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Halloween Not Doings

I love the Decorating and Dressing Up with Costume Contests for Halloween! Things that are Not happening, this year. My decorations are in storage with no where to decorate and while I did bring one costume, Tra does not want to do anything and Cin does not want to go out at night. I might just dress up for the heck of it, but Cin doesn’t think we get many, if any, Trick-Or-Treaters here.

It’s been two days (today makes three) of peace between the cats.

Miss Kitty and Baby

Suzy has found a spot under the sofa and doesn’t want to come out, though.

Cin went out for a while today, which is great because I need the privacy!

I watched Halloween II which was totally stupid, and then tried a Virtual Halloween Ride on YouTube which was also stupid. Virtual is the only way I can do Haunted things without having a Heart Attack!

Speaking of Stupid. (I was), I will soon share about the book I am reading. I am going to finish it,soon then maybe re-donate it back where I got it.

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween, if you celebrate!


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