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Saturday Sharing

Welcome Class,

Let me share with you what I have Learned/Re-Learned this week.

Please participate with your own Knowledge or Re-Knowlege? In the comments.

The DMV is by appointment only for most things. You have to put what service you want, where, and then find an appointment. After 3 different tries, I finally have an appointment scheduled for the 26th.

Don’t trust your Medical Insurance Group. It’s been discovered that they won’t send a Grievance Form for my old Primary Care and I need to write an actual letter… after telling me, one was being mailed. So, I have been waiting for nothing but will definitely be writing, soon.

Also, am still only taking one Anti-Rejection Med, as my doctor stopped refilling it and I don’t see my new doctor until the 2nd.

I am Learning to be proud of my accomplishments while alone. I only have one more box to go through outside. Am still organizing inside but have to stop a bit until my Handyman comes back. But, I am getting proud of my little place and am really happy that my family is back together. While I may not plan to live here in this trailer, forever…I will make it mine for the meantime.

I have also been Re-Learning that ‘Gifting’ is my Love Language. I love giving gifts to people! It felt so good to give a friend a Christmas Gift who had received nothing from anyone! Or, to give a Homeless Person some food or a Blanket, knowing it will help them out.

Do you have a Love Language? If so, what is it?

I hope to read about what you all have Learned and Re-Learned in the comments.

Have a Wonderful Week.

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Sharing Saturday or Saturday Sharing

Welcome Class,

We have returned to Saturday Sharing. This is the part of my blog where I Share what I have learned or relearned since we have been together and you participate in the comments. It can be about Anything at all! We usually meet once a week on Saturday! (Hence, the Title) but, sometimes, we will have Breaks like the one we just had for the Holidays. I grade easy. However, I highly encourage participation.

That being said:

I have been sick and am finally starting to feel a bit better today (it’s down to more of a bad cold, now) so, I got dressed, took the trash to the Dumpster and walked to the Restroom to shower and wash my hair. You would think you would feel better after taking a shower and having clean hair, but I Relearned that it wears you out! Just the walk itself, was enough. I immediately came home and crawled into bed for the rest of the day.

I also Relearned to not get involved in things that don’t concern me. Apparently, Cin’s neighbors think or discovered that someone complained about the stray cats here and think the cats are being picked up and taken to the shelter, then killed 3 days later, if nobody claims them. I do not know if this is true or a rumor. But, my cats are indoor so this doesn’t concern me. It’s sad, if it is happening. And, from what I have read from the Shelter sites, I am not sure it’s true. However, even if it is, I can’t take in the Strays, so it’s not my battle to fight.

Anyway, I am tired now. I look forward to reading about what you have Learned or Relearned lately and will be back again next week.

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Things That Didn’t Happen

My BFF and family spent like 18 hours at the Airport because they were late for the flight but she said it was the airlines fault due to check-in.

Cin’s surgery didn’t happen and might be postponed because either she didn’t understand or the doctor did not give her proper instructions on when to stop taking her medications before hand.

And my Handyman did not come today and is coming on Monday instead because his partner was sick.

On the flip side, I Did get to meet Cin’s family, finally who is in town. They took us to dinner at Denny’s.

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Unhandy Man

This is a short post because I think my sinuses are acting up

The guy I hired to work on the house is a Flake so I got back with my original Handyman who is willing to come tomorrow.

I pray he can do something because Cin and I are at a stopping point and really worn out.

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Today & Whose Priorities?

Today was a double Migraine Day which sucked. I am really trying not to stress but am praying a place comes open here, soon.

Suzy has been acting weird and I am afraid she might be peeing in places she shouldn’t be. I seriously hope I am wrong.

This morning, C. and I went to Three Square and worked on the Backpack Program. C. tied the bags and I helped stock. It was definitely going exercise and we filled over 1400 bags in 2 hours!

Now, to the Priority, issue.

Last night I went with C. to her Flute Rehearsal, but I stayed in the other room because I was planning on going to the actual concert, tomorrow. H. was going to pick me up and we were all going to dinner, afterwards. However, tomorrow is also our Zoom Bible Study from 10-12, and in order to attend the concert, I would have to skip Bible Study to get some errands done. Well, H. and L. did not like that. They feel, I should prioritize Bible Study, and after explaining that I cannot do both, H. said she would prefer I attend Bible Study instead of the concert. I did ask which she would prefer, and while I know this is my decision, I don’t think she is right, on this. But, that’s how it is going to be, unless plans change. I just regret not watching the actual rehearsal now.

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Cin and I went to Red Lobster since we were hungry and I wanted to dress up

When leaving the restaurant, the waitress said “Happy Halloween!” and I said, “Oh, It’s Halloween?, They just said I could come back for the day.”.

Then, we tried a casino we had never been to. It is small, but lots of machines.

Yes, I was the only Adult Customer in Costume, but I don’t care. I enjoyed myself.

We ended the night by watching some stupid movies:

Carrie 2 – Half Sister, Rachel, has Telekinesis, inherited by Carrie and refuses to get help. Pretty much same issues as the first except it’s dumber and not scary or jump worthy at all.

Sleep Away 2- A Transexual escaped a mental hospital and becomes a Counselor. She kills everyone who broke the rules.

Sleep Away 3- She’s Back! The killings went way to fast in this one and we can only hope they don’t make another one.

I highly suggest Not wasting your time on these!

Tomorrow, I am going to probably post my Book Review. ‘ Bitter Is The New Black’ by Jen Lancaster.

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Move Done

No Saturday Sharing today, but my move is Done!

The moving company I used to load and unload (Jackie’s Movers were okay, but I won’t use them again. They arrived on time, were friendly and the price was reasonable but for being “Professional”, I don’t think they packed the truck correctly and they couldn’t fit my washer/dryer in it. I had to make a quick decision and sell it to my Buyer for a lot less than I should have!

It’s only been a night but I seriously can’t live here, long.

The bed is hard, Cin had ants in the microwave so she sprays ant spray all over, she got an attitude today… I don’t want this situation to ruin our friendship.

Please, Please Pray something opens here, soon!

Tomorrow, we are going back to the house to clean and pass the keys to the new people!

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Weather, Observations, & Memory

It’s a majorly, windy day here in Las Vegas and the wind is cold! Please pray it isn’t windy or rainy on Saturday, when I actually move!

Speaking of moving, I love watching other people move. I don’t even mind helping. Seeing what people own gives you a glimpse of their lives. The neighbors were back, yesterday, and moving out more stuff. Leather Sofas, a Dresser, a large Television Set and plenty of toys for their two little ones. These are the neighbors across the way, that I thought were already gone.

I remember years ago, I helped my apartment neighbor move. She was a major Hoarder and had boxes and boxes of things never opened; as well as brand new clothes that would never fit her size. I found a really pretty dress that was my size and I took it. Yes, it was stealing. But, in my defense, she wasn’t paying me and when I said she could keep a few things at my place, she put so much in, my cats and I literally had a pathway and it was a fire hazard. I had to get a friend to take all her crap to her parents place which was a half hour or 45 minute drive, to get it to her! I did buy a Rocking Chair from her, though..and have since asked and received Gods’ Forgiveness for that theft.

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Migraines, Moving & Holidays

It’s been a bad start of the month with Migraines. Between the Flu Shot, Cat Stress and a Dirty Heater Vent.

Yesterday was a Double! But no more side effects from the Flu Shot, I am using extra blankets, and no reason to stress over the cat situation. I have booked rooms (Kitty Cottages) at a Pet Hotel called, Animal Inns. They have great reviews and take all types of animals! I recommend checking out the website. Plus, Monkey and Tara will be able to see each other and have playtime together. Monkey isn’t much for sharing a room though, so I couldn’t book them, together. I am looking at this as Vacation Time for the animals!

Plans have changed a bit. Suzy is going to Cin’s a few days, prior. Monkey and Tara go to the hotel on Friday, and Saturday, the big move takes place. This is in two weeks.

Still debating on movers or help from workers in front of Home Depot, etc.. Can anyone in Las Vegas recommend reasonable local movers?

I can’t finish this without observing what today is:

Columbus Day

and now,

Indigenous Day

Any parades scheduled to celebrate either? Or, is it just another whole group of people that can be happy their group will be acknowledged per the Calendar?

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Family Distrust And…

It’s sad when you can’t trust family, but, here is the latest:

FS (Foster Sis) is one of the only people I talk to in my family. She keeps in touch with Sis 2, I believe..The Handyman I use is also her sisters ex-husband…Did I lose you yet?… Anyway, FS called this morning to ask me the name of the trailer park that Cin lives in because a friend of a friend needs to find one to live. I have Not talked about moving,to FS in a long time and hardly mention Cins’ living in a trailer park, however I did text my Handyman not long ago asking him how much he would charge to help me move. I seriously think FS is fishing for info to tell me Sis, which she is Not getting.

The Buyers Finally resubmitted the Application today. I want to remain optimistic but with my Bitch Manager, I don’t know.

My pillow should arrive tonight but I can’t hold my breath for that either. With my luck, there will be another delay.

Such is life.