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Apple Prompt

The Prompt or word of the week at Confusing Middle is Apple. Before I get to it, why don’t you check out the Blog? It’s very interesting and fun. Tell him, Venus sent you. Then, Come Back!

As most of you know, I love to read. Mainly True Stories but a few Fiction Series, as well. The-Flowers-In-The Attic series is one of my favorites. For those of you who don’t know, it’s about 4 children who live in the attic of their Grandparents house and how they escape..or not..but, the books go further to afterwards and when the children grow up and have families of their own. ….What the heck does this have to do with Apples?..I’m glad you asked. Well, actually I am getting there….. In one of the books, a child gets a puppy and names it ‘Apple’! That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read the Prompt. No, I am not going to tell you what happens to Apple or the children in later years. You need to read the books.

I’ve been sick today and almost went to the hospital. Okay, No, I just really considered it. It is mainly bronchial but with a sore throat, sinus and a terrible headache that wouldn’t quit. But, it finally did, and I took Mucinex, which I think helped a bit. Oh well..I was just thinking that I haven’t been sick in a while and it’s not like I had major (or any) plans this weekend.

Oh, and in case I forgot. Look what came yesterday!

I think it’s the most expensive pillow I have ever had. It’s Sealy with soft, Memory Foam on one side and Firm on the other. I think they call it ‘Alternative Memory Foam”.

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The Last Olympic Games

This is the last Olympic based Blogger Game about Paul at The Captain’s Speech. This time, the questions are True Or False about Him. Once again, I encourage you to check out his blog at ‘Captain’s Speech’ and once again, my answers are in Bold:

1. I used to have two pet fish named “Fish E.” and “Binoculars”.
A) True
B) False

2. I got lost in an Olive Garden (the restaurant).
A) True
B) False

3. I found $5 in a book at the public library.
A) True
B) False

4. I was vacuuming the house at Age 3.
A) True
B) False

5. I fell in a puddle at recess in elementary school.
A) True
B) False

6. I don’t drink coffee.
A) True
B) False

7. I keep a lucky penny in my sock.
A) True
B) False

8. I prefer to use a pencil instead of a pen.
A) True
B) False

9. I like cauliflower with tomato sauce.
A) True
B) False

10. I normally eat dinner after 7PM.
A) True
B) False

And now, a few questions from Paul, but I might not answer them all…See what I did there?  They are:

Did you have any pets? Have you ever gotten lost? Have you ever found money? Are you a cleaner? When was the last time you fell? Do you drink coffee? Do have any superstitions? What do you like to write with? What cooked vegetables do you like? When do you eat dinner?

My blogs official name is CatsandCoffee and my blogs title is Midlife Cat Lady so, Yes, I have pets. 3 beautiful cats! I had 4 but lost Puma to Liver Failure last February. I had to throw that in because I still miss her! I have always been an animal person having had Dogs, Cats, Hamsters and Fish growing up! I answered the Coffee question also, this way. I can’t start my day without Coffee. I do go to Starbucks once in a while for my Vanilla Latte with two extra pumps Vanilla, but not to often.

Am I a Cleaner? I’ll take the 5th. Lol. Actually, I do clean but I could probably do better. My mother was like model home level clean and I prefer more the Lived-In Look.

I am very klutzy so I Fall a lot. I don’t remember the last time, though.

No, I am not Superstitious. I believe in God and really think Superstition comes from the other side.

I prefer Pens verses Pencils. Especially, Pens with Purple Ink!

When Do I Eat Dinner? – Well, the good thing about being an Adult and living alone is, I eat when I am hungry. Although, I try not to eat a full meal to late and to cut Caffeine off, early.. unless I am out somewhere super late since Caffeine keeps me awake.

Cooked Vegetables? – I love steamed Cauliflower, Frozen (defrosted and cooked obviously) Peas & Carrots, Corn On The Cob, steamed Artichokes…I could probably go on..but it just makes me hungry.

Anyway, I look forward to more Blogger Games in the future and am looking forward to seeing the final scores after this one.


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Prompt ‘Neighbors’

A blogging friend at ConfusingMiddle here on WordPress has given the prompt of Neighbors, this week. If you haven’t checked out their blog yet, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, Moving Forward:

Years ago, they sang a song on Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood titled; “Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood.” The song was a bit off, though, because it focused on the Postman, the Policeman, and the Milkman. It made no reference to the Drug Addict, The Hoarder, or the Crazy Cat Lady…Not just me.

I think your Neighbors are the ones who live near you. In my case, in the mobile home park, I live in. If you live in an apartment complex, it’s those residents. The ones in the immediate vicinity of where you live.

I have talked a bit about my Neighbors, as some have become friends; like J. who is moving. Speaking of which, it is now Official, and she will be out and probably gone, next week.

Be sure and tell me if you sang the song I mentioned, and if you have it stuck in your head now

You’re Welcome!

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It’s Complimentary

Every week, my friend at ConfusingMiddle gives us a prompt of sorts, and this week is Compliment. Technically, it was last weeks since the new prompt is tomorrow. But, I digress.

The other day, while grocery shopping, a gentlemen said, “I like your hair!”…I don’t because the color is coming out but am waiting til it’s warmer to update it because you have to use cold water to rinse it if you want the color to stay. Yes, I am aware that was a run-on sentence. Take a breath and deal with it…. During the same shopping trip, another gentlemen said, “That outfit looks really nice.” I was wearing black leggings with a silver stripe down one leg and a black shirt with a cat in the middle. Anyway, those Compliments from unknown people really made me smile.

I prefer compliments that are legit and not forced, and I am not afraid of giving them, either.

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Searching Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be spent searching for my Driver’s License. I seriously don’t know where it is and am going crazy…which isn’t helping. So, my plan tomorrow is to go a bit more methodical as well as, pray it shows up.

I am Not watching the Innaugeration tomorrow and really don’t care to discuss it, so forgive me in advance, if I choose to ignore those posts. I will seriously be happy if the topic of politics goes away.

My Migraine Patches arrived, today and I seriously hope they work like the reviews read. The company is VICI and they are made in the USA, Fountain Valley, CA, to be exact. They are called Mi-Grain, I believe, but they make other formulas for nerves, stress, sleep, PMS… They are all natural and I will definitely update you on if they work.

Lastly, we finished putting everything away from the Moving Sale. It’s a shame stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are not doing pick-ups due to Covid. So much good stuff is going to be picked up by dumpster. I filled two bags to donate, since I have at least one of my own to go, also.

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Plant Story

I am feeling better today and have decided I don’t want to hear much more about politics for a bit. I am tired of stressing over what’s beyond my control.

This main post will cover a few memories regarding Houseplants. My blogger friend at Confusing Middle gives a different word or topic to post about every Wednesday. I highly recommend you check out the blog.

Anyway, Moving Forward:

I had a small plant that refused to die. I usually kill plants so it finally became my challenge. This plant fell off the balcony at least twice and ran out of water for a long time. Don’t remember what finally happened to it, but actually considered writing a book with that title.

The 2nd memory goes back to when I was a teenager/young adult. My parents went away and asked me to water the plants while they were gone. Now, my mother had fake plants right next to real ones. Needless to say, when they returned, one of them said to me “We really appreciate you watering the plants.” I said, “No problem.” and I believe the response was, “I guess not because Fake Plants Don’t Grow!”

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Guilty Timing

I woke up this morning thinking I hadn’t been on here in forever and feeling guilty, but it turns out, I posted 3 days ago.  I just hadn’t caught up with those I Follow in over a week.  So, I just did that.

  I made phone calls to over 30 members of church and had to do that in 3 days time. Plus, I’ve been watching Christmas movies…Surviving Christmas, The Snowman,A Charlie Brown Christmas, Pete The Cat Christmas, The Christmas Shoes and It’s A Wonderful Life; to be exact.  I’ve also been reaching out to friends and family. 

Yesterday, itself, was quiet.  I participated in a Zoom call with my BFF and her family, then watched part of our Christmas church service before developing a Christmas Migraine. Migraines don’t stop or pay attention to the Holidays.

Anyway, it’s the day after. Time to clean the house and prepare for the upcoming year. Didn’t decorate much so not a lot to put away.

It’s more the nitty, gritty basic cleaning I need to get back to.

Christmas is not necessarily about gifts but I need to share my favorite gift received. It came from L. who leads our Bible Study which we’ve titled Women-Of-Wisdom (WOW). She knew I needed a Study Bible and she went all out. I am so blessed!

Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas Day.

*If your gift hasn’t arrived from UPS, please have patience. My friend hasn’t received hers and it has been 14 days. I pray for the employees, at this very, busy, time.

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Things Not To Say

Before I get into this topic, I want you to know that I cannot see images in your posts, at present. I will definitely catch up on those when I can. Going back to MetroPCS on the 13th when I get paid.

Now for tonight’s thoughts: When someone dies, say you’re sorry or you’ll pray for them but not “They lived a long life. ” That is not helpful even if the statement is accurate. The person is now gone. This does not help the grieving family, it is a simple fact they already know. Here’s another one; I asked for prayers today and posted on Facebook that I am and have been sick. Someone said, “Get better. ” Not, “I hope or pray you get better. ” Seriously, that’s lazy. I wanted to retort with I changed my mind, I want to stay sick.

We need to think a bit before we say things especially when it comes to empathy for others issues.