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Wake Night, Sleep Day, etc…

Last night was weird. I didn’t sleep because my muscles ached and I couldn’t get comfortable. Don’t Ask!

Needless to say, today, I did not even get dressed. I was exhausted. I wound up eating and sleeping most of the day. I also developed a Migraine, but, I was free of them on the weekend.

Susy’s stuffed Bear arrived but it’s way to small for what she wants it for (Hump-A-Bear) so I will give it away and pick up a normal sized Bear from The Goodwill, soon.

I have been reading the book ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker, lately, and I have to admit I never knew how much it involved. I knew about Dracula being a Vampire but this covers a lot more than just Dracula, himself. If you like Vampire books and haven’t read it yet, I really recommend it. Vampire books aren’t usually my thing, but Dracula is a Classic and I got a good deal on it at The Goodwill, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Unfortunately, being as involved as it is, it is going to take a while to finish it, so I don’t know if I will complete my reading goal on Goodreads, this year.

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Nightmares & Busy

Why do they call them Nightmares? I get the Night part but horses or Mares have nothing to do with it. And what causes these things? Last night, I had Nightmares almost all night and even woke myself up once as I was being choked…in my Nightmare. I woke myself up with a scream, but it must not have been to loud because the cats stayed asleep.

Then, I finally woke up with a Migraine this morning. This one was weird as, I was a bit disoriented and when I opened Tuna for the cats, the water from the can went everywhere. Ugh. So after that, I went back to bed with an Imatrex.

Anyway, here’s what I accomplished today.

Went to bank so rent paid through February and debts paid off. Exchanged my Friday-The-13th series (Blue Ray & Digital) received for Christmas for a Best Buy Gift Card. Then ordered the same series and ‘The Making of A Serial Killer’ online with a few bucks to spare. Mailed Tra’s Christmas/Birthday Gifts since we won’t be getting together for a while. Went to Storage Facility and changed to a smaller storage unit saving me $30. a month. Transferred everything from old storage unit to new. Plus, brought an outside Trunk home to use, and donated a few things to the Green Room The Storage Facility has a room they use where people donate and take stuff. When storage facilities aren’t paid, the stuff gets put in there, or when people move in or out, they can take things they need and leave things they don’t. The room is called The Green Room because it is painted Blue. The Trunk is mine. I donated a small table, a desk stool and a nightstand/end table that is nice but I dropped it, so the back might need to be nailed on and a new Dryer Vent.

*Let’s see how many of you missed that, if you actually admit it. Lol

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go to the DMV and get some stuff accomplished, there.

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Everyone’s Pandemic

Most everyone I know has symptoms of COVID, knows someone that has COVID or has or has had COVID. Will any of us be spared? Reminds me of a book I read (don’t remember the title) about a couple who were the last ones to die in their town after a nuclear fallout. They had prepared themselves with Poison tablets so they wouldn’t actually suffer. COVID or Omicron will not necessarily kill you but..

Ben and his Roommate are both sick and are getting tested tonight. Cin is also sick but hers is more of a terrible Cold and she can’t find anywhere open to get tested. They are all booked. And I am still sick and waiting for my home kits to get here. Plus, Ame from my old Mobile Home Park texted. She wants to bring over my Christmas Gifts which got delivered to my old address, but discovered she and her husband were around someone who had COVID, so now They have to get tested, too!

Needless to say, it’s been another quiet day which is what I need with my throat being so sore.

Hope you all are well.

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New Year – Bloganuary?

Happy New Year!

Today is the day to sleep in,- ✅, Stay home, and probably watch movies.

I was going to sign up for Bloganuary, but for some reason, am unable to receive messages on my account. Did everyone else have to sign up, differently? Please let me know, as, it is not to late to join since it’s only the first day. I figure I blog every day anyway, except Sunday so I can definitely incorporate the Prompt in my blog.

Had a few Fireworks last night, but, nothing major.

I also think our storm may have passed, which is good, as, it’s Sunny and Cold, today.

This is the day I update my new Calendar with all the main events like Birthdays of friends, I stay on track.

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Hating Waiting

There are some things you don’t mind waiting for:

A Storm

An Earthquake

Getting Sick

Work Meetings

A Test At School

Then there are things you wish would hurry up:

Santa Clause To Arrive.

Your Relatives Or Friends To Visit ( if you really like them).

A Trip To Get Started.

Or, in my case:

A Prescription To Be Authorized and News Of A Friend Who Is Having Or Had Surgery.

I don’t know why my doctor is flaking on my prescription. I can’t see a Neurologist until I get it filled because I want a new Primary. Not because of this situation, but because I am a lot further away from her office and I don’t have a car. If I get someone closer, I can use the medical transportation on my plan. My doctor has really become witchy lately though, and I just don’t get it.

As far as the second issue, Cin is in surgery. for a Pacemaker. It was scheduled for 3:00 and it’s 6:00 now. Hopefully, she is almost or completely finished and waking up. I am concerned because she has some major issues with her Weight, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart… Plus, I don’t think she is a Christian. We have talked about it and she leans more Atheist or Agnostic. Being a Christian, this concerns me.

I would like to say that all will be well since she is a fighter, but, that has nothing to do with anything. There is no real fight, if it’s your time.

In my heart and gut, I really think all will be well, but in the back of my mind.. for how long? Cin is not good at following doctors directions especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

I will probably do a quick update when I hear something.

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Prescription Delivery & Tonight

Smiths will deliver your Prescriptions for a $5.00 fee but you have to call each time and it might only be during COVID-19. For someone without transportation, this could be a problem. I am going to call my insurance soon to see what they suggest.

Went to Cin’s tonight for Lasagna and to say Goodbye to her daughter and family. The girls finally opened up to me. FYI- I had my own Lasagna (Vegetarian) while they had theirs. The bread was terrible, though. It was Texas Toast but nothing like I have had before. It was really grainy.

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Things That Didn’t Happen

My BFF and family spent like 18 hours at the Airport because they were late for the flight but she said it was the airlines fault due to check-in.

Cin’s surgery didn’t happen and might be postponed because either she didn’t understand or the doctor did not give her proper instructions on when to stop taking her medications before hand.

And my Handyman did not come today and is coming on Monday instead because his partner was sick.

On the flip side, I Did get to meet Cin’s family, finally who is in town. They took us to dinner at Denny’s.

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Day Out

It wasn’t the best day to go out, but H. picked me up and took me on a few errands.

We went to the Post Office where I got all my Christmas Gifts mailed off to my BFF and her family. (my family doesn’t want gifts from Anyway, I am closer to her family and am the Godmother to her son so I consider myself her sister and her childrens’ Aunt)., The Goodwill where we walked around and H. found some sweaters. Her family decided to only buy used this year for gifts. Nothing new. And, from The Goodwill, and the bank where I got money for the Handyman who is coming tomorrow, got change for laundry, changed my pin # and updated my address. I also met a nice girl (the Teller) who lives like 5 streets away from here.

The weather was bad with wind and rain but when I got home I did a load of laundry before staying inside.

My small, portable Heater arrived tonight and it was amazing!

Prayers for tomorrow, please, as Cin is going in for her Pacemaker. It’s at 1:30 in the afternoon. I will keep you updated.

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My Family Is Back

Picked up Monkey and Tara today! It’s so good to have them back! Monkey was a royal Bitch at first, but she is adjusting and wants loads of pets and kisses, now. Tara is great!

My new Manager told me some story about my neighbor chasing off a homeless person and me having to move stuff from in front of my house, faster. Truthfully, I think the story is crap but I am trying to put things in some sort of order as fast as I can. Here is the latest:

You will notice we set the cat tree up and I have a pathway.

I would prefer she just tell me if she wants me to move stuff faster.

The final Secret Santa on Reddit is happening and thankfully, the person I had was easy to buy for.

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Missing My Girls

We stopped at Animal Inns today to make a payment and drop off some food for the girls. I wish I could have seen them but then it would just depress us all when I left. Hopefully, in another week, we will be restarting. The staff is so nice. They said they will miss them, after they leave.

We didn’t get much of the house done because the Handyman didn’t show up after saying he would. Cin and I are at a stopping point pretty much of what we can do. He said he will be over tomorrow at 9, but that was after like 2 hours of no communication.

Before you say to just let him go, tell me where to find someone who will help us without changing an arm and a leg.

I am grateful to have found Animal Inns to take care of my cats. I highly recommend them!