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Missed Yesterday

Hey Guys,

Sorry I missed, yesterday. May as well be honest and say I forgot until it was to late. I didn’t forget thinking of you; just the writing part.

Still debating on which way to go when I sell this place.. Another mobile home or a Travel Trailer. Either way, I need cheap to no space rent.

The wind is back in force which doesn’t help my sinuses or Migraines especially when I have to walk to the mailboxes.

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Weather & Migraine Day

Windy Weather equals sinus issues which equals Migraines.  For most Migraine sufferers, most any change can cause a Migraine.

  Woke up coughing and sneezing last night before getting hit with a Migraine this morning.  Of course that means I took a Migraine pill then slept for 3 hours; so technically my day started around 3. What sucks about Migraines and sleep is that your body clock gets totally thrown off.

I have to admit I am a bit concerned with my Migraines and my upcoming Covid Vaccine…which is on Monday…I have heard the vaccine can cause headaches.

I took a picture of the moon tonight. The sky is clear and the moon is interesting…it has sort of an orb around it.

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Out In The Rain

Got out today, despite the rain.  And it rained pretty good, at times. 

C. took me to pick up my glasses and the reading aspect is amazing!  The distance, I am still getting used to.

Then we went to Port-Of-Subs where I picked up food before coming home and starting on my 100 piece puzzle.

It’s the top one of the two calicoes.  The bottom one is 250 pieces.  I think I will do okay with this as, I’ve already got the frame and a few of the middle pieces together and I believe doing puzzles keeps your mind sharp with problem solving or logic.  Gotta double check on that. 

Not to concerned with the cats knocking the puzzle over while in progress because I have it hidden so well, I’ll bet you can’t even see it.

I’ll give you a hint: It’s not in the puzzle box. Can you guess?

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Migraines & Laundry

Seriously, it was a double Migraine day with only a few hours of relief in between. I could make excuses for the reasons like the weather. But, there really are none. I was blessed with Migraines as my major trial.

In good news, I am going to purchase a stacked washer/dryer and my handyman is going to install it this coming weekend (I hope.) It will be nice to have one, again.

I was going to add something else..but my brain is a bit slow. I’m sure it will come to me, eventually. In the meantime, hope you all have a good night.

*Reminder- If you are a business I have no interest in,
privately selling something or do not have a semi-normal profile photo; I Will Block You From Following Me. until you get the hint.

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Psychology & Weather Today

This morning was fun. I got to take a Psychology Test via Zoom. I have been volunteering for a lot of research to help find medications and ways to cure my metabolic disease.

Then, I got a Migraine which I thought was from test nerves, but could be from anything.

The wind is crazy tonight and will be until around 4 in the morning.

I didn’t sleep well last night so it is going to be an early one, tonight.

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Life Adjustments

I don’t need to tell you when it’s a quiet day because that’s most every day.

Finished Daniel in Bible Study but are going to review a bit next week since it coveted a lot.

It was weird washing my hair, as very little shampoo is needed and the whole wash and dry process has been cut down by about a half hour.

Even though I probably wouldn’t..there are times I think, it would be a nice day for a ride..then I remember I don’t have a car. This is an adjustment.

B. was going to put the Washer & Dryer in the house, tomorrow..but, he has Cancer and now a Hernia; so I told him not to worry about it, and called my Handyman who will be here, next week.

It was nice and chilly this morning, then got really windy in the afternoon. Sometimes, staying inside isn’t so bad.

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Bad Purchase, Etc..

I hope this month is better migraine-wise but I doubt it, with our weather pattern.

The Pillow I got was the worst thing I have ever slept on!

Woke up with radiating pain in the back of my neck. It doesn’t conform or flatten at all and I don’t have a receipt to return it. Thank God, it was less then $10.00.

Spent some time with J (and C. and B) yesterday, then returned to a text that my 16 year old Godson was in ER for an Appendectomy. Thankfully, all went well, and he is returning home, today. He is my BFFs’ son, in Virginia.

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Gloomy Most Of Day & Humor

Las Vegas is starting to feel colder temps and we had some rain and wind, last night. My day started off sinusy and..since I wasn’t planning on going out, I pretty much stayed in my pajamas again.

We finished our study of the book ; ‘Boundaries’ which I got to lead. In truth, Boundaries are never quite finished once you learn them. Anyway, our next book will be back to the Bible. We will be studying the book of ‘Daniel’ and I will lead that study, order to give Lar a break.

I am considering volunteering for a Hot Line position for church or for a crisis. I love talking to people, but, I have discovered it’s easier for strangers to call me. To bad I can’t find a paying, work from home job like that

A question for you Humor bloggers out there: Does your Humor come naturally when writing your posts, or is it forced? I have tried writing, humorously; but a lot of times it comes off as sarcasm, puns, and wondering if I try to hard.

Tomorrow is my day of rest from Blogging, so I wish you all a good one!


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I Want To Vent, And Yet..

So, the Election is over.  Or is it?  Per the Electoral College, it is.  Yet, votes are still being counted…and recounted.  So, was this like 4 years ago where one candidate got the Popular Vote and the other got the Electoral Vote?  The Electoral College is useless now.  Maybe it made sense when it was first introduced but it needs to go away.  How are we supposed to believe every vote matters when a winner is called and the counting hasn’t stopped yet.  How can the Electoral College cast their votes if their entire district is not accounted for?  And more importantly; why did this Election hit me so hard?  I feel depressed now; as if I want to cry.

  If we get through the next 4 years, I hope President Trump runs again.  Yes, he might have a big mouth and say a few things he shouldn’t.  But, in my opinion, the man is tough and gets the job done. 

*This was my opinion and I refuse to argue, here.  You have a right to your opinion if polite and tactful.  However, this will not turn into a political argument.

  I will add one final thing, though.  Although, I may not like it.  You will not hear me use the term “Not My President” after Mr. Biden takes office.  I don’t have to agree but I have to accept.  That’s the American way.

In other news, rain is finally on the way…I hope. It was windy and cloudy today and they say we should get rain by tomorrow night. We need it.