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Saturday Sharing

Welcome Class,

Let me share with you what I have Learned/Re-Learned this week.

Please participate with your own Knowledge or Re-Knowlege? In the comments.

The DMV is by appointment only for most things. You have to put what service you want, where, and then find an appointment. After 3 different tries, I finally have an appointment scheduled for the 26th.

Don’t trust your Medical Insurance Group. It’s been discovered that they won’t send a Grievance Form for my old Primary Care and I need to write an actual letter… after telling me, one was being mailed. So, I have been waiting for nothing but will definitely be writing, soon.

Also, am still only taking one Anti-Rejection Med, as my doctor stopped refilling it and I don’t see my new doctor until the 2nd.

I am Learning to be proud of my accomplishments while alone. I only have one more box to go through outside. Am still organizing inside but have to stop a bit until my Handyman comes back. But, I am getting proud of my little place and am really happy that my family is back together. While I may not plan to live here in this trailer, forever…I will make it mine for the meantime.

I have also been Re-Learning that ‘Gifting’ is my Love Language. I love giving gifts to people! It felt so good to give a friend a Christmas Gift who had received nothing from anyone! Or, to give a Homeless Person some food or a Blanket, knowing it will help them out.

Do you have a Love Language? If so, what is it?

I hope to read about what you all have Learned and Re-Learned in the comments.

Have a Wonderful Week.

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Nervous And Excited

I told my Sis (the one I still talk to) and Bro about my move. My Sis had a point. I have to be happy!

I am a bit nervous because I am not sure if this will make me happy. But, I will definitely be happy to be back on my own with my Fur-Children. Plus, I am getting excited at the things I can do in the future. Like, I can get a Shed and turn it into an office. Plus, I can start saving again for a car! I really want a Smart Car, again..or a Volkswagen.. something small.

I have made bad decisions in the past, but I am proud of my decisions now. I don’t have debt and I am doing everything on my own.

Sometimes I get worried about family and others opinions, but I live my life for Me, not them. That’s something I have to remember!

I’m Grateful to have found this RV, I have purchased. God is answering my prayers.