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Sharing Saturday

Hey, It’s Saturday! This is the part of my Blog where we Share what we have learned and relearned during the week. I Share here and everyone else Shares through comments. The class participation here, is a bit low.

This week for me has been a bit full of minor annoyances. I guess I am learning patience and how to react in certain situations. I am also relearning that I can’t do everything and while I don’t appreciate others telling me My Priorities; sometimes it’s best to go along with the group.

While not fitting in either category, I am continuing in Faith and Hope that something will open here, very soon.

*Something has changed in Suzy. I have to physically put her in the litter box, periodically . After she goes, she leaps on the bed so she doesn’t get attacked by Miss Kitty. She did a lot better when she first got here!


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Saturday

  1. I’ll participate!
    This week I’ve learnt that food is nourishing. There is more to food than fried and junk and food can actually make you feel good.
    I always heard this and knew it but never gave it a chance. But sometimes you need to learn the hard way and hands on.

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  2. I learned thyroid hormone/ or lack of it can cause quite a few mental effects. Never want to repeat that particular lesson!! Poor Miss Suzy! I hope your new place arrives before she totally regresses!!


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