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Food & Book

I like to try new foods and, I came across a Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Lasagna made by Cal-Flout. It is all grain and made with Cauliflower. Now, I love Cauliflower. But, this stuff was horrible. It was seriously tasteless and even after adding Garlic Salt, it didn’t get any better. The consistency was more like an Omelette. Blech! Now I know one food to stay away from.

I just finished reading the book ‘Pilgrims Progress’s by John Bunyan. I happened to have a copy in with my books and didn’t remember reading it. Anyway, it’s interesting but written more for a child. It’s about a man named Christian who leaves his wife and family to go find God in the Promised Land. It talks a lot about the pitfalls and trials on the road, as well as, what and who to watch out for. I like the dialogue and the names..Mr Doubtful, Mr. Hopeful, etc.. I liked the idea of the book but definitely not the ending. It is a classic, I do recommend reading it at least once, if you like to read.

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Cloudy, Cold & Book Review

It was Cloudy and Cold today, so I didn’t bother getting dressed. I only opened my door when my new Wall Calendar was delivered. I prefer to choose my own, so I am glad nobody gave me one… unless they did and it’s part of what I haven’t picked up yet.

I emptied a box and moved some stuff around to make room for my Microwave/Convection Oven which might be coming tomorrow. That’s one box I don’t want to leave outside. In a few weeks, I will need to get my Handyman to come install it.

I finally talked to Tra yesterday. I have only talked to her once since I moved because I lost her phone number. Apparently, she got really depressed and sick this year at Christmas. If I lived closer, I would have checked on her. I am glad we are back in communication, anyway.

I did finish a book today titled ‘The Dolphin Song’. It was okay. Definitely a Young Adult/Teenage Book. It taught a little bit about Dolphins, but read a bit slow and the ending was rushed. I think maybe if you read the whole series, it would make more sense.

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‘Bitter Is The New Black’ by Jen Lancaster..A Book Review

Okay, This is my opinion on this book. If you are the actual Author or know her, I am in no way trying to offend. I am only a small fish in a large pond with her own views, after reading.

That being said;

“Bitter Is The New Black” is supposed to be a Memoir. Supposedly, it is fact and fiction mixed regarding the Author and how she began her writing career.


If you have ever read any of the books in the , Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ by Sophia Kinsella, you will know it is about a girl with a shopping problem who receives letters from creditors and her creative ways of dealing with them. The situations she gets in are quite amusing.

‘Bitter Is The New Black’ and Jen’s situations are not quite as amusing as they are pretty much copied from the Confessions series with the exception of using email instead of actual letter writing. The topics and situations are a tad different, but the writing style is almost exact, taking the humor away and making one wonder

Does Jen know Sophia Kinsella and did she get permission to write this way?

I may not have written a book series (but have written a book on a self-publishing site) but, I know what plagiarism is and also a fine line, when I read it.

I prefer books written written by oneself in their own style

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The Escape Room

The book I read is called, ‘The Escape Room’s by Megan Goldin’

Basically, it’s about some corporate Big-Wigs getting ordered to attend a Mandatory meeting. When they arrive they are told it is a Team Building Meeting in an Escape Room on the 80th Floor. However, once the elevator starts, it doesn’t reach the 80th floor. The clues are in the elevator! Of course, there is lots more to this book. Like what happened before, is the elevator really an Escape Room and do they escape? And of course, who is behind this and why? I am not answering these questions as, you have to read it for yourself.

In real life, I got some more money dropped off for the house, but, I need to find and fill out a Purchase Agreement, apparently so the buyer can get the money from his 401K. Anyone know where to get one, other than Walmart? I don’t have a Printer.

I am mentally getting ready to look at storage places and PO boxes, as it looks like I might be going to somewhere really small until I actually find something more permanent.

Of course, God works Miracles and I am a Believer so you never know…

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Book Review and Feelings

Have you ever read an erotic portion in a book that made your body react in a way that surprised you?

I am a grown woman and I expect my body’s reaction to soft porn, but this was Not a soft porn book. It is a chapter of a book when two lovers reunite after years of separation.

The book is titled ‘Endless Love’ and it’s a novel by Scott Spencer..copywrite 1979. The book is about a teenager obsessed and when he is banned from seeing his girlfriend for 30 days, he sets fire to her house…not necessarily in retaliation; but, he wanted to save her from the fire and be a hero to the family. There is so much more to this book..placed in a time of sexual awareness and drugs, as well as, family openness.

It resonates with me because I have been in both positions in past relationships. I have been the obsessive one who begged and pleaded for my lover not to leave me and I have also been the one obsessed over to the point of being stalked and having to get away where they couldn’t locate me.

Back to the book: I can’t say whether I do or do not recommend this book, as, it would depend on how much you can take…without crossing the Porn line.