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No Return

So Annoyed.

So, I go to Best Buy ( I know someone who calls it Worst Buy) to return/exchange the DVD Set (refer to yesterday’s Post, please) to discover they won’t take it back because I took the plastic off the case. Well, let’s see, they double wrapped it, so I could not read the back until I got the movie out, then discovered it was the wrong movie!

Needless to say, I gave the movie/show series to Cin, and will order what I really want when I get paid!

This sucks, though…and to make it worse, after talking to the Customer Service Guy and the Manager, I was near tears when leaving and they said, “Have A Nice Day!”.

Seriously? Someone should punch them in their faces for that!

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Getting The Right Movie

My favorite Horror Movie is Friday-The-13th, and a friend sent me the entire series for Christmas. The problem was, it was Blue Ray/Digital and I have a regular DVD Player. So, I took it to Best Buy where they gave me a refund on a Gift Card and suggested I order it online. They even pointed out which one to get! So, I order it and after a week or more of waiting, it arrived! But…

This isn’t the Horror Movie! Sure, it’s called Friday-The-13th and it even says “The Series”, but, where’s Jason? I read the back and it’s about people who run an Antique Shop who sell weird items. Turns out, this is a television show with same name! What The Heck? Why would they do that?

Needless to say, I was not amused. So, I called Best Buy Customer Service and I am going tomorrow to return this and get another refund to order the right one. The good news is, it is a lot cheaper and I will probably be able to afford another movie, also.

FYI- The television show was originally called, ‘The 13th Hour’ until they changed it, which in my opinion, was a horrible call.

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Prescription Filled

Finally! After two weeks, my doctor filled my Imatrex for my Migraines. I had to call the number on the insurance card and have them connect me to the doctor, in order to get action taken.

On Monday or Tuesday, I will be calling to switch doctors. I don’t know when or why she turned into such a Bitch! I need a closer one, anyway.

Fighting a stress headache, tonight due to that nonsense.

I usually love Christmas, but it just doesn’t feel the same, this year. I think others feel the same way. Maybe, it’s the world we live in now.

How does it feel to you?

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Prescription Delivery & Tonight

Smiths will deliver your Prescriptions for a $5.00 fee but you have to call each time and it might only be during COVID-19. For someone without transportation, this could be a problem. I am going to call my insurance soon to see what they suggest.

Went to Cin’s tonight for Lasagna and to say Goodbye to her daughter and family. The girls finally opened up to me. FYI- I had my own Lasagna (Vegetarian) while they had theirs. The bread was terrible, though. It was Texas Toast but nothing like I have had before. It was really grainy.

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Brunch And Doctor Stress

FS took me to Port-Of-Subs for lunch today which was nice. Then, we went to Walmart since I was out of bottled water. With my immune system issues, I don’t drink tap crap.

I discovered my doctor signed the form releasing me from Jury Duty but I was supposed to pick it up! Nobody told me that and it is 7 days away! I am now panicking because I don’t want to just not go and have a Warrant for my arrest. Plus, I don’t have a car and am not healthy enough to deal with it. I immediately called the doctors office to see if they will send it directly to the court house or overnight it here so I can get a picture to do the court to solve this! The doctors office should have texted or called me to tell me this, NOT just put it on their App that I don’t check that often.

I swear, Doctors can really give you stress!

It’s no wonder I get Migraines!

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A Small Annoyance

I got a bit annoyed this morning when Cin announced that she is having a Date come over tomorrow night. He doesn’t arrive until around 11:30 when he gets off work which means I would have to stay up and dressed a lot later then I am used to. She assured me she told him I was here and we could just watch movies. Truthfully, I feel this was disrespectful. This place is a small trailer and my bed is the kitchen table. There is hardly room for two people to walk around, let alone three, plus, she didn’t ask me how I felt about it. Needless to say, I reached out to some friends and am going to stay with C. from my Bible Study, tomorrow night. She is a Flutist and is going to take me to her Rehearsal, first. I may wait in the car and phone some friends… since I don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, while here. She also has a Bathtub and I Miss my baths! I believe the excitement … or Roommate experience is really wearing off for both Cin and myself.

Suzy freaked out tonight which she has never done before! I went to kiss her and she flipped and scratched me on the face. I think she was focusing on one of Cin’s cats and didn’t see me coming close, or maybe I accidentally laid on her somewhere. Anyway, it was probably my fault and I only got a few, minor, scratches. I really don’t think she realized she had gotten me, and she did put her paw on me to touch me, afterwards.

Checked on Monkey and Tara, today. They are both doing well and Tara was playing with the clip on her cage (Pardon me, “Cottage” ) bar. I told them that it is her Birthday and to please remind her that I love and miss her. (Yes, I know it’s a Cat. Shut-Up!)

I know this Post was supposed to be about Tara, but, I have lots of time for that. I had to share my reaction to Cin’s Date announcement. Truthfully, if I were Cin, I would meet him at a hotel or something if someone was staying with me. Or, at least talk to the friend or whoever is staying, first, to see how they felt about it.

I am grateful for my Bible Study Group who are willing to help each other in times of need. I don’t even care if I get the couch.

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Tomorrow Should Be Colorful

Today was nice, but the Manager Bitch should really shut her mouth! She told my Buyer that I am a month late on water! First of all, that’s not true! I called the office and spoke to someone else there, plus, how can I be late if the water is included with the Space Rent? And secondly, even if I were, you don’t tell the Buyer that! As I think I mentioned, there are 6 places for sale, here! That should tell the Management Company that something is wrong!

I am trying a new hair color, tomorrow as, I am sort of starting over. It’s the same brand, but the colors are awesome!

It probably won’t turn out exactly like the model, but I plan to have some fun with it.

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Manager, Pillow & Cat

My Park Manager is so annoying!

After having to ask someone to move the mattress from the front next to the house, I had to ask a neighbor today to move it back to the front NOT against the tree (God forbid my one old mattress makes the park look crappier then it already does) because the Junk Guy comes around, tomorrow. I hope he takes the mattress even if it’s laying down!

*I wrote a letter to the Mobile Home Park Management Company telling them about the Manager, here! No, I did not sign it or put a return address except as “A Park Resident”. It may not help, but it can’t hurt.

My Pillow from Fingerhut is on the way. I swear, that thing has traveled more than I have, in the last few days. HA! Mississippi, Texas and now it’s in Arizona. I wish it would get here. It’s been a terrible month for Migraines and I am really praying it helps…along with my new Mattress.. which I seriously Love!

Ending on a note to make you smile!

Most cats catch mice. My Suzy cat sleeps in them

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Annoyed Today

No, I didn’t wake up that way.

This morning I received an email from my Park Manager about the old mattress I had leaning against a tree that I had to move ASAP because it doesn’t make our park look good. There is a lot more than mattresses in front of people’s houses, but whatever…so I dragged it as far as I could; before asking a neighbor to help me move it by my trash cans. We have a guy pick up discarded furniture, etc every other Thursday, so, I might have to put it out again tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Ugh!

But, to make matters worse, the Manager said someone stole the Buyers Application for my house! Pardon the french,but..What The Fuck!?? The Buyers put the Application in the office Mailbox which is in the Door! How the Hell can someone steal that!? Knowing the Manager, she probably threw it away. I would like to ask her tomorrow, after they resubmit it, if she will be kind enough to put a rush on it since it was “Stolen”, but, I am afraid that might backfire.

I am just concerned on the timing. I know of one place opening in the park Cin is in and if I miss that, I don’t know what will open in October.

I am trying not to stress, but.. Please keep those prayers coming, if you do that.

In good news, I signed up to be a Rematcher for Secret Santa and my person received the first part of their gift today! I really hope they like it and I also hope they get my sense of humor.

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Crazy Ass Buyers

The lady who is helping…more like Making the guy buy my place…is a Whack Job.

When they came over to pay the rest of the Down Payment, she kept answering for him, not letting him get a word in. I finally said, ” I haven’t heard from him at all!”. I looked at him and said, “Do you like the house?”. She kept saying, it doesn’t matter.”He needs to be on his own.”. Yet, she is the one planning to fix it up. She also stated to me later that if her boyfriend died, she can move here with this guy. Supposedly, the reason she is making this guy move is because he is causing problems between her and her boyfriend. Whatever.

What gets me is they did Nothing today so the process won’t even get started until Tuesday or Wednesday and I am really at a standstill until I know he is approved by the park. Even, if I found a place, I couldn’t jump on it! I really hope he/they? get approved so I can move on.

Oh, and when I asked what she did, she had fun touting how much she does for others and what a wonderful person, she is. Yeah, No conceit, there.

As for the guy? I kinda feel sorry for him. I really don’t think he wants to move anywhere so he drags his feet, hoping her idea will go away.

Unfortunately, as a Seller, this puts me in a really, bad, spot.

Oh well, God blessed me with Patience for a reason, and here is one time, I need to master it.

Oh, More proof she’s crazy and a control freak. Whackjob is not into animals and didn’t give the cats the time of day… despite Susy’s begging for attention.. until Susy jumped on my counter. Then, she picked her up and put her on the floor saying “Get down, Kitty”. I was like, “She’s allowed up there.” and Whackjob said, “Oh, I didn’t know.”. She is lucky I was shocked. What right did she have to touch my cat without my permission? She pretty much crossed the line by picking her up and reprimanding her.

I will be quite glad when this is over and we have all moved on.