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My friend over at posts a word or thought every Sunday for people to elaborate on, and this week is the word RED. The Confusing Middle is very fun and creative. I suggest you check it out. On that note:

My last cat prior to the group I have now, was an orange tabby, female. I knew I wanted one because they are rare. She came to me while I was working at a Humane Society..but that’s another story.

I don’t like common names and I knew I wanted Fire to be part of her name. I wanted to name her Wildfire but my ex-husband said no more song names….A previous cat was named Tesla after the group, but whatever.. Anyway, my ex-husband came up with the name of Firepie. I actually liked the way it sounded so that is her name. My ex-husband told me some story about a guy he knew in school with bright, red hair and everybody called him, Firepie. Unfortunately, I later discovered that the word Firepie has nasty sexual connotations describing a woman’s vagina while on her period, which my ex-husband probably knew.

Doesn’t matter. Firepie is doing well with her adopted mom who calls her Kitty.

Oh, and in case you missed the connections. Most people think of fire with the word Red, the guy in my ex’s story had Red hair and I don’t even need to clarify the Period angle.

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Today Is The Day!

Secret Santa Sign-Ups start today on Reddit!

I am more then excited and passing the word. 

I can’t wait to pick a gift for a stranger and watch the Gallery as people get excited at what they receive.  Plus, I made sure to fill the form with things I am really interested in but vow to be more appreciative of whatever I receive.  Sign ups go til Dec 7th so you have lots of time to consider joining! 

What’s really cool is Sign-Ups end and matching starts on my Birthday!

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Sick Day

I used to get Sinus Infections every few months. I really don’t think I have had one since before March, this year. So, in that way, I guess Coronavirus and things being closed, is a blessing for me.

Plus, I have been trying to eat right and exercise more, but, today is a bad one. Coughing, Sneezing, Headaches, Ears Ringing, etc… Gonna be a Text Only Day for me.

When you are living on Disability and you don’t work, the term, “Sick Day ” doesn’t really apply. We focus more on Good or Healthy Days. In my case, it’s a day usually without a headache or/and especially Migraine.

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Santa Reminder

Mark your calendar! Secret Santa on Reddit starts October 19th and I am encouraging everyone to take part.

For those that don’t know, it’s awesome and even celebrities take part like Will Wheaten, Rue Paul and Bill Gates. You fill out a questionnaire on Reddit and then they randomly match you with someone else. Spend at least $20 on a Christmas present for your match and you should receive a gift from whomever pulled your name. Only 9% of people don’t get a gift out of thousands and most people follow the rules so you aren’t to disappointed. There are a few more rules but you need to read them yourself.

During this year, especially during COVID19, why don’t you take part and cheer someone up? You never know, we might be matched. But, get on Reddit in advance to make the process easier.

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If you get bit by a dog, you might have fear around dogs for a long time. When you break up with someone, it’s hard to trust again. When your blog has been invaded especially by relatives, it’s really hard to start over. This is why the gmail address, blog title and even name I use is completely different. I am terrified of dejavue.

My sister and I are finally communicating again. My family is crazy. At least my sisters. They don’t believe I should have my own thoughts and opinions. They especially don’t agree with me sharing my views and experiences with strangers. Plus, it seems like we have small bouts of peacefulness between us but, you are always waiting for the pin to drop; one of my sisters getting angry at another over something and usually I am the Target.

I have always been the Black Sheep pretty much. My one sister was jealous and claims I got all the attention. I was born sickly and spent the first two years of my life in the hospital. I can see her side until her teen years. I have made some questionable relationship decisions in the past that also didn’t sit right with my family.

But, we are all adults now and need to act like it. Just stay away from what bothers you, even if it is a relative. My brother is the smart one and has always stayed out of the drama. .except when my mother died. She gave him Financial Power Of Attorney and me Medical Power Of Attorney. That’s a whole nother story in itself.

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Shot Reaction

Do you get the Flu Shot regularly? Have you had a bad reaction from it?

Due to my weak, immune system, I am required to get one every year so I got mine, today.

A while back…like 10÷ years ago, I got the shot at work and within a few hours, I was a mess….sweating, freezing, achey, nauseated…Needless to saw, I went home and was sick for at least a day. The effects got easier over time. Mainly just achey and tired. Anyway, so I had the Flu Shot about 4 hours ago and I am getting sweaty and achey. Plus, my poor arm muscle! I can barely lift my arm!

Last year, a few friends almost got into an argument on Facebook when my one friend went on and on about the Flu Shot NOT giving you the Flu. But, we all react differently and the strain is different every year. Truthfully, I don’t think it gives you the actual Flu, but I do believe it can mimic some of the symptoms.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding this matter.

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55 Things About Me

  1. I am the oldest living with a rare, Metabolic Disorder.
  2. I am a Migraine Sufferer
  3. I had a Kidney Transplant
  4. I’ve been married twice but only one counts because the 2nd ended in Annulment.
  5. I am a Christian and follow the Bible.
  6. I am Straight.
  7. I was never blessed with human children.
  8. My cats are my children.
  9. I love my church
  10. I miss teaching the children and attending due to COVID19.
  11. I am on Disability
  12. My sense of humor can border on sarcasm.
  13. I can be honest to a fault.
  14. I don’t always think before sharing my opinions.
  15. I support President Trump.
  16. I actually vote Independent on most things.
  17. I don’t like to discuss politics.
  18. I wrote and published a children’s book on
  19. I have ideas for other books and will use a different platform, if anything comes of them.
  20. I am surviving on my own.
  21. Sometimes, I miss having a man in my life.
  22. I trust God to provide me with a life partner, if it’s meant to be.
  23. I live in Las Vegas,NV
  24. Living in Las Vegas was my dream from the first time I ever visited.
  25. Living here was my dad’s dream, too and I was a Daddy’s Girl.
  26. I was born and grew up in Southern California.
  27. I take relationships seriously.
  28. I am the youngest of 4 children.
  29. My siblings are all older than I.
  30. I don’t feel understood by them.
  31. I have been working on being less judgmental of others.
  32. If I had money, I would love to open my own Cat Adoption Center and hire Homeless People to work there.
  33. I am praying to sell my trailer and move somewhere more affordable. Probably another mobile home park.
  34. My dream would be to have farmland with lots of animals.
  35. My favorite domestic animal is a cat.
  36. My favorite wild animal is a black Panther.
  37. My favorite color is Purple.
  38. I absolutely HATE the color pink.
  39. If you give me anything with Pink, it might be thrown at you.
  40. I love giving gifts to people.
  41. I color my hair Purple and most of my clothes are Purple, too.
  42. I used to be a Dreamer, but am not sure anymore.
  43. I Hate sappy, unrealistic romance things.
  44. I Hate words like Sweet, Cute, etc..
  45. I have an AA in English/Communications.
  46. I did not go further because I am really bad at math.
  47. I love English and words.
  48. I am a Flexitarian.
  49. I love participating in Secret Santa on Reddit.
  50. I made Care Packages and gave them to Homeless people before COVID19 hit.
  51. I have entire conversations with my Calico.
  52. I try to work out at home 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week.
  53. I am working on not being as sensitive so I don’t get hurt so easily. Not letting others actions affect me.
  54. I have experienced a lot of mental abuse.
  55. I absolutely Love Blogging but need to keep it away from family and friends.

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More About Me

I didn’t make an About Page this time, deciding to keep things simple. .just in case. I know I should not have let families reactions affect me the way they do but, it’s hard when you are the youngest and your parents are gone.

I am not going to use my real name here, As Romeo or Juliet said, “A name? What’s in a name?” So, you can call me, Venus. After all, women are considered from there. Yes, I do own the book! I love to read, mostly True Crime stories and some novels. I will read most anything I can get my hands on; except Romance. The Knight on the white horse is extinct now and the raw sex always seems to have underlying issues.

I think my next entry will be 55 Things About Me in order to make this introduction easier. Tell me about why you chose to Follow me, if you are. What drew you here? …If you have been Following for a while, you can skip this question, if you want. ..And Welcome To My Blog Family!

I believe we are closer then blood family. Speech and thoughts are Free, We are Free to disagree or agree..We can come and go! Before I end, though- A few requests:

Please don’t use Profanity, here. Please be respectful of others differences of opinion. Don’t fight in the comments section.

Thanks and once again, welcome to my blog!