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Birthdays & Normal Days

I guess when you get older, Birthdays don’t mean much to others, which is a bit sad.

I talked to Cin twice today and even suggested taking Uber or Lyft to meet her and her children at the hotel. She is going to be having surgery on Friday and is staying in the hotel with them until then. Not only did she Never wish me a Happy Birthday but was to busy to call back never mind getting together.

I did hear from my Bible Study girls and one of them even gave me $10.00.

I also heard from my Bro and Sis #1. Sis #2 and I are not speaking so I guess that includes Birthday texts. Plus, FS and one other friend.

Tomorrow I am going to Brunch with FS. It’s weird though, because usually when someone takes you out for your Birthday, they ask where you want to go NOT assume you want a Sub Sandwich just because it’s your favorite place, but whatever. I am still grateful for the meal.

Thursday, H from Bible Study is going to take me on some errands and Friday Lin (my Handyman) is coming over to install a bench which should help with storage.

Today was quiet. I took a nice shower and washed my hair in the bathroom by the office, fed Cin’s cats (which I will be doing for a few days), organized my closet a bit and emptied a box.

Also, ordered a Space Heater (since my wall one isn’t working) and some Leggings.

I am 57 today and as one friend pointed out, Birthdays are for celebrating the time we’ve lived so far, not the time we are going to.

No wonder I feel old.