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Sharing Saturday or Saturday Sharing

Welcome Class,

We have returned to Saturday Sharing. This is the part of my blog where I Share what I have learned or relearned since we have been together and you participate in the comments. It can be about Anything at all! We usually meet once a week on Saturday! (Hence, the Title) but, sometimes, we will have Breaks like the one we just had for the Holidays. I grade easy. However, I highly encourage participation.

That being said:

I have been sick and am finally starting to feel a bit better today (it’s down to more of a bad cold, now) so, I got dressed, took the trash to the Dumpster and walked to the Restroom to shower and wash my hair. You would think you would feel better after taking a shower and having clean hair, but I Relearned that it wears you out! Just the walk itself, was enough. I immediately came home and crawled into bed for the rest of the day.

I also Relearned to not get involved in things that don’t concern me. Apparently, Cin’s neighbors think or discovered that someone complained about the stray cats here and think the cats are being picked up and taken to the shelter, then killed 3 days later, if nobody claims them. I do not know if this is true or a rumor. But, my cats are indoor so this doesn’t concern me. It’s sad, if it is happening. And, from what I have read from the Shelter sites, I am not sure it’s true. However, even if it is, I can’t take in the Strays, so it’s not my battle to fight.

Anyway, I am tired now. I look forward to reading about what you have Learned or Relearned lately and will be back again next week.

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Sharing Saturday

Hello Class,

For those who are new. This is the part of my Blog where I share what I have learned or relearned this week and you all can participate in the comments. You can share about Anything. I don’t grade harshly but I do encourage participation.

That being said:

You definitely need to stay on top of your own medical issues. You cannot depend on doctors or staff to give you needed information. I need to find a way to get to the doctor on Monday to pick up my Jury Summons Dismissal Notice and fax it to the court. Then, I will need to call on Tuesday and explain the situation. Nobody told me I had to pick it up from the doctor after dropping it off..not even a reminder call and it has been there since the first. The doctors office does not fax, call or mail things for patients.

It’s good to be grateful for little things in life like flushing toilets, actual toilet paper, privacy, having your little family together (me and cats), being able to afford a portable Heater (my other one doesn’t work) and having a roof over my head.

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Saturday Sharing

Hello Class,

It’s been a while since we’ve had class so welcome to anyone new! This is the part of my Blog where we share what we’ve learned during the week. I share here, and you share in the comments. I believe everyone learns something during the week and it can be any subject, whatsoever. All is fair game.

On that note, today was a reminder from the Apostle Peter that we are Blessed to believe although we have not seen and that our trials are temporary since we are human..if we have God in our lives.. and continue to focus on our long-term reward of eternal life.

This week, I learned that Lemon Juice kills Cockroaches. Well, that’s what the internet showed. Truthfully, I don’t think I can get close enough to one to squeeze the juice from a Lemon on it.

Anyway, I am tired tonight and not looking forward to waking up tomorrow as it will probably be even earlier, with Daylight Savings Time starting or ending again.

I am very grateful my little cat was able to stay here with me.

She gives me cuddles at night and keeps me from being depressed over not having my other two, at my side.

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Saturday Share & Hair

We may not have class next week due to Moving Day so I hope you have all learned something to share this week. Anything at all!

Russia borders China and Europe.

If you want to color different parts of your hair different colors, you should probably do so on different days.

I see an end to my belongings being packed. Just a few clothes left, pretty much.

I spoke to the girl at Animal Inns. Tara is going to be 10 on the tenth and I will miss her Birthday. The girl told me they will give her extra attention and even sing to her! She put it on the calendar!

Here are the pictures! It actually turned out nice but, not exactly the way I’d hoped. Does it ever? It’s hard to do your hair by yourself.

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Saturday Sharing

Hello Class,

Another week has gone by and boy is the year going by fast!

I am glad you are all over 18 because the things I learned are a bit odd.

I watch different cooking shows and it was mentioned on one of them that Pineapple can make your semen taste better. Obviously, this was Not a professional show. Now, I cannot and will not have someone test this to see if it’s a fact. But, if you are a man, you may wish to test it with your woman. No, I really do not care to hear about the results.

The 2nd thing I learned refers to the Holocaust. The selections of how many people were allowed to live when the trains arrived was determined every day by how many workers were needed in the camp; despite the fact that a lot of work was useless.. like moving gigantic cement blocks from one end of the camp to the other.

Looking forward to reading about what you have learned this week. It could be about Anything!

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Saturday Sharing

Good Day Class,

I really can’t tell you what I learned this week because I don’t know.

I do know Persistence Pays Off, as it took 3x with the For Sale Sign up to sell the house. I also know to hold onto Faith in this situation. Plus, it is amazing how much you actually own when you start packing it in boxes! I already have another Goodwill Bag started.

None of this information was really new to me, as, I have been through this before and will again. So, maybe these are things I relearned.

Hope you all have something new to share about anything at all!

I love to learn new things.

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Saturday Sharing

Still blah today, so I am going to have class, early. Looking forward to hearing/reading what everyone has learned.

While I usually go by week, I am going to expand the time, a bit..this week.

Most every night, I listen to The Gentle Whisperer ASMR before going to sleep. Her voice soothes me; especially as she teaches about Russia and the Russian Language. So, here are some facts about Russia to share with you:

1. Russia is the largest Country.

2. Russia has two main dialects.. Northern and Southern

3. Russia celebrates something called Banya which I believe is the beginning of Spring where people hit each other with tree leaves, then apologize and hug. They also eat Pancakes all day long. There is also a different day, I believe, where the body is warmed up by massages before immediately running into the cold, icy water of the River. I could be mistakes, as this might be the same Spring Celebration!

This week I learned that Van Gogh did some of his Art while locked in a Sanitarium.

And what happened to a lot of the cast members of Eight Is Enough.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Most of mine will probably be spent in bed.

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Saturday Sharing

Hello Class,

This is the class where we share with each other what we have learned during the week about anything at all! You can contribute in the comments.

This week seems to have gone by quickly.

I don’t know why I keep learning about Tarantulas when I don’t like spiders, but here are a few more facts.. Tarantulas eat black ants so if you live somewhere with Tarantulas and you see a trail of black ants, the Tarantula might be at the beginning of the ant trail. Also, Tarantulas need to be held very delicately (Not By Me) as there legs can break easily.

A person who kills 3 or more people over a months time can be considered a ‘Serial Killer’.

People really can win at the casinos, as, my friend won over $400. in one spin and I don’t think she had played $20. yet.

Lastly, I am watching a show about children who have a disease where they can’t stop eating. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the disease, but I am including it, as it is something I have never heard of, before.

Now it’s your turn, and for Homework, Keep On Learning and Sharing with others!