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Nightmares & Busy

Why do they call them Nightmares? I get the Night part but horses or Mares have nothing to do with it. And what causes these things? Last night, I had Nightmares almost all night and even woke myself up once as I was being choked…in my Nightmare. I woke myself up with a scream, but it must not have been to loud because the cats stayed asleep.

Then, I finally woke up with a Migraine this morning. This one was weird as, I was a bit disoriented and when I opened Tuna for the cats, the water from the can went everywhere. Ugh. So after that, I went back to bed with an Imatrex.

Anyway, here’s what I accomplished today.

Went to bank so rent paid through February and debts paid off. Exchanged my Friday-The-13th series (Blue Ray & Digital) received for Christmas for a Best Buy Gift Card. Then ordered the same series and ‘The Making of A Serial Killer’ online with a few bucks to spare. Mailed Tra’s Christmas/Birthday Gifts since we won’t be getting together for a while. Went to Storage Facility and changed to a smaller storage unit saving me $30. a month. Transferred everything from old storage unit to new. Plus, brought an outside Trunk home to use, and donated a few things to the Green Room The Storage Facility has a room they use where people donate and take stuff. When storage facilities aren’t paid, the stuff gets put in there, or when people move in or out, they can take things they need and leave things they don’t. The room is called The Green Room because it is painted Blue. The Trunk is mine. I donated a small table, a desk stool and a nightstand/end table that is nice but I dropped it, so the back might need to be nailed on and a new Dryer Vent.

*Let’s see how many of you missed that, if you actually admit it. Lol

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go to the DMV and get some stuff accomplished, there.

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Almost Clear

I have been totally making progress at unpacking boxes. Only 5-6 more to go! I have also been repacking a few to put back in Storage. But, I am going to get a smaller storage unit now, and save some money. I am seriously Not planning on living here, forever and don’t want to have to start from scratch when I move again.

Looking forward to getting paid on Wednesday, as, I have a lot of things to get done including paying the Rent for January and February. I am super thankful to have a caring and lenient Manager, here.

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better and got a lot organized, today. Also, went out with Cin for a bit since I need to eat a bit better and to have a little bit of fun after being sick for a week.

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Possible Exposure

No, I don’t mean Camera!

For the last few days, Cin and I have both been sick with sinus issues. Hers is mainly a runny nose, while mine is a scratchy throat, sinus headaches, fatigue, sweating,… Last night Cin called to tell me Ben’s family have COVID. I haven’t seen Ben since Christmas but Cin has and he spent time with his family the day after we got together with him for dinner. I have spent time with Cin. Needless to say, she is getting a COVID Test per her doctor and I bought a Home Kit which should arrive in a few days.

The other issue I am having is my old Primary who is Not filling the Anti rejection I Need! I have signed up with a new doctor and Pharmacy so I am going to call the Pharmacy and double check the price of Home Delivery before calling the new doctor. I pray he will simply call it in.

I got the toilet unclogged today. It’s funny the little things you can do by yourself when you have to. I borrowed a tool from the neighbors. Turns out it was actually the pole for their awning. But, I ordered an actual Toilet Snake.

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Day Out

It wasn’t the best day to go out, but H. picked me up and took me on a few errands.

We went to the Post Office where I got all my Christmas Gifts mailed off to my BFF and her family. (my family doesn’t want gifts from Anyway, I am closer to her family and am the Godmother to her son so I consider myself her sister and her childrens’ Aunt)., The Goodwill where we walked around and H. found some sweaters. Her family decided to only buy used this year for gifts. Nothing new. And, from The Goodwill, and the bank where I got money for the Handyman who is coming tomorrow, got change for laundry, changed my pin # and updated my address. I also met a nice girl (the Teller) who lives like 5 streets away from here.

The weather was bad with wind and rain but when I got home I did a load of laundry before staying inside.

My small, portable Heater arrived tonight and it was amazing!

Prayers for tomorrow, please, as Cin is going in for her Pacemaker. It’s at 1:30 in the afternoon. I will keep you updated.

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Birthdays & Normal Days

I guess when you get older, Birthdays don’t mean much to others, which is a bit sad.

I talked to Cin twice today and even suggested taking Uber or Lyft to meet her and her children at the hotel. She is going to be having surgery on Friday and is staying in the hotel with them until then. Not only did she Never wish me a Happy Birthday but was to busy to call back never mind getting together.

I did hear from my Bible Study girls and one of them even gave me $10.00.

I also heard from my Bro and Sis #1. Sis #2 and I are not speaking so I guess that includes Birthday texts. Plus, FS and one other friend.

Tomorrow I am going to Brunch with FS. It’s weird though, because usually when someone takes you out for your Birthday, they ask where you want to go NOT assume you want a Sub Sandwich just because it’s your favorite place, but whatever. I am still grateful for the meal.

Thursday, H from Bible Study is going to take me on some errands and Friday Lin (my Handyman) is coming over to install a bench which should help with storage.

Today was quiet. I took a nice shower and washed my hair in the bathroom by the office, fed Cin’s cats (which I will be doing for a few days), organized my closet a bit and emptied a box.

Also, ordered a Space Heater (since my wall one isn’t working) and some Leggings.

I am 57 today and as one friend pointed out, Birthdays are for celebrating the time we’ve lived so far, not the time we are going to.

No wonder I feel old.

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My Family Is Back

Picked up Monkey and Tara today! It’s so good to have them back! Monkey was a royal Bitch at first, but she is adjusting and wants loads of pets and kisses, now. Tara is great!

My new Manager told me some story about my neighbor chasing off a homeless person and me having to move stuff from in front of my house, faster. Truthfully, I think the story is crap but I am trying to put things in some sort of order as fast as I can. Here is the latest:

You will notice we set the cat tree up and I have a pathway.

I would prefer she just tell me if she wants me to move stuff faster.

The final Secret Santa on Reddit is happening and thankfully, the person I had was easy to buy for.

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Saturday Sharing

This is the part of my Blog where I share things I have learned or relearned during the week and everyone participates by sharing what they learned, in the comments.

This week, I’ve learned that I can accomplish things I never thought I could before. I’ve also learned to continue focusing on Prayer and I will be blessed.

My original Handyman (Lyn) checked out my place today and is going to start working on Monday. He thinks it won’t take to long. My problem now is finances. I am considering a Loan but don’t know where to go. Dollar Loan Center and most others like it are way to high on Interest. Any suggestions?

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Weekend Working, Etc

We have done a lot of work on my RV and I found a Handyman who is willing to help. But, he is actually going to give us guidance and maybe do the floor. Cin and I are doing most of it.

Table Set – Gone, Couch – Gone, Crappy Headboard, A Few Valances and Wall Mirror – Gone, Carpet Downstairs From Bedroom – Gone, Some Wallpaper Stripped, and Wall Cabinet Doors – Gone

In other news, I hope I am not like Cin when I am 63. Little things become Big issues ( like the possible Social Security Check Date Change) and her patience runs thin really easily.

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Sharing Saturday

Good Afternoon,

This is the part of my blog where I Share what I have learned during the week and you join in with your comments. You can Share about anything at all!

Anyway, this week, I have learned that I am stronger than I thought. Both independent wise and physically. I have been making some major decisions lately which is financially responsible and look what Cin and I did, today!

That used to be the table and bench set.

One of the neighbors has offered to help on a few things, but I am proud of what we have accomplished, so far!

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Monkey’s Day

My poor Monkey has had a rough time for a bit.

In order to see the doctor, she has to have Gabapentin, first. Last night was a minor struggle, but I got it in her without injury. Today was a different story.

She was struggling and dug her claws in my arm as Cin squirted the med in her mouth, between hisses. But we did it, and she didn’t really wake up until appointment time. Then, they had to give her something to put her out for a few minutes in order to do her nail trim.

Anyway, at least everything is updated and only one more med giving to go, for her trip for her vacation!

I noticed the top picture made her look injured, but I double checked and she is okay. It’s just the lighting.

I am going to continue to refer to this as “Vacation” for Monkey and Tara. I am in no way giving them up and we will be reunited as soon as possible! Plus, if I think of it any other way, I start to stress and feel guilty, especially when last night Tara put her paw on my arm, and for the last few days, both have been sleeping on either side of me.