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Living alone, you have your own ways. When you live with someone else, it can be hard to Adapt to the the ways of others. Cin is 8 years older then I, yet she comes off quite mother ish which can get annoying.. Examples:

She doesn’t like to use hot water unless she has to (small water tank)

She would prefer you put t/p in a bucket after each use verses flushing the toilet.

There are certain ways of doing things…etc..

She can yell at her cat for going after Suzy but I am wrong to comment or reprimand her, myself. That’s when Cin starts defending her.

Also, there is No privacy.

At least tomorrow Cin is leaving for a few hours. I am going to wash my hair and maybe do some laundry..or just kick it in a quiet trailer and pretend it’s my own. I can handle small if it’s me and my babies. At least until my Realtor finds something for us.

I have looked into a Weekly with Suzy but hate to spend much more money when I am trying to save.

I I can only pray something opens soon… maybe even sooner than the Manager expects. I am also looking into low-cost apartments but

1. There aren’t to many that will take 3 cats.

2. There are very few in my price range

3. Very few offer a 6 month lease. Most want a year.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

12 thoughts on “Adapting

  1. You are so right in that living alone allows us to do what suits us. It is rather hard to co-share a place I feel. Requires a lot of tolerance and forbearance. Hence I do admire those living with a flat mate or a tenant or spouses or partners. I sincerely hope something comes up for you soon.

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      1. Have you ever seen the show about people that live like that? I forget the name. Not Spendthrift but they deliberately don’t spend or don’t have money so they do that to save water. One girl demanded her boyfriend pee in a bottle whenever he visited.

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  2. Yeah, I learned about not flushing the tp, when I began teaching immigrant Mexican children. They put the tp in the corner. NOT even in the trash!! Just in the corner!! We had to have several lessons about American toilet hygiene, every Aug. It was bad!


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