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Hobbies & Lifes Puzzle or Puzzled Life

What new hobbies have you started since this whole quarantine business?

  I have been cooking from scratch more and getting more creative with food.  I have also been staying informed on health, nutrition and other interests plus, keeping my mind sharp playing mental games.

Most recently, I have started doing Puzzles. The first one I completed was 100 pieces

and the next one will be 250 pieces. This one is a lot harder as you have various sized pieces to make the edges and pieces that look like edges in the middle. Most every time I get frustrated and think I don’t have all the pieces, I find another one that fits.

I guess Puzzles are a lot like life. We need to find where we fit, naturally.

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Miscellaneous Week Wrap Up

My washer/dryer arrived today but since nothing is simple, I can’t use it until Monday.  Apparently, it is a 220 volt and my last one was 110 so the electrician will be back to wire it.  Unfortunately, my handyman is charging me more for pick-up then the store would have done for the delivery.  Oh well.

Susy likes it, already.

The other night I had a dream that a friend of mine got married and didn’t tell me.  When I awoke, I called him.  Turns out he is gett

ing married and I will be invited.  Koontzfan made an interesting comment today that she finds it funny that I love to watch shows about food and dieting, etc.. when I have never been overweight But, I just like the knowledge as well as watching some of the food challenges like Chopped.

I was watching a show on YouTube today where Brits and Americans in the U.S.A switched diets and some of the Brits ate PB & Jelly Sandwiches for the first time. One girl was funny. She said it’s like Hell. If you went to Hell, they would serve it every day.

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Santa Delivered

Last year was my first year doing Reddit Secret Santa and I was a bit disappointed because the gift I received was completely random and nothing I was into or wanted. It was like the person just looked at the website for Uncommon Goods and picked the first $20. item.

Fast forward to this year:

Once again, I gave my Santa quite a few options of my interests. They sent me a message that something was coming and apologized for not finding it in Purple. After waiting impatiently for two days, it arrived!

Sushi Cookbook & Sushi Kit

So excited to learn how to make Sushi!

And so thankful to the stranger who followed the Secret Santa rules and sent a thoughtful gift.

Will definitely be taking part and encouraging others to take part in the Reddit Secret Santa Exchange for years to come!

*Reddit has other exchanges throughout the year, but, this is the main event.

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How I Am

It’s almost two in the morning and I woke up from having the Migraine from Hell, this afternoon. It sucks because anything can cause them….Stress, Weather, Health,…and your whole day is shot. It took 2 Imatrex or a full 100 mg pill to get rid of this one; which is rare.

I bought and made some horrible soup which I seriously don’t recommend. It’s Matzo Ball Soup by Streit. It is Gluten-free but it turned out tasting like salty, potato soup. When I say “Salty’ I mean it was like a bowl full of salt! Salt is not good for my kidneys. I put the leftovers in tbe refrigerator but unless there is something I can use to cut down the salt, I will have to throw it away.

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Creative Cooking

So, I have been doing a lot more cooking lately although I don’t necessarily follow recipes exactly.  But, I made some really good Potato Pancakes or Latke’s.  I have tried making them before but they wouldn’t stick.  Who knew you are supposed to use flour?  Unfortunately, I am out of my GlutenEase so I have to eat all Gluten-Free for a while.  Luckily, I am keeping gluten-free flour in stock. I also made some really good Cinnamon Rolls from scratch but the glaze didn’t really work out.

I hope whenever I get my car paid off and/or move figured out…the final one, at least as a single person…I find a place with a decent sized kitchen. I am really enjoying experimenting; even if it is only for myself.

For you cooks or even just experimenters, what have you cooked from scratch lately and did it turn out? Plus, do you find yourself cooking more since the pandemic started or ordering food to be delivered?