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Organization & New Years Eve

I have been really getting organized over the past few days and finally got the tower of boxes emptied and moved the small Cat Tree in the house. I also got the television hooked up. Next week, I just have to call the cable company since we have it through the park.

I saw something upsetting from my bedroom window. My windows look over an empty lot not far from Boulder Highway. The only thing on the lot is the shell of a building covered in graffiti. Anyway, I happened to look out and see this guy with his pants down. Seriously, I could see his ass crack. Before it registered, he stood up, wiped his ass, pulled up his pants and left. Okay, I understand not having bathroom access, but there was a bush not two feet away. Why would you do that in the middle of a lot? Wouldn’t you at least try to make it to the bush? That gives the Homeless who are trying a really bad rep.

Here is a view from my bedroom window. It’s definitely not the Strat:

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and before we get there, I figured I would do a quick review of my year last year.

I sold my car to Carvana in February.

My eldest cat, Puma, died in April.

I sold my mobile home in October, stayed with Cin until end of November, and purchased this place moving in at November’s end.

Still in the process of moving in, but getting there.

I have no actual Traditions for New Years Eve except if I am around, I will video chat with my BFF’S family in Virginia, as they watch the ball drop. That’s like 9 o’clock my time. I did that last year, too.

My New Years Day tradition is updating and setting up my new Wall Calendar with friends and families Birthdays (current ages), Anniversaries, upcoming appointments,etc..

I don’t make Resolutions and what Goals I do make, I sort of keep to myself.

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Christmas Present

Merry Christmas, All!

Last year with COVID, people stayed in but they really decked out their houses and yards. This year, I’ve noticed, less people are decorating. What with higher costs on housing gas plus less job stability, I think more basics are being focused on. I’ve even noticed that, in a lot of the gifts being given and received. There are more food and household gifts being given verses stuffed animals and things of that nature.

This morning was spent sharing a video chat with my (BFF’s) family in Virginia. This is my yearly tradition. I love watching them open their gifts on video; especially seeing the reactions of what I gave them. Plus, now my BFF doesn’t have to list everything she received in her next letter to me. My BFF’S family is closer then my natural family. I consider them my family and wish I lived closer, but the weather would kill me.

I ordered myself a Convection/Microwave Oven and a Wall Calendar. Most of my gifts being received are arriving late due to my address having been mixed up with the move. But, I am not a child so that’s okay. (I am a Child At Heart.). It just sort of makes the Holiday last longer.

Anyway, the cats and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, however you spend it.

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How Not To Help

Yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. But, I have decided to focus on Christmas Present tomorrow since it actually Christmas Day then and forget Christmas Future. How the heck do I know what the future will bring?

I read two articles today that contradicted each other. These were news articles, by the way.

The first said the Homeless Shelters are turning people away because they are to crowded, despite the cold weather.

The 2nd said we should stop passing out bags to the Homeless with food or whatever because it deters them from going to the Shelters for help.

Okay, here’s the thing:. Most Homeless Shelters aren’t that close to each other. Plus, you just admitted you are turning people away. Most people who are begging either cannot or don’t want to walk to far away from their home base.

If I want to give a Care Package out my car (Okay, a friend’s car) window to someone in need, I will! I have given Blankets, Hats, Socks and Scarves in the past which is the same thing the Shelters give, if the people can get there.

To ask for monetary donations puts these specific groups in charge of the Homeless Situation, and if you ask me, they obviously aren’t doing that good a job, anyway!

Tonight is Christmas Eve here in the states and the child in me is coming out as it does every year and I am tracking Santa Clause on the NORAD Tracker App.

While, I am an Adult, I still like to use my imagination and listen for Reindeer Hooves and Sleigh Bells as I drift off to sleep.

I wish you all a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas Eve, however you celebrate!

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Christmas Past

I won’t be doing Saturday Sharing until after the first so we can celebrate the Holidays. Hey, you might learn a lot during that time.

I guess I want to share about Past Christmases and how I grew up celebrating. Tomorrow, I will address the Present and Saturday, Christmas Future.

I grew up in a big two story house and my sister’s room was upstairs. The stairs were off the kitchen next to the garage door and my room was on the other end across from my parents. Christmas morning, I would run from my room (avoiding the Living Room which we mainly used during the Holidays) to my sister’s room and wake her up, then we would both go back through the kitchen (Don’t look in the Living Room) and wake up my parents, so we could all meet together.

The relatives would come and visit off and on through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and some would spend the night or even a week if they’d traveled long distance. The children could open one gift on Christmas Eve before bed and the adults would continue opening their gifts after we went to sleep. I would lay awake and listen for Santa and his Reindeer for as long as I could. And, we always left a treat for him.

I don’t know when or how I learned the truth about Santa, but even at my age, I like to keep that Wonder and Belief, even if it is pretend. …sort of.

As I grew older, I was the one (one of us) visiting my parents for Christmas Eve.. opening presents and maybe attending Midnight Mass.

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Good & Bad

Let’s start with the Bad and get it over with:

The Manager still doesn’t have access to the places yet and it probably won’t be before Thanksgiving.

I have to take Suzy in for her Vaccines today and get her in the Hotel with her sisters! She is peeing all over, and we can’t do this, anymore! At least by doing this, it will help the stress with Cindy and me…but….

Good News:

Well, not really…But… I have to find positivity, somewhere.

We went to Macaroni Grill the other night and it was delicious! There is only one here in Vegas.. which is a bummer because it’s one of my favorite restaurants. Cindy didn’t like anything there though. Some people have more of a refined pallet, then others.

Most of my Christmas Shopping is done and some is already mailed. They say to mail early but the gifts I sent were through Amazon.

My Bible Study group is planning a Brunch and gift exchange which will be fun. We are going to play the Exchange Game and I got a really cool wooden notebook and pen set to give. Hey, everyone likes to write!

I am still keeping my options open with low income housing or even an apartment, at this point. Please Keep Praying?

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Saturday Sharing

Still blah today, so I am going to have class, early. Looking forward to hearing/reading what everyone has learned.

While I usually go by week, I am going to expand the time, a bit..this week.

Most every night, I listen to The Gentle Whisperer ASMR before going to sleep. Her voice soothes me; especially as she teaches about Russia and the Russian Language. So, here are some facts about Russia to share with you:

1. Russia is the largest Country.

2. Russia has two main dialects.. Northern and Southern

3. Russia celebrates something called Banya which I believe is the beginning of Spring where people hit each other with tree leaves, then apologize and hug. They also eat Pancakes all day long. There is also a different day, I believe, where the body is warmed up by massages before immediately running into the cold, icy water of the River. I could be mistakes, as this might be the same Spring Celebration!

This week I learned that Van Gogh did some of his Art while locked in a Sanitarium.

And what happened to a lot of the cast members of Eight Is Enough.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Most of mine will probably be spent in bed.

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Beauty Sleep

If Beauty Sleep were real, I should be the most or one of the most beautiful women in the world! I slept round the clock last night..from around 10 p.m. until 10:16 this morning. I don’t know why. I guess my body just needed it.

Needless to say, today wasn’t the most productive. But, I did get my walking in, mailed my form off to renew my Snap Benefits, and signed up to join a Bible Study on Zoom that our church is starting on Wednesday. Monday will be for men and Wednesday nights for women. We will be studying Ephesians.

The illegal fireworks have started… it’s illegal, here in the park… and since I am “That” person, I do have the Report Form on my main page.. just in case. You can report anonymously so at least they can check the neighborhood.

Hope you all have a safe 4th-Of-July!

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Weather Drop

Mother Nature is off her meds again!  A cold wind hit last night and the weather dropped like 10+ degree’s.  I didn’t even go anywhere, today.  Just watched the wind, turned on the heater and drank lots of coffee.  Sudden weather changes can be very annoying for Migraine sufferers like me. 

Had a conversations with my BFF.   She is excited for Arbitrary Day next month on Reddit Secret Santa.  It’s a lot like the big exchange in November except less people participate so they put more effort…well, most do… into the gift giving.  Since my BFF is completely obsessed, she is really hoping to get stuff  Brendan Fraser related.  Which reminds me, I wrote the other day to his PR Department to see if I can get her an autographed picture of him to add with a Christmas thing I am putting together for her.  It’s never to early to start planning.

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My Saturday

Today was pretty normal.

Bible study at 9, but, only 3 of us showed up at the Zoom call, so, we had a chat session instead of the actual study.

After which, I walked to the mailboxes and picked up what I believe is the final gift from my 80’s Secret Santa.

How cool is that? 3 different things from my 80’s Wishlist. I am looking forward to setting up my doll case/china cabinet again with the new stuff I have received lately…No, not all the 80’s stuff…to add to it… Holly Hobby, Troll, …

Talked to friends on the phone, visited T and wrote & mailed a letter.

A bit annoyed with the USPS lately, though. Sent a gift to my BFF for her Birthday. After two weeks of being late, it was considered Lost so the company refunded my money. Ordered something from a different company. It was supposed to arrive two days ago, but, not only is it late, the site keeps switching on whether the package is in Richmond or Williamsburg, Virginia. She lives in Williamsburg. Totally annoying.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who were or are Mother’s to animals and humans, alike. Hey, if you want to be a Mother to a stuffed animal, Happy Mother’s Day to you, too.

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Day For My Amusement

It started this morning as I was reading my morning comics! They kept talking about ‘No Pants Day, so I Googled it. I mean, That can’t be a real Holiday, right? Surprise! It is.

It was started by some college students as a joke. They would take their mid-terms or whatever then immediately go home and take off their pants. Soon, it became a sort of Holiday. In some places, they even have No Pants subway rides, but aren’t doing that, this year. Anyway, the rules are, you could wear dresses, skirts or shorts but no Pants. I know…not exactly my interpretation either, but, if you are more comfortable being completely Pantsless; Go For It! Just make sure blinds and curtains stay closed and don’t answer the door. Actually, the day is over so you will have to mark your calendars for next year. Sorry.

Anyway, I also got extremely stoked when Amazon dropped off another package from my Secret Santa… Yeah, little things excite me…. Here’s what came:

Seriously, this is so Cool! I have been playing it up and even told my friend, Jul to bring her new socks on a camping trip because I knew of a cool lake where they have empty cabins!