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Another Semi-Long Day

Went to the PO Box and checked my mail before going to Storage to put in a box and a few things. Turns out, I can’t use my Crockpot here because there is no room to store it and my boxed food had to be taken to storage, too. Eating a lot of frozen and instant type meals as well as take out.

Went to The Goodwill also and purchased a few t-shirts and a Coffee Pot for Cin since hers is dying..among a few other small things. I am trying to help her out a bit while I am here.

Suzy ran out of the door when we got home. I don’t blame her. Miss Kitty (Cin’s cat) gets moody and attacks her out of the blue…She pulled that twice today. I wish we could find a studio for less than $100 for Suzy and me until something opens up. The Manager here said Probably Mid-November.

I have been checking on Tara and Monkey and Tara is doing okay, but Monkey is still Hissy and voicing her displeasure.

Just wanted to update before going down with my Migraine meds.



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