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Tired Tonight

This was written on Nov 24th.. Forgot to Post.

What a day! Handyman was supposed to arrive at 9 and did not come until after noon, the circuit breaker had issues, fell off Cin’s porch by missing as step, and ended with a weird scammy Group text.

Will try to touch base tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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“Tomorrow – Only A Day Away”

As the line in the song, Tomorrow from the musical, Annie, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow..I love you, Tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”

Tomorrow, I am getting stuff moved from the shed to the house/RV and tomorrow night I and Suzy will be in our own bed. It’s going to be so nice to have more room and my privacy, again.

Cin and I had pizza tonight as our last meal while living together..not that that was the reason, but it will also help tomorrow so I don’t have to cook.