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Situation Moral

Prayers continuing please as this should be over in a few more days.

The Handyman finished most of what he is doing and will come back in a few weeks for the rest of it. We are going to paint one wall, tomorrow. I can do the rest after my family gets settled. I am hoping to get everything.. well not everything..out of storage and moved into the house on Friday and to pick up the cats on Saturday. Just praying I have access to the remaining funds in time.

This morning was bad. Suzy spent a day and a night under the sofa and I finally got her out. Then, she immediately pee’d on the bed. I got dressed and ready to do the laundry when Cin had a yelling fit about cleaning the house and wanting me to clean under the bed/table and needing help, etc.. I am not saying I was an Angel in all this, but I did talk to her later and said I would really appreciate if she would just talk civil and not yell at me, but she goes, “Oh, you think that was yelling? You haven’t heard me yell.”

Later, when we went to my place to prepare the wall for paint, I asked Cin to do the top and I would do the bottom, she immediately started doing things her way. That’s when I decided I just want to finish most of it on my own time, after I get moved in.

I don’t want to speak up and get snapped at especially when we can’t leave yet.

I think the moral from this situation is:. Live with a friend Only as last resort no matter how close you are.

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Work Is Progressing

I did it! I got help!

I can’t share how but it wasn’t illegal or immoral! The reason I can’t say is because I have had over $10,000 views on this blog and if certain people find this and even suspect who or how I got help, it will cause Major unwanted drama. Needless to say, yesterday was lots of tears and stress..But:…

Plus, I also discovered a certain someone cannot be trusted.. which is really sad.

I made a payment for the cats and Lyn (my original Handyman) came over with a Helper and started today! Hopefully, everything will be completed in a few and I can move in.

Suzy hid under Cin’s couch last night and refuses to come out, which is annoying. She knows how. She is just stubborn but it annoys me because I don’t know if she ate anything at all, today. Just praying she comes out tonight and gets back on the bed with me again.

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Saturday Sharing

This is the part of my Blog where I share things I have learned or relearned during the week and everyone participates by sharing what they learned, in the comments.

This week, I’ve learned that I can accomplish things I never thought I could before. I’ve also learned to continue focusing on Prayer and I will be blessed.

My original Handyman (Lyn) checked out my place today and is going to start working on Monday. He thinks it won’t take to long. My problem now is finances. I am considering a Loan but don’t know where to go. Dollar Loan Center and most others like it are way to high on Interest. Any suggestions?

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Unhandy Man

This is a short post because I think my sinuses are acting up

The guy I hired to work on the house is a Flake so I got back with my original Handyman who is willing to come tomorrow.

I pray he can do something because Cin and I are at a stopping point and really worn out.

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Thanksgiving 2021

Well, it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I made it a day of rest.

I am sore from all the work I’ve been doing and didn’t even bother getting dressed. I did get a Migraine this afternoon, but, it’s okay.

I am Thankful for our Freedoms.

The Freedom to believe what we want.

The Freedom to live where we can that’s affordable.

The Freedom to have pets, have enough food, say or write what we feel without worrying about our lives being taken. The Freedom to eat and drink what and when we want.

I am very Thankful for this blog community, as well.

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.

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Missing My Girls

We stopped at Animal Inns today to make a payment and drop off some food for the girls. I wish I could have seen them but then it would just depress us all when I left. Hopefully, in another week, we will be restarting. The staff is so nice. They said they will miss them, after they leave.

We didn’t get much of the house done because the Handyman didn’t show up after saying he would. Cin and I are at a stopping point pretty much of what we can do. He said he will be over tomorrow at 9, but that was after like 2 hours of no communication.

Before you say to just let him go, tell me where to find someone who will help us without changing an arm and a leg.

I am grateful to have found Animal Inns to take care of my cats. I highly recommend them!

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Weekend Working, Etc

We have done a lot of work on my RV and I found a Handyman who is willing to help. But, he is actually going to give us guidance and maybe do the floor. Cin and I are doing most of it.

Table Set – Gone, Couch – Gone, Crappy Headboard, A Few Valances and Wall Mirror – Gone, Carpet Downstairs From Bedroom – Gone, Some Wallpaper Stripped, and Wall Cabinet Doors – Gone

In other news, I hope I am not like Cin when I am 63. Little things become Big issues ( like the possible Social Security Check Date Change) and her patience runs thin really easily.

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Sharing Saturday

Good Afternoon,

This is the part of my blog where I Share what I have learned during the week and you join in with your comments. You can Share about anything at all!

Anyway, this week, I have learned that I am stronger than I thought. Both independent wise and physically. I have been making some major decisions lately which is financially responsible and look what Cin and I did, today!

That used to be the table and bench set.

One of the neighbors has offered to help on a few things, but I am proud of what we have accomplished, so far!

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Working Weekend?

My house has arrived!

However, a Handyman might not. The one who responded is way to expensive. Can anyone recommend a low cost Handyman in the Las Vegas/Henderson area? Cin and I are going to see what we can do, by ourselves so… this should prove Interesting. I only have a little over a week left to get my babies back on the 30th.

Just finished watching 20/20 about the Turpin Family. For those that don’t know, 12 children were living in isolation, filth and abuse from their parents. It was quite interesting and a bit sad. The government didn’t help much even after they were free’d.

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Getting Excited

I bought some beautiful peel & stick tile, as well as some paint for my RV… Okay, it’s a Fifth Wheel…I’ll let you guess the paint color. While I miss the idea of getting new furniture, etc.. due to the size…I am definitely going to make the place, Mine! It is being delivered tomorrow and the Handyman is coming on Saturday. I am keeping the girls in the hotel until the 30th so I can get what I need out of storage before they enter.

I am still not planning on living that way, forever..But, I have decided to be grateful for this opportunity that God has provided. So many people are Homeless and/or getting rid of their pets when they have to move. I am doing neither of those things. It’s been a trial living with Cin, but, I am still doing it until I get settled in another week, I hope.

My 2nd batch of Christmas Gifts went out today, which actually consisted of two. What with slow shipping possible, I am trying to mail things as I get them ready.