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Migraines, Politics & Free Speech

As a Migraine sufferer, I trigger easily. So, I should know better then to look deeply into political news.

I am a Conservative and I am a Trump supporter. I watched a video showing or claiming to show proof that our election was rigged and hacked into by other countries.

* Now, this is Not going to become a Debate nor will I accept demeaning comments or name calling for my beliefs. This is my blog and my beliefs.

That being said, a lot of people debunk this video because of the person who created it. However, he interviewed people in positions of authority who had good points.

Here’s the thing: whether the video in question is right or wrong, why is it getting taken down from most every site it is aired on? Twitter, Facebook, etc.. If this video does not have factual evidence, as stated, why not let people watch it? I do believe the government has something to hide. I am going to remain firm in my faith and pray for our future.

That being said; I am also being careful. I love having a blog here and don’t want to lose it. This is why I am providing No specific information regarding what I am talking about. If you Follow politics, you’ll know.

Be Blessed, Stay Informed and Be Careful

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Searching Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be spent searching for my Driver’s License. I seriously don’t know where it is and am going crazy…which isn’t helping. So, my plan tomorrow is to go a bit more methodical as well as, pray it shows up.

I am Not watching the Innaugeration tomorrow and really don’t care to discuss it, so forgive me in advance, if I choose to ignore those posts. I will seriously be happy if the topic of politics goes away.

My Migraine Patches arrived, today and I seriously hope they work like the reviews read. The company is VICI and they are made in the USA, Fountain Valley, CA, to be exact. They are called Mi-Grain, I believe, but they make other formulas for nerves, stress, sleep, PMS… They are all natural and I will definitely update you on if they work.

Lastly, we finished putting everything away from the Moving Sale. It’s a shame stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are not doing pick-ups due to Covid. So much good stuff is going to be picked up by dumpster. I filled two bags to donate, since I have at least one of my own to go, also.

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Workin On The Weekend

Yesterday was spent helping J. pack and get ready for the Moving Sale…after picking up a prescription and getting some groceries. It’s amazing how much she has not done when she has been planning to move since October.

Unfortunately, J. has Hoarder characteristics mixed with Orderliness. It takes her 20 minutes to go through a stack of washcloths to figure out what to keep. Then, things have to be packed just so or all like things put together for the sale. It can try your patience.

I am not going back there until tomorrow; choosing not to get dressed or go out, today. I hurt my foot on her rock pathway and need to rest it.

In other news, referring to my post; ‘Lost A Follower’. One of her friends or followers think they can come on my blog with their thoughts to defend her then accused me of not accepting Free Speech because I deleted it. The difference is that I followed her because I liked her blog. I didn’t go to her site just to comment over something that I witnessed. Plus, I really don’t care about his, her or their opinions. She told me to Go Away so they can do the same.

I would make this blog Private, but then I wouldn’t get any new Followers.

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Lost A Blog Followed

I usually take Sunday off from blogging but guess what happened?

As the title states, I had to stop Following a blog site.  Why?  Because I support President Trump! 

Apparently, the blog author and her Followers do not and you aren’t allowed to have a different political stance.  She outright told me if I was a “Trumpet” to “Go Away”!  This type of thing is why people cannot live harmoniously! 

It’s a flipping blog!  People come from all life paths to read it.  If you can’t even comment to strangers, how do they think we are all going to live peacefully in person? 

She got pissed after I informed her that technically and legally Biden is not our President until the 20th.  He is President-Elect.

  I still hold onto hope that anything can happen in the meantime…probably won’t..but, it can.

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Political Thoughts

If you have been Following for a while, you know how I feel about President Trump.  You also know that I believe it was a fraudulent election.  I do not believe for one minute that President Trump instigated the protesters to storm the White House.  The Protest should have stayed civil and peaceful.  That being said, I believe there is not a chance in Hell for President Trump to recover from this.  As a matter of fact, I just received notice that he is willing to make a peaceful transition.  I feel very, very sorry for him.  At the end, even his partner, Vice-President Pence, turned against him.  Pence really did not want to recount the votes, in the first place! So, while I am not happy with the results; Biden will be our President, in a few days. I cannot allow this political shift to depress me as, it’s beyond my control.

*If you wish to comment on the above, please keep it respectful and no profanity. These are simply my thoughts and I refuse to get into political debates.

Health wise, I think I am doing a bit better. Still headachy and a sore throat. Feel as if all I do is sleep plus, wake up to eat before sleeping some more. I should kick this, soon.

J. sold her house. She is probably having one more Yard Sale before she moves away.

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Is that a word? It is now.

It’s still the 1st as I write this to post, tomorrow. In a weird mood today and its not necessarily a good one.

No Stimulus Check yet so no money to refill my AntiDepression Med. Although, will probably take one of the last two, now. The blinds literally broke from the wall over the sink and the Superglue was old so didn’t work. Hung up old kitchen towels, in the meantime, but of course..won’t block out all the light. Not happy going down Memory Lane and seriously feel like crying for no real reason. Yeah, Depression does this! Plus, am tired and headachy, but don’t want to go to sleep, to early.

So, that’s my start to a New Year. I won’t really get into my political views except to say, depressed over that, too. President Trump reminds me so much of my own father. Truthfully, I think it’s terrible the way he has been treated, especially in the last year. And to be honest, I don’t trust Biden with anything!! You don’t have to agree with me. I don’t care. I just need to get these feelings out.

Yes, I know God has it under control and I need to simply trust him. But, I also deserve a day to feel my negative, depressing thoughts, and that’s today.

Hopefully, I will feel better when I hit Post for this, tomorrow.

Gonna take my AntiDepression Med now.

*My meds kicked in last night so the mental madnesz stopped. Major Migraine now, though so going back down with Imatrex.

Moral: Take Your Meds As Directed!

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Scary Night

Last night, a helicopter or two were flying around shining their lights in my windows and lighting up the cul-de-sac. This went on for over half hour. It was totally freaky and I couldn’t find anything out about the reason for it. Needless to say, I had a rough time going to sleep but I finally did; and slept til 10:58 a.m!

I think part of sleeping so long is my new mattress. J. was getting rid of a mattress which has barely been used and mine had seen better days. I wasn’t sure I would like it what with its level of firmness, but, I have been sleeping solid so….

I would say Christmas is over but it doesn’t feel like it when gifts continue to arrive. Plus, the Stimulus Check has been approved so that can be considered a gift, in a way.

*That’s all I am saying on that as, not getting into politics.

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I Want To Vent, And Yet..

So, the Election is over.  Or is it?  Per the Electoral College, it is.  Yet, votes are still being counted…and recounted.  So, was this like 4 years ago where one candidate got the Popular Vote and the other got the Electoral Vote?  The Electoral College is useless now.  Maybe it made sense when it was first introduced but it needs to go away.  How are we supposed to believe every vote matters when a winner is called and the counting hasn’t stopped yet.  How can the Electoral College cast their votes if their entire district is not accounted for?  And more importantly; why did this Election hit me so hard?  I feel depressed now; as if I want to cry.

  If we get through the next 4 years, I hope President Trump runs again.  Yes, he might have a big mouth and say a few things he shouldn’t.  But, in my opinion, the man is tough and gets the job done. 

*This was my opinion and I refuse to argue, here.  You have a right to your opinion if polite and tactful.  However, this will not turn into a political argument.

  I will add one final thing, though.  Although, I may not like it.  You will not hear me use the term “Not My President” after Mr. Biden takes office.  I don’t have to agree but I have to accept.  That’s the American way.

In other news, rain is finally on the way…I hope. It was windy and cloudy today and they say we should get rain by tomorrow night. We need it.

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Celebrities In Politics

I don’t usually write about Politics and this isn’t for or against a specific party so am not going there, but I want your opinion on this:

The show ‘Happy Days’ is having a reunion to support Biden\Harris.  Scott Baio who portrayed Chachi is not attending because he is a Republican and because he believes the show reunion should have nothing to do with politics. 

Do you agree with Scott?  I Do!

    I grew up on Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, etc..  I would love to watch the reunion, but I do not feel it right to be required to give to a political campaign in order to watch it. 

I also wonder, does who a celebrity votes for have that much influence on people?  Example; Say you idolize Ron Howard…You’ve watched all his shows and movies, heck you even dress like him..But, you support President Trump.  Then, you discover Ron Howard supports Biden…Do you change your voting beliefs?  Do his views have that much of an affect?  This is why you need to be an adult in order to vote. So, we vote our own conscience and beliefs.

I pity our future generations if we are that easily swayed by celebrities.