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Blah, Etc..p

I was supposed to go to a concert tonight with my church group, as, one of the girls plays the Flute, but I am feeling a bit Blah, so I didn’t go.

The main thing I did was take a shower and thankfully the water heater was fixed so now it’s lukewarm verses freezing. Yep, Thankful for the little things.

Cin is insisting on not flushing t/p despite it being disgusting, and there is nothing I can say or do about it.

Can’t wait to get out of here in hopefully a few more weeks.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

2 thoughts on “Blah, Etc..p

  1. Oh man!! Not flushing when it’s shared is disgusting!
    Yay for lukewarm not freezing!
    Sorry you didn’t feel like going to concert. Did they video it?
    Hopefully soon!! ❤


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