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Class Cancelled Today

Sharing Saturday is cancelled today due to the fact that I have COVID.

I had a severe Migraine all day yesterday so took the Home Test and tested positive. I went to Emergency last night and had to call 9-1-1 in order to get there. They didn’t do much but calmed the pain so I slept all night when I got home.

I will say I liked the hospital (Henderson Hospital) compared to some I have been to. They are very caring and quick.

I feel Fluish with achey muscles, as well.

I am sure this is more Omicron but the Quarantine is the same.

I guess this is when I can be extra thankful for cell phones.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

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No Return

So Annoyed.

So, I go to Best Buy ( I know someone who calls it Worst Buy) to return/exchange the DVD Set (refer to yesterday’s Post, please) to discover they won’t take it back because I took the plastic off the case. Well, let’s see, they double wrapped it, so I could not read the back until I got the movie out, then discovered it was the wrong movie!

Needless to say, I gave the movie/show series to Cin, and will order what I really want when I get paid!

This sucks, though…and to make it worse, after talking to the Customer Service Guy and the Manager, I was near tears when leaving and they said, “Have A Nice Day!”.

Seriously? Someone should punch them in their faces for that!

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Getting The Right Movie

My favorite Horror Movie is Friday-The-13th, and a friend sent me the entire series for Christmas. The problem was, it was Blue Ray/Digital and I have a regular DVD Player. So, I took it to Best Buy where they gave me a refund on a Gift Card and suggested I order it online. They even pointed out which one to get! So, I order it and after a week or more of waiting, it arrived! But…

This isn’t the Horror Movie! Sure, it’s called Friday-The-13th and it even says “The Series”, but, where’s Jason? I read the back and it’s about people who run an Antique Shop who sell weird items. Turns out, this is a television show with same name! What The Heck? Why would they do that?

Needless to say, I was not amused. So, I called Best Buy Customer Service and I am going tomorrow to return this and get another refund to order the right one. The good news is, it is a lot cheaper and I will probably be able to afford another movie, also.

FYI- The television show was originally called, ‘The 13th Hour’ until they changed it, which in my opinion, was a horrible call.

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Wake Night, Sleep Day, etc…

Last night was weird. I didn’t sleep because my muscles ached and I couldn’t get comfortable. Don’t Ask!

Needless to say, today, I did not even get dressed. I was exhausted. I wound up eating and sleeping most of the day. I also developed a Migraine, but, I was free of them on the weekend.

Susy’s stuffed Bear arrived but it’s way to small for what she wants it for (Hump-A-Bear) so I will give it away and pick up a normal sized Bear from The Goodwill, soon.

I have been reading the book ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker, lately, and I have to admit I never knew how much it involved. I knew about Dracula being a Vampire but this covers a lot more than just Dracula, himself. If you like Vampire books and haven’t read it yet, I really recommend it. Vampire books aren’t usually my thing, but Dracula is a Classic and I got a good deal on it at The Goodwill, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Unfortunately, being as involved as it is, it is going to take a while to finish it, so I don’t know if I will complete my reading goal on Goodreads, this year.

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Nightmares & Busy

Why do they call them Nightmares? I get the Night part but horses or Mares have nothing to do with it. And what causes these things? Last night, I had Nightmares almost all night and even woke myself up once as I was being choked…in my Nightmare. I woke myself up with a scream, but it must not have been to loud because the cats stayed asleep.

Then, I finally woke up with a Migraine this morning. This one was weird as, I was a bit disoriented and when I opened Tuna for the cats, the water from the can went everywhere. Ugh. So after that, I went back to bed with an Imatrex.

Anyway, here’s what I accomplished today.

Went to bank so rent paid through February and debts paid off. Exchanged my Friday-The-13th series (Blue Ray & Digital) received for Christmas for a Best Buy Gift Card. Then ordered the same series and ‘The Making of A Serial Killer’ online with a few bucks to spare. Mailed Tra’s Christmas/Birthday Gifts since we won’t be getting together for a while. Went to Storage Facility and changed to a smaller storage unit saving me $30. a month. Transferred everything from old storage unit to new. Plus, brought an outside Trunk home to use, and donated a few things to the Green Room The Storage Facility has a room they use where people donate and take stuff. When storage facilities aren’t paid, the stuff gets put in there, or when people move in or out, they can take things they need and leave things they don’t. The room is called The Green Room because it is painted Blue. The Trunk is mine. I donated a small table, a desk stool and a nightstand/end table that is nice but I dropped it, so the back might need to be nailed on and a new Dryer Vent.

*Let’s see how many of you missed that, if you actually admit it. Lol

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go to the DMV and get some stuff accomplished, there.

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Food & Book

I like to try new foods and, I came across a Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Lasagna made by Cal-Flout. It is all grain and made with Cauliflower. Now, I love Cauliflower. But, this stuff was horrible. It was seriously tasteless and even after adding Garlic Salt, it didn’t get any better. The consistency was more like an Omelette. Blech! Now I know one food to stay away from.

I just finished reading the book ‘Pilgrims Progress’s by John Bunyan. I happened to have a copy in with my books and didn’t remember reading it. Anyway, it’s interesting but written more for a child. It’s about a man named Christian who leaves his wife and family to go find God in the Promised Land. It talks a lot about the pitfalls and trials on the road, as well as, what and who to watch out for. I like the dialogue and the names..Mr Doubtful, Mr. Hopeful, etc.. I liked the idea of the book but definitely not the ending. It is a classic, I do recommend reading it at least once, if you like to read.

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Almost Clear

I have been totally making progress at unpacking boxes. Only 5-6 more to go! I have also been repacking a few to put back in Storage. But, I am going to get a smaller storage unit now, and save some money. I am seriously Not planning on living here, forever and don’t want to have to start from scratch when I move again.

Looking forward to getting paid on Wednesday, as, I have a lot of things to get done including paying the Rent for January and February. I am super thankful to have a caring and lenient Manager, here.

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better and got a lot organized, today. Also, went out with Cin for a bit since I need to eat a bit better and to have a little bit of fun after being sick for a week.

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Late Christmas, Sickness and Bloganuary

Ame dropped off my gifts that went to my old house and I am grateful. She even included something from herself and her husband. But, two came without tags I know who sent the Book but not who sent the Oven Mitts so I have no idea who to thank! I Hate That!

I want to say I am feeling better but I am not sure. I have been going through sweats and headaches as well as, diarrhea today. Plus, my muscles ache. Hopefully, I will feel better, tomorrow.

While I am not officially participating in Bloganuary, I am answering a few of the questions if I find them interesting. And today’s was Who Is Your Role Model? or Who Influences You?- To be honest, my answer would be Jesus Christ! He was and is Perfect! I wish I could be as Loving, and Non-Judgemental as him. And Forgiving!

I watched a show about a survivor of the Guyana Tragedy in the 70’s who lost her Mother and Brother thanks to Jim Jones. She was happy and said her life changed when she became a Christian and forgave Jim Jones for all the murders. I was thinking, “Yeah, that’s easy to do when he is dead. It’s a lot harder than forgive those who have hurt us that are still alive”!

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Everyone’s Pandemic

Most everyone I know has symptoms of COVID, knows someone that has COVID or has or has had COVID. Will any of us be spared? Reminds me of a book I read (don’t remember the title) about a couple who were the last ones to die in their town after a nuclear fallout. They had prepared themselves with Poison tablets so they wouldn’t actually suffer. COVID or Omicron will not necessarily kill you but..

Ben and his Roommate are both sick and are getting tested tonight. Cin is also sick but hers is more of a terrible Cold and she can’t find anywhere open to get tested. They are all booked. And I am still sick and waiting for my home kits to get here. Plus, Ame from my old Mobile Home Park texted. She wants to bring over my Christmas Gifts which got delivered to my old address, but discovered she and her husband were around someone who had COVID, so now They have to get tested, too!

Needless to say, it’s been another quiet day which is what I need with my throat being so sore.

Hope you all are well.

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Barf Bags, Being Different, & Bloggers

When moving into an RV, there are things you need to consider:. Barf Bags! I learned this last night when I was sick. I am not going into to much detail but vomiting in the sink clogs it up, and with the bathroom on the other end from the bed..Well…. Anyway, today I ordered some of those bags you keep in the car (or, in my case, RV) they have the cup to go over your mouth, are leak proof and tie at the top after each use. I also got some Anti-Nausea meds.

I am blessed in the mornings to be able to see the birds on the wires. This morning, there were about 5-7. What was funny was there were 4 birds facing front, one facing backward, then two more facing front ( approximately). The one facing backward even went around in circles for a bit, while the others watched, probably thinking, “What the heck is wrong with you?”. I like to believe I am That bird. I am Myself, and don’t really care what others think! I have never wanted to be “like everyone else”. God made me Different for a reason!

Are you a Follower of Paul’s Blog, ‘The Captains Speech’ here on WordPress? Why not? He’s great! Witty, Charming, Sarcastic and sometimes Funny As Hell. I highly recommend it. Anyway, he’s having a Blog Share Party where you share your Blog in the comments. You can meet new people, and get more Followers! I am passing the word, in case, anyone is interested.