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Saturday Sharing

Hello Class,

This is the class where we share with each other what we have learned during the week about anything at all! You can contribute in the comments.

This week seems to have gone by quickly.

I don’t know why I keep learning about Tarantulas when I don’t like spiders, but here are a few more facts.. Tarantulas eat black ants so if you live somewhere with Tarantulas and you see a trail of black ants, the Tarantula might be at the beginning of the ant trail. Also, Tarantulas need to be held very delicately (Not By Me) as there legs can break easily.

A person who kills 3 or more people over a months time can be considered a ‘Serial Killer’.

People really can win at the casinos, as, my friend won over $400. in one spin and I don’t think she had played $20. yet.

Lastly, I am watching a show about children who have a disease where they can’t stop eating. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the disease, but I am including it, as it is something I have never heard of, before.

Now it’s your turn, and for Homework, Keep On Learning and Sharing with others!


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing

  1. I will let someone else hold the tarantula thank you…

    I cant say I didn’t learn anything this week. I did learn more and more about the organizer of the Meetup group I am a member of. Actually she reminded me if I go to any art store and get markers they will fill in the bleach spots of certain clothes. I had forgotten that,

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  2. I learned to sleep when I can after a tiring week and how to shut down. I learned again that scratching lottery tickets and finding a winner is totally random, so if I spend $20 and it says 4 out of 5 must be a winner, I still might only win $8 back so yes “luck” does play a part in life.

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  3. I knew the name of that disease, but of course, right now the ole filing cabinet won’t spit it out! It’s awful! Parents have to lock the cabinets, and fridge. Poor kids!!
    How do you keep learning about spiders?? On TV shows??


    1. I don’t know. I think it started with a news article about Tarantulas and a story about a Landlord who checked his place after the Tenant left to be greeted by 9 Tarantulas..4 of which were dead, and a Snake that didn’t have any water. I Hate Animal Abuse.

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