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Today & Whose Priorities?

Today was a double Migraine Day which sucked. I am really trying not to stress but am praying a place comes open here, soon.

Suzy has been acting weird and I am afraid she might be peeing in places she shouldn’t be. I seriously hope I am wrong.

This morning, C. and I went to Three Square and worked on the Backpack Program. C. tied the bags and I helped stock. It was definitely going exercise and we filled over 1400 bags in 2 hours!

Now, to the Priority, issue.

Last night I went with C. to her Flute Rehearsal, but I stayed in the other room because I was planning on going to the actual concert, tomorrow. H. was going to pick me up and we were all going to dinner, afterwards. However, tomorrow is also our Zoom Bible Study from 10-12, and in order to attend the concert, I would have to skip Bible Study to get some errands done. Well, H. and L. did not like that. They feel, I should prioritize Bible Study, and after explaining that I cannot do both, H. said she would prefer I attend Bible Study instead of the concert. I did ask which she would prefer, and while I know this is my decision, I don’t think she is right, on this. But, that’s how it is going to be, unless plans change. I just regret not watching the actual rehearsal now.

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A Small Annoyance

I got a bit annoyed this morning when Cin announced that she is having a Date come over tomorrow night. He doesn’t arrive until around 11:30 when he gets off work which means I would have to stay up and dressed a lot later then I am used to. She assured me she told him I was here and we could just watch movies. Truthfully, I feel this was disrespectful. This place is a small trailer and my bed is the kitchen table. There is hardly room for two people to walk around, let alone three, plus, she didn’t ask me how I felt about it. Needless to say, I reached out to some friends and am going to stay with C. from my Bible Study, tomorrow night. She is a Flutist and is going to take me to her Rehearsal, first. I may wait in the car and phone some friends… since I don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, while here. She also has a Bathtub and I Miss my baths! I believe the excitement … or Roommate experience is really wearing off for both Cin and myself.

Suzy freaked out tonight which she has never done before! I went to kiss her and she flipped and scratched me on the face. I think she was focusing on one of Cin’s cats and didn’t see me coming close, or maybe I accidentally laid on her somewhere. Anyway, it was probably my fault and I only got a few, minor, scratches. I really don’t think she realized she had gotten me, and she did put her paw on me to touch me, afterwards.

Checked on Monkey and Tara, today. They are both doing well and Tara was playing with the clip on her cage (Pardon me, “Cottage” ) bar. I told them that it is her Birthday and to please remind her that I love and miss her. (Yes, I know it’s a Cat. Shut-Up!)

I know this Post was supposed to be about Tara, but, I have lots of time for that. I had to share my reaction to Cin’s Date announcement. Truthfully, if I were Cin, I would meet him at a hotel or something if someone was staying with me. Or, at least talk to the friend or whoever is staying, first, to see how they felt about it.

I am grateful for my Bible Study Group who are willing to help each other in times of need. I don’t even care if I get the couch.