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Living With Others

You learn a lot about people when living with them, and not exactly in good ways.

I am discovering that Cin has a short temper and gets snippy really easily. Plus, she never prepared the house for me; so gets annoyed at my boxes on the floor, etc.. since there isn’t much room. I can’t use the stove because that would mean moving a bunch of stuff off of it. So, I can’t eat a lot of my boxed stuff for a while. I also was not happy yesterday when she really didn’t want to help me clean and only did toward the end because we had to leave to pick her nephew up and take him somewhere.

I am also noticing the bad health Cin is in. Yes, I see it, otherwise, but you can really see it when you live with someone.

The Manager here said she will have something in mid November but she is not sure what condition it will be in. At least it would be mine, temporarily and I could get the girls back so I can have my little family, again.

I really wish something would open sooner but the months are going fast, anyway.

I am not trying to complain as I don’t mean to be ungrateful. I am quite thankful to Cin for her friendship.


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