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Outside Is Finished

Finally!  My place has been painted!  Here are some Before and After photos:

Now, it makes my neighbors places look like crap. Lol.

I have started cleaning the inside, as well, and will take pictures of that soon.  I was looking for a cleaner that is safe around animals and works..I must tell you that Dawn Dish Soap is amazing!

Who knew it could work as well on grease as it does on baby ducks?

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A-Z Challenge-F = Frosty & Family

No, I am not talking about Frostys Family.

We all know the story of Frosty-The-Snowman made with a corncob pipe, a button nose and his eyes made out of coal. We saw how the Magician lost his hat and the children put it on Frostys head before he came to life. For a while, the adults didn’t believe them. Then he came back in Frosty Returns and helped a little girl to stay warm while at the North Pole and having Santa give her a ride home, only to melt before she leaves. It teaches us to hang on to the magic of Christmas even as adults. One thing I just learned, is that Frosty-The-Snowman movie or cartoon was released on my 5th Birthday! Maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorites.

As far as family, our family met every year at my parents for Christmas.. sometimes with a few friends. I won’t say we all got along because there was always some sort of drama, but we managed and had fun making memories. Since both parents are gone, we have all gone our separate ways and sometimes I miss even those forced family celebrations.

As far as family being related to Frosty; just go back to the drama, I just mentioned.

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Hobbies & Lifes Puzzle or Puzzled Life

What new hobbies have you started since this whole quarantine business?

  I have been cooking from scratch more and getting more creative with food.  I have also been staying informed on health, nutrition and other interests plus, keeping my mind sharp playing mental games.

Most recently, I have started doing Puzzles. The first one I completed was 100 pieces

and the next one will be 250 pieces. This one is a lot harder as you have various sized pieces to make the edges and pieces that look like edges in the middle. Most every time I get frustrated and think I don’t have all the pieces, I find another one that fits.

I guess Puzzles are a lot like life. We need to find where we fit, naturally.

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My friend over at posts a word or thought every Sunday for people to elaborate on, and this week is the word RED. The Confusing Middle is very fun and creative. I suggest you check it out. On that note:

My last cat prior to the group I have now, was an orange tabby, female. I knew I wanted one because they are rare. She came to me while I was working at a Humane Society..but that’s another story.

I don’t like common names and I knew I wanted Fire to be part of her name. I wanted to name her Wildfire but my ex-husband said no more song names….A previous cat was named Tesla after the group, but whatever.. Anyway, my ex-husband came up with the name of Firepie. I actually liked the way it sounded so that is her name. My ex-husband told me some story about a guy he knew in school with bright, red hair and everybody called him, Firepie. Unfortunately, I later discovered that the word Firepie has nasty sexual connotations describing a woman’s vagina while on her period, which my ex-husband probably knew.

Doesn’t matter. Firepie is doing well with her adopted mom who calls her Kitty.

Oh, and in case you missed the connections. Most people think of fire with the word Red, the guy in my ex’s story had Red hair and I don’t even need to clarify the Period angle.

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Today Is The Day!

Secret Santa Sign-Ups start today on Reddit!

I am more then excited and passing the word. 

I can’t wait to pick a gift for a stranger and watch the Gallery as people get excited at what they receive.  Plus, I made sure to fill the form with things I am really interested in but vow to be more appreciative of whatever I receive.  Sign ups go til Dec 7th so you have lots of time to consider joining! 

What’s really cool is Sign-Ups end and matching starts on my Birthday!