.

Anyway, the cats and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, however you spend it.

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How Not To Help

Yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. But, I have decided to focus on Christmas Present tomorrow since it actually Christmas Day then and forget Christmas Future. How the heck do I know what the future will bring?

I read two articles today that contradicted each other. These were news articles, by the way.

The first said the Homeless Shelters are turning people away because they are to crowded, despite the cold weather.

The 2nd said we should stop passing out bags to the Homeless with food or whatever because it deters them from going to the Shelters for help.

Okay, here’s the thing:. Most Homeless Shelters aren’t that close to each other. Plus, you just admitted you are turning people away. Most people who are begging either cannot or don’t want to walk to far away from their home base.

If I want to give a Care Package out my car (Okay, a friend’s car) window to someone in need, I will! I have given Blankets, Hats, Socks and Scarves in the past which is the same thing the Shelters give, if the people can get there.

To ask for monetary donations puts these specific groups in charge of the Homeless Situation, and if you ask me, they obviously aren’t doing that good a job, anyway!

Tonight is Christmas Eve here in the states and the child in me is coming out as it does every year and I am tracking Santa Clause on the NORAD Tracker App.

While, I am an Adult, I still like to use my imagination and listen for Reindeer Hooves and Sleigh Bells as I drift off to sleep.

I wish you all a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas Eve, however you celebrate!

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Christmas Past

I won’t be doing Saturday Sharing until after the first so we can celebrate the Holidays. Hey, you might learn a lot during that time.

I guess I want to share about Past Christmases and how I grew up celebrating. Tomorrow, I will address the Present and Saturday, Christmas Future.

I grew up in a big two story house and my sister’s room was upstairs. The stairs were off the kitchen next to the garage door and my room was on the other end across from my parents. Christmas morning, I would run from my room (avoiding the Living Room which we mainly used during the Holidays) to my sister’s room and wake her up, then we would both go back through the kitchen (Don’t look in the Living Room) and wake up my parents, so we could all meet together.

The relatives would come and visit off and on through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and some would spend the night or even a week if they’d traveled long distance. The children could open one gift on Christmas Eve before bed and the adults would continue opening their gifts after we went to sleep. I would lay awake and listen for Santa and his Reindeer for as long as I could. And, we always left a treat for him.

I don’t know when or how I learned the truth about Santa, but even at my age, I like to keep that Wonder and Belief, even if it is pretend. …sort of.

As I grew older, I was the one (one of us) visiting my parents for Christmas Eve.. opening presents and maybe attending Midnight Mass.

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Bad To Good

Friday was bad and Friday night was worse. Developed a stress headache from fighting for my medication which turned into a Migraine. Full Blown, Nausea..the works! Yesterday morning I called to get medicine delivered only to be told they don’t deliver on weekends. Called everyone I could think of. Finally, my Handyman (Lin) came through. What A Blessing! Needless to say, I took a whole pill ( I am supposed to take half when a headache starts) and woke up about four hours later feeling normal again. I am Definitely calling tomorrow to get a new doctor!

I woke up to some packages at my door and in my mailbox! The first was from my Reddit Secret Santa! It’s the Final One.. which is sad..but a different group on Reddit is trying to get another one started by next year. Anyway, I got this from my Wishlist!

Bloody, Horror themed bottom sheet! I love it! I know I will be the only one that sees it on the bed, and it’s to cold right now for sheets (sleeping on a comforter) but it totally fits my house theme.

The 2nd gift was a Birthday present from TXFriend (some of you know her by another name, here)..she got me a box full of snacks like Red Hot Candy Canes and Razzles plus a book she’s read and recommended.

Anyway, today is a new day and I am going to visit Cin!

A neighbor knocked on the door a while ago and took me to get some free cat food so I picked up a bag for Cin, too. Gotta pass the Blessings.

I also listened to an audio sermon about Christmas. I hope to start attending church again, soon.

To those of you going on trips this week, Merry Christmas! To the rest of you, I’ll still be here blogging away.

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Prescription Filled

Finally! After two weeks, my doctor filled my Imatrex for my Migraines. I had to call the number on the insurance card and have them connect me to the doctor, in order to get action taken.

On Monday or Tuesday, I will be calling to switch doctors. I don’t know when or why she turned into such a Bitch! I need a closer one, anyway.

Fighting a stress headache, tonight due to that nonsense.

I usually love Christmas, but it just doesn’t feel the same, this year. I think others feel the same way. Maybe, it’s the world we live in now.

How does it feel to you?

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Good & Bad

Let’s start with the Bad and get it over with:

The Manager still doesn’t have access to the places yet and it probably won’t be before Thanksgiving.

I have to take Suzy in for her Vaccines today and get her in the Hotel with her sisters! She is peeing all over, and we can’t do this, anymore! At least by doing this, it will help the stress with Cindy and me…but….

Good News:

Well, not really…But… I have to find positivity, somewhere.

We went to Macaroni Grill the other night and it was delicious! There is only one here in Vegas.. which is a bummer because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. Cindy didn’t like anything there though. Some people have more of a refined pallet, then others.

Most of my Christmas Shopping is done and some is already mailed. They say to mail early but the gifts I sent were through Amazon.

My Bible Study group is planning a Brunch and gift exchange which will be fun. We are going to play the Exchange Game and I got a really cool wooden notebook and pen set to give. Hey, everyone likes to write!

I am still keeping my options open with low income housing or even an apartment, at this point. Please Keep Praying?

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A-Z Challenge-Z = Zzz

This Challenge is over so, I am closing out my coverage and thoughts on Christmas. But, before I do, Zzz is a Scrabble word to describe snoring and sleep.

Anyway, let’s end this, shall we?

Presents have been opened, food has been eaten and guests are gone. Time to box up the decorations and take down the lights and tree until next year. If you went on a trip, you have returned and it’s back to normal life. If you stayed home, it’s once again time to clean before resuming your daily schedule. Some people look forward to going back to work after their Winter break.

All is quiet, now and you need a nap. You deserve it. Good-Night. Zzz.

And tomorrow is back to my True Life Blog on Monday through Saturday’s. I hope you have enjoyed this and look forward to doing it again next year. I wonder what my topic should be? Maybe, Halloween…..

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A-Z Challenge-Y = Yankee Swap

Are you ready to learn how to play a cool, party game?

This game has many names and many ways to play. One name for it is Yankee Swap and that’s how I am referring to it since we are on the letter Y. This game is not only played at Christmas, but can be played at other occasions, too.

Here is how I/you/most people play:

Get a group together and have each person bring a wrapped gift. Set a budget or bring something from home.. this is where you can get rule creative. When the person arrives, put the gift on the table and give the person a number. Don’t number the gifts. Once everyone has arrived and has numbers, the game can start. The amount of gifts will equal the amount of people, unless you bring extra.. just in case. Person 1 picks their gift and opens it. Yay, it’s a clock!..No, it does not have to be a clock. It probably won’t be. Let’s not get overly literal, here… 2nd person gets called, they can take the clock…or whatever it is… or open a new gift. If they take the clock…or whatever it is…, Person 1 opens a new gift..and so on .until all gifts are off the table. Gifts can be swapped 3x and once you have had a gift in your hands, you can’t get it back.

Some people don’t like this game, but, I think it’s fun! We played it at my Wedding Shower, though and my relatives were holding on to everything so when my turn came, I turned to my new Aunt and said, “I love you Aunt Jod, but I really love your candle.” and took it; thereby causing her to Swap. My mother got annoyed saying I was terrible and should not have done that because I was the Bride; but, that’s how you play the game!

Usually, you get some funny and some serious gifts, which is what makes it even more fun. At my church Swap, someone even brought a Betta Fish with bowl and food.

So, now you have a new party game to try! I hope you play it, sometime and find it fun.

And tomorrow is Z. The last letter of the alphabet. Endings always make me sad.

But, don’t worry, I have come up with tomorrow’s word, and will do this again next year.

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A-Z Challenge-X = Xmas

This might be short and to the point, but … The term is Christmas not Xmas.

Xmas is a slang term for those who don’t believe, don’t care, and/or are to lazy to write or say the entire word. I haven’t heard of a slang term for Easter, although, Thanksgiving can be “Turkey Day”. There’s a reason we say ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’. It isn’t all the religious meaning. It’s also the fact we hate the term ‘Xmas’ so, please stop!

*Had COVID #2 vaccine last Monday… Moderna.. and finally feeling better. Although, worn out now after my walk. It was more of a flu this time with chills. Got lots of sleep and drank a lot of fluids, plus, might take a nap,now.

Tomorrow is Y and I am going to teach you all how to play a Christmas game! You might know it. Some people hate it, while others, like me, think it’s fun.

Stay Tuned