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Donate & Buy

Today is Friday and Cin and I went on a few errands. The PO Box, then the Goodwill.

We went to The Goodwill to drop off a bag and came back with more. Hey, they sell cheap books, what can I say? Plus I got the entire DVD Series (well, the first 7) of SAW which was awesome, and Cin got Yarn since she does Crochet, plus, Hangers, she needed. I love walking through The Goodwill as they put new inventory, out. It’s a never-ending process of revolving items. Although, the one we went to, today (on Nellis) was really empty. That’s the one I have donated most of my stuff, to.

Then, we stopped at the 99 Cents Store really quickly so I could grab some Christmas Wrap and Scotch Tape. Cin can’t hang on to stuff long enough to wrap it. Lol.

Lastly, came home and ordered Pizza.

Called and checked on Tara and Monkey today.

I am grateful they are adjusting. Although, I still miss them terribly and look forward to getting them back.