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Still New Years Eve

It’s still technically New Years Eve here so I didn’t miss today.

Cin and I went gambling and we both spent a bit more than originally intended. They gave cash and point prizes every 20 minutes but didn’t call us in the four hours we were there. Then we went to IHOP for dinner. Very few people were there, which was fine.

When I was a child, I used to make myself stay up on New Years Eve so I could go outside and bang on pots and pans while yelling Happy New Year!

Now, it seems I am usually up at midnight anyway, although playing games on my phone, while in bed.

One thing on my Bucket List is to stay in a hotel on the Strip some New Years Eve. That would be fun.

Sorry to end on a sad note. But, Betty White died. She was 99 years old. They don’t make shows like The Golden Girls, anymore.

Anyway, as most are signing off today

‘Will see you (or at least be blogging to you) next year

Venus and Cats

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“Tomorrow – Only A Day Away”

As the line in the song, Tomorrow from the musical, Annie, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow..I love you, Tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”

Tomorrow, I am getting stuff moved from the shed to the house/RV and tomorrow night I and Suzy will be in our own bed. It’s going to be so nice to have more room and my privacy, again.

Cin and I had pizza tonight as our last meal while living together..not that that was the reason, but it will also help tomorrow so I don’t have to cook.

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Future Blessing

Praise God! One of the girls from my Bible Study Group asked her neighbors if they can help me move on Friday and they said Yes! Most of my stuff is coming in on Friday and I will be getting the cats on Saturday, , I hope.

Cin and I painted a bit, today. I really want to do more by myself but can’t tell her that. Here are some progress pics:

I also took some pics the other day of some of Las Vegas, so…

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Situation Moral

Prayers continuing please as this should be over in a few more days.

The Handyman finished most of what he is doing and will come back in a few weeks for the rest of it. We are going to paint one wall, tomorrow. I can do the rest after my family gets settled. I am hoping to get everything.. well not everything..out of storage and moved into the house on Friday and to pick up the cats on Saturday. Just praying I have access to the remaining funds in time.

This morning was bad. Suzy spent a day and a night under the sofa and I finally got her out. Then, she immediately pee’d on the bed. I got dressed and ready to do the laundry when Cin had a yelling fit about cleaning the house and wanting me to clean under the bed/table and needing help, etc.. I am not saying I was an Angel in all this, but I did talk to her later and said I would really appreciate if she would just talk civil and not yell at me, but she goes, “Oh, you think that was yelling? You haven’t heard me yell.”

Later, when we went to my place to prepare the wall for paint, I asked Cin to do the top and I would do the bottom, she immediately started doing things her way. That’s when I decided I just want to finish most of it on my own time, after I get moved in.

I don’t want to speak up and get snapped at especially when we can’t leave yet.

I think the moral from this situation is:. Live with a friend Only as last resort no matter how close you are.

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Working Weekend?

My house has arrived!

However, a Handyman might not. The one who responded is way to expensive. Can anyone recommend a low cost Handyman in the Las Vegas/Henderson area? Cin and I are going to see what we can do, by ourselves so… this should prove Interesting. I only have a little over a week left to get my babies back on the 30th.

Just finished watching 20/20 about the Turpin Family. For those that don’t know, 12 children were living in isolation, filth and abuse from their parents. It was quite interesting and a bit sad. The government didn’t help much even after they were free’d.